Happy Valentine's Day
On this Valentine's we thank our Volunteers for all of the care and friendship all of you give to our patients. Thank you !

Houston Ground Angel's Valentine Event
Please remember to RSVP!
In honor of our volunteers, and to celebrate Valentine's Day, Houston Ground Angels and their spouses/friends are invited to join us at the
Burke Baker Planetarium on Saturday,
Feb. 18, at 3:00 to see a fabulous 30 minute film, Dark Universe.

The event is complimentary, due to a generous donor.
The film begins promptly at 3pm, so please arrive by 2:45pm.  We will meet in the lobby, and will sit together in the area reserved for
Houston Ground Angels.  No admittance after 3:00.
Parking can be found in the Planetarium's attached museum garage or free parking can be found near the front of the
John P. McGovern Centennial Gardens. 
The address of the Museum where the Planetarium is located is 
5555 Hermann Park Drive Houston, TX 77030.
After the Planetarium, we will walk directly across the street to visit the
John P. McGovern Centennial Gardens.
Please RSVP by February 13, 2017, by email ladymaitland@msn.com or phone: 832.752.9645

We Love Our Volunteers!

As you know the Super Bowl is This Weekend

So traffic is going to be heavy if not insane around the
Medical Center today and possibly through next week.
Image result for super bowl logos
So for those of you with Missions during this time,
an extra special appreciation and barrels full of thank yous
are coming your way!

Come rain or shine, traffic heavy or light
our Ground Angels, for our patients remain a star bright !

Thank you for all each of you do!

Houston Ground Angels
Management Review
February 2017
From Tony Castiglie, Vice President & Treasurer
With 221 Missions run during January, 2017 is off to a good start.  54 Volunteers ran those missions so hopefully, that is a good sign of things to come.  Those missions served 144 Patients and/or Companions.  Leading volunteers thus far:
Top 10 Volunteers - 2017

Charles Whitworth       
Tony Larosa                   
Charles Gibson              
David LaFargue         
Kathy Broussard           
Derek King                       
Missy Callan                    
Jerry Cavanaugh        
Bob Joyce            
David Niemand

Katie Applegarth & Vinny McConnell joined us as new volunteers during January & both have already run missions.  Katie resides in Spring & Vinnie calls Kingwood home.  Welcome aboard!
We are planning another gathering for the volunteers on Saturday February 18th.  I hope to see you there.
To every volunteer, "Thank You" for being part of this wonderful organization and making it the success that it is.  2017 should be another good year.  

Interesting Health Tip:  Eye Sight

Benefit From Bilberry

Many have found that bilberry, a relative of the blueberry, may improve night vision. During World War II, fighter pilots reported better night vision after eating bilberry jam. Take 25 to 50 milligrams of bilberry extract; expect best results within the first few hours.

A Special Thank You!
One of our Volunteers, Derek, requested some brochures for a meeting at his church, where he will introduce Houston Ground Angels and possibly recruit some volunteers! Thank you Derek for helping to spread the word
about HGA !
If anyone would like some brochures, we are more than glad to send them your way.  Also, if you would like our President or Vice President to provide a talk at one of the organizations or churches where you attend,
please let us know. 
We hope to have more volunteers in 2017!

Please Visit the Website !
Please check the website, to see if there is a mission that
fits your schedule !
Thank you!

Again, Happy Valentine's and we hope to see you at the event Feb. 18!
Have a good day and we hope to see you soon.