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  Youth participants and community judges for the Soapbox Competition held by MyCom partner, Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI)


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Whether you have a child who is entering elementary school or graduating high school, now is the time to prepare for their academic success.

FEBRUARY: Prepare your teen for college by attending a FAFSA Completion and Financial Aid Counseling Session, getting one-on-one advice on how to afford higher education, or by visiting College Now's Resource Center.

MARCH: Prepare your pre-schooler for kindergarten by registering on time. Kindergarten registration happens in March. Contact your local school district or dial 2-1-1, United Way's First Call for Help.



APRIL: Prepare your middle-schooler for high school by reviewing our tips to ensure their social and emotional support needs are met before they move into their first year.


MyCom propels youth to success, from kindergarten to college. Keep informed about any-age opportunities through our Facebook page.



March into Kindergarten

Get ready to "March into Kindergarten"


MyCom has joined the "March into Kindergarten" campaign to make parents aware of the need to register in the spring for the 2013-2014 school year. The goal is to help children reach a major milestone -- starting elementary school -- with the minimum of stress and worry. When parents prepare and register their child for kindergarten in March:

  • Children are prepared with knowledge of their new environment and feel a "big-kid" confidence that carries through their school career;
  • Parents don't have to scramble to complete paperwork; and
  • Schools have a spot ready for each child, plus organized teachers and classrooms.
Contact your local school district or dial 2-1-1, United Way's First Call for Help to get information about kindergarten registration.
Other partners in this effort include Invest in Children, Family & Children First Council, Starting Point, Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County, State Support Team 3, Help Me Grow, Cuyahoga Public Library, CEOGC, CPM Communications, and multiple school districts.
  Start your march into kindergarten with the right resources and connections!
MyCom invites you to the Early Childhood Community Resource Fair:
March 8, 2013
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Trinity Cathedral and Commons, 2230 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland
Parents, grandparents, early childhood professionals, and anyone who cares about little ones can receive resources and information to help children succeed. For questions about the event, please call Julie at Starting Point, 216-575-0061, ext. 354. 

Afford College


MyCom is supporting Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland, College Now Greater Cleveland and other partners in promoting the FAFSA Completion and Financial Aid Counseling Sessions. These one-on-one sessions provide assistance completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well as information on the various kinds of financial aid available to help offset the cost of college.
TipsTips for Helping Your Child Transition Into High School
5 Helpful Ways Parents Can Guide Their Child
1. Students need to know what high school will be like, so take a tour of the high school with your 8th grader.
2. Have your student "shadow" a high school student at the school they are attending.
3. Review the high school web page or check YouTube for videos created by the students.
4. Help your student stay on task by focusing on their assignments and deadlines with a structured plan.
5. Meet your child's teachers and determine a time each day to talk to your child about their school day.
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Networking: Meet people from other sectors of your community by joining a neighborhood team. Call Neighborhood Leadership Institute at 216-812-8700.
Aaliyah on her Soapbox
Local teen Aaliyah Wallace took top honors in the Soapbox Speech Competition on January 24, 2013, winning a $100 cash prize and trophy.
Wallace and 11 other teens from Greater Cleveland learned writing and speech techniques including rhetorical devices, constructive criticism, speech analysis, and grammar during a six-week intensive Soapbox Speech series.
The experience was focused solely on elevating youth voice.
Soapbox winner
Aaliyah Wallace, winner of the youth speech competition, and Basheer Jones, a program facilitator.
"This type of learning is so valuable," says Lisa Bottoms from The Cleveland Foundation, who served on the panel of community leaders who judged the final speech competition. "With confidence to express themselves clearly, the youth have skills that positively influence their academics, job readiness, and even their daily assertiveness and leadership skills."
Youth responded to the question: "What issues are most pressing to you in your community and/or school?"
Basheer Jones, one of Cleveland's most notable youth activists, and Dont´┐Ż Gibbs, Youth Development Coordinator at Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI), facilitated the sessions.
The Cleveland State University Black Studies Department partnered with NLI and MyCom to host the program.
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