Restore your body, mind and spirit by traveling to places of stunning beauty and culture. If you haven't yet reserved your trip for 2016, join us and travel well. I hope you are keeping your New Year resolve to travel more in 2016. See you soon.

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Your best friend wants to go to Zambia and your travel dream is wandering in English Gardens. Your sister is wonderful and you have loads of fun together but she always travels with her family and grandkids. Your brother is an avid golfer so when he goes places it's a golf trip. Your cousin Nellie is sweet and she counts ever penny and would not even think of taking a trip or leaving home. Your husband has travelled all his life and wants to stay put. Your husband has recently passed on and you are now ready to reinvent and begin a new chapter that includes travel. What to do? Come along with us. There are so many reasons to travel solo and let the details be taken care of for you. Most women join us alone and before the first day is over are comfortable in our small groups enjoying customized travel privately arranged and personally curated.

For those women who have been interested in exploring Ireland, we are offering a trip over Labor Day weekend. The June trip is no longer open for reservations. Come along with us as September begins, the sky is blue, and the music will fill the air.

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Iceland in summer. Enough said.........

Packing light is still probably the most difficult aspect of traveling well. The phrase take half of what you lay out to begin with helps us to pare down the clothes we think we need. The key words to packing light are basics, accessories and layers. If you need any additional gear/clothing/items specific to a trip, we will be sure to include them in our travel packet that arrives a month prior to each tour.

We took the train first class from Venice to Milan and then from Milan to Lake Como. We departed the train in a picture perfect village on the shores of Lake Como for our short ferry ride across the northern end of the lake to arrive in Bellagio. Spectacular and fairytale are the words that come to mind. The weather was warm and sunny, the mountains surrounded the lakeside and the Italian villages were as alluring as in a travel magazine photo shoot. On this trip, I was traveling with former clients who had wanted a bit more extensive trip of Italy. I had planned our Italy finale in Bellagio on Lake Como. Wandering amidst the hills, listening to the church bells chime, and slowing down to prepare for our trip homeward we simply enjoyed all the memories we had collected touring Italy on a lake that is thought to be one of the world's most beautiful. I am offering an autumn tour of Tuscany, Venice, and Bellagio in the fall ......if you wish to come along with us please reserve now.
"May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder."

 - John O'Donohue

Life is Short, Travel Well
 Upcoming Destination
March 31-April 4, 2016

The Chelsea Flower Show 2016 and English Gardens
May 22-30, 2016

Quintessential  Iceland   July 14-19 2016

Gems of Southern Ireland
Sept 1-8th, 2016

La Dolce Vita - Italy
Sept 25 - Oct 3, 2016