February / 6 / 2017
Dear Family and Friends of Forest Hills,

We've been keeping busy here at Forest Hills with lots to do from our Life Enrichment staff. There's plenty coming up this month too, so be sure to take a look at the highlights of upcoming programs below!

A reminder about Pinnacle Customer Satisfaction Surveys: receiving feedback from families is a great way for us to understand and respond to your needs. For those who have not yet participated, we hope you will help us by sharing your feedback if you are contacted for an interview. Once we have a meaningful amount of data, we look forward to sharing results with you. In the meantime, thank you to those who have already participated and thank you to everyone for your continued cooperation and participation.

I hope you are all staying warm during these cold months!

Looking forward to see you all around Forest Hills, 

Mary Savoy, RN, MS, LNHA
Executive Director 
Forest Hills of DC & Forest Side Memory Care  
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Did you know...

In addition to the RN Supervisor on duty, a senior member of
the Forest Hills Management Team is on call each weekend.

If you need assistance from the Manager on Duty on a Saturday or Sunday, please alert the weekend onsite RN Supervisor. The Supervisor may be reached by calling our main number 202-966-7623, or inquiring at the front desk.
2016 Ceca Award Winner of the Year
Rosalind Leo

Congratulations to Rosalind Leo for winning the 2016 Annual Ceca Award! Everyone had wonderful things to say about her, and here are just a few of them:

"Rosalind is very hardworking and works well with other staff. She is punctual, adored,  and I'm very honored to work with her on the weekends. Leo (as we call her) is always there, getting along with her coworkers and the residents. She is willing to help each and every one of her peers. She also has a sense of humor that makes us laugh. Rosalind always has a way of turning your worst day into your best. She's a great people person and one of the best individuals to work with."

"Rosalind was sitting in the day room monitoring the residents during a bingo game when she noticed a resident having difficulty playing bingo on her own. Rosalind walked over to the resident and told her that she was 'here to help.' The resident smiled and welcomed the help. Rosalind helps the Life Enrichment Department because she understands that we are all here for one goal, to provide the resident with assistance whenever needed to enhance their quality of life."

"A resident shared with me that Leo is 'one of the best.' The resident observed that she works hard and tries to anticipate resident's needs. She doesn't wait for them to ask for assistance."
December 2016 Ceca Award Winner
Sophia Daley

Congratulations to Sophia Daley on winning the December 2016 Ceca Award! Last month we celebrated her award at Forest Hills with some of the nice things her peers had to say about her:

"Sophia makes sure her residents know they are cared for. Her personality is gentle and caring, always smiling and very compassionate. Her residents come first, before her own needs."

"Sophia is an example to all of us when we think of dedication to our profession. Always on her toes, immediately responding to the call light, good team member, very courteous, dependable, always willing to take care of anyone whether the resident is in her team or not, communicates well with family members, residents and staff, goes above and beyond to take care of the resident with a smile always on her face!"

"I worked with Sophia one night and what I observed told me that I have to nominate her for the Ceca award. She was very hard at work with not only her residents but with anyone that needed help, she was there assisting. She did not complain and whenever she saw any call light she would respond to the call light and help."

"I nominate Sophia for the Ceca Award as she is always demonstrating her love and attention to all our residents. She always arrives at work with a 1,000 watt smile. She makes everyone want to smile and feel good about life. She is consistently polite and respectful of everyone and is willing to help with anything."

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February Life Enrichment Programs at a Glance
Highlights from the upcoming month

Tue., February 7th
2:30pm - Honoring Alida Ruesch (Lounge)
Thu., February 9th
3:30pm - Happy Hour with Jerry Roman (Lounge)
Fri., February 10th
10:30am - Coffee & Pie Social (Gift Shop & Deli)
Tue., February 14th
3:00pm - Valentine's Day Celebration with Jill Parsons (Lounge)
Wed., February 15th
2:30pm - Music & Memories with Donna Duvall (Lounge)
Sat., February 18th
10:30am - Broadway Classics with Bertram McLeish (Lounge)
Mon., February 20th
10:30am - Art Lecture with Joey Manlapaz (Library)
Thu., February 23rd
10:30am - Robert Jenner Lecture: "Who Was Fidel Castro?" (Library)
Mon., February 27th
10:30am - Art Workshop with Joey Manlapaz (Assembly Hall)
Every Sunday
11:15am - Worship Service with Ceres (Assembly Hall)

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