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February 2017 

Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is a non-profit, completely volunteer-driven organization dedicated to saving and re-homing Bulldogs with loving families.
Hundreds of Bulldogs are lost, abandoned, taken to animal shelters, or surrendered to rescue every year. Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue accepts Bulldogs whose owners can no longer keep them, and retrieve Bulldogs from shelters and undesirable situations. Our Bulldogs are placed in suitable homes as soon as reasonably possible.
Bulldog Spotlight
Sweet Pea
Age: 7 Yrs. Old
Gender: Female
Adoption Fee: $400.00

Sweet Pea joined our happy little menagerie just before Thanksgiving. She was surrendered by her family when a baby came into the picture, and when she started wetting the crate she had been consigned to as a result. Sweet Pea had been an only dog, and took a little while to adjust to the realities of living with four or five other (equally stubborn!) Bulldogs. There was a little jostling for position before they worked out their boundaries, as they always do. Sweet Pea has done so well in our home. We couldn't be prouder of this aptly named girl. She is loving, and gentle with us, craving nothing more than a good massage as she lays at our feet, or next to us on the couch. She has the most expressive Bulldog tail we've ever seen. When she's excited, her little tail is wagging fast enough to create a breeze! She would be an awesome first time bulldog for a family as she is house trained, crate trained and in great health. She loves to walk and is great on a leash, matching our pace perfectly.

We are so very happy to share that Sweet Pea has adjusted so well that she no longer wets her crate! Her anxiety seems  to fade by the day, and her sweet personality continues to emerge and blossom. We think this 7-year-old sweetheart would be best served as an only dog (more cuddles for her!), or in a home with a dog that tends to the submissive side. While we haven't seen her around children, her boisterous nature might be better suited with older, rather than younger, children. We love her. You will too.

Advice for Adopting

You just saw your dream dog on our website or Facebook post. Now what do you do? Unfortunately you may be too late to do anything to adopt your dream dog. At any given time we maintain a list of 15-20 approved adopters waiting to adopt a dog which is the best fit for them. They may be looking for young, old, male, female, gets along with kids and cats...

Incoming dogs are matched with approved adopters on a first 
come basis. It is entirely possible that if you apply to adopt your dream dog the day it arrives in rescue, there are already approved applicants who are good matches for that same dog.

When you submit an application it is reviewed and any questions are asked via email.  Once the application is complete and the application fee is paid, it is passed along to an adoption coordinator. A vet check is conducted for those who already have a pet. Then a volunteer schedules a home visit with the applicant. Only when all these steps are completed and approved is an applicant approved for adoption. Then the work begins to match the applicant with their perfect dog. This process can easily take two weeks to complete. 

So our suggestion is this: If you think you want to adopt a Bulldog from us, go ahead and submit an application. Get your approval and communicate with your adoption coordinator about the type of dog you want or do not want. That way, when your perfect dog arrives in rescue, you will be ready to adopt.

Remember also that puppies are always in high demand. That is why when we receive a puppy, it often states that there is an adoption pending as soon as the puppy is posted. These are families who have an approved application on file. Applications are kept on file for several months and you are urged to keep in contact with your assigned adoption coordinator throughout the process and let them know you are still interested.

Senior Adoption Spotlight

Sweet Senior Esther:
We love sweet Esther!  She is our first foster failure and we couldn't imagine life without her.  We have a special spot in our hearts for seniors because they have lots of love to give. She was 9 when we got her as a foster pup back in September.  She had been bred her entire life before coming to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue.  She has been such a good girl, so appreciative of everything we have done for her.  When we first got her, she seemed defeated: tired of having babies, nursing, etc..
Now, she is so full of life, so sassy and sweet. I call her my sweets. She wiggles her tail and whole backside when she sees us and just begs for us to pet her.  She is our little shado w, always wanting to be with us no matter where we are.  She is the best snuggler and loves being in her warm, comfortable fure ver home.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  "Foster Failure" is the term we use to describe when a foster parent adopts their foster dog. Foster parents must agree to foster for us at least a year before they are eligible to adopt a foster.

FOSTER HOMES NEEDED: Can you open your heart  and home?

Our foster families are the core of Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. We do not  have a shelter or kennel, so without foster homes, we would not be able to rescue any dogs.

Unlike a typical rescue shelter, every dog in our program is lovingly cared for in the comforts of a foster family's home. Foster families help us fully evaluate our dogs and, if needed, nurse them back to health before they are adopted. Sometimes fostering is "short and sweet," but there are some dogs that may have medical or training issues and
 require longer stays. It takes a special heart to be a foster volunteer and we understand that not everyone can do it, but for those who can, the rewards are amazing!

Special Note: Foster families must be approved just like our adoptive families. We also expect a year commitment from foster volunteers before they can adopt a dog from our program.

To learn more, check our Volunteer webpage or  contact us today.

Upcoming Events:

Beer & Bulldogs  
We'll be on the patio at Cold Beer Company in Deep Ellum (3600 Main St., Dallas, TX 75226) on Sunday, Feb. 12, from 1 until 4 p.m.

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Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is a 501(c)3 charity
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