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February 2015




      "February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March."

Dr. J. R. Stockton, University of Texas

         Professor Emeritus of Business Statistics


If it's February, it's time for fun, festivities and a

fresh start at Tom's Thumb Nursery.

Shop the garden for new vegetables, fruit trees,

and shrubs that are arriving weekly.

Peruse the gift shop for something special for your home and garden.

There is still time to shop for Mardi Gras decor 

or a Valentine's Day gift.

Pass the time this February with us.




9   to  2 

Saturday, February 7     

  Saturday, February 14        


In this newsletter you will find.......  


All-Weather Art
  • Seasonal Ideas & Information for February  
  • From Our Landscape Architect
  • Organic Gardening Seminar
  • Charlie's Coupon
  • New All-Weather Outdoor Art
  • Out in the Garden
  • Home Decor
  • Around the Gift Shop
  • Seaside Casual 2015
  • Galveston Home & Garden Show


 February Business Hours:

        Monday thru Saturday 9 am to 5 pm

        Open Sunday 10 am to 4 pm


        Mardi Gras Hours

                   9 to 2

      Saturday, February 7

      Saturday, February 14

Seasonal Ideas and Information

February Seasonal Checklist


The following are a list of activities to consider for your February gardening:   
  • Vegetables and Herbs 
  • As you prepare your garden for spring planting, be sure to add an inch or two of compost into the soil.  Building up raised beds will improve drainage and help the soil warm faster.  If necessary, mix fertilizer into the soil a week prior to planting to build up soil fertility.  We have everything you need to start your Spring garden.  Ask for a copy of the Spring Planting Guide.


    1015Y Super Sweet,
    Texas Early White
    Southern Belle Red

  • Perennials & Annuals 
  • Remove weeds in flower beds while they are still small and easy to pull up.  Add compost and fertilizer to unplanted beds in preparation for next month's spring flowers.  Now is the time to divide summer and fall-blooming perennials and bulbs.  Ornamental grasses can also be divided.
  • Trees, Shrubs & Vines 
  • February is rose month.  Now is the time to plant and prune your roses.  Below are some of the roses that we have in stock. 

  • Rose mutabilis

    Rose Ducher

    Chi Long Han Zhu
    Belinda's Dream
    peggy martin
    Peggy Martin

  • Fruits & Nut
  • To protect your fruit trees from pests, apply dormant oil before new growth emerges. 
    Tropic Snow Peach Trees in stock now!
    Delicious superb flavor 
    White freestone peach for warm winter climates
    Low chill 200 or less hours
  • Lawns 
  • Pre-emergent herbicides need to be applied now prior to weed germination.  Use Barricade or Dimension to control grassy and broadleaf weeds.  The product must be applied and watered in. The chemical will provide a protective barrier on the soil surface and prevent warm season weeds from germinating as the soil warms up.  


 From Our Landscape Architect:  

"Soils 101 Continued - Organic Matter"

  by Janielle Guzinski

So if the texture of our soil (clay, sand, etc.) is a fixture, what can we change?  The answer is the organic content of our soil.  


Organic matter is the portion of soil that is not tiny bits of weathered rock that we call clay or sand.  Soil is a mixture of these physical/mineral particles and the bits of organic matter.  In the forest this organic matter comes from decomposing leaves and twigs, fallen berries, and waste from woodland creatures.  In our landscapes, organic matter usually comes from application of compost, manure, other products of that nature, or from mulch that had decomposed over time.


Organic content affects how our soil behaves in many ways.  Organic matter contains natural versions of the chemicals we add in with fertilizers or soil activators.  However, the compounds in organic matter are bound together and don't wash away the same way chemical additives can. Also, they won't burn your plants like chemicals since they are bound together and less accessible.  The organic matter has two separate effects on water retention in soil.  Sandy soils lose water due to superb drainage, and organic matter provides more surfaces for water to hold on to instead of draining between sand grains.  In clay soil, it has the opposite effect by allowing water to drain as it breaks the clay aggregates into smaller chunks.  It also encourages a healthy microorganism community in your soil, which improves plant performance.  In the landscaping department, we amend the soil in every flower bed, garden, or planting area we create with organic matter. 

A cross-section of a good soil showing the rich, dark brown organic matter at the top of the profile.

 What is the best way to add organic matter to your landscape?  You should mix it into your existing soil.  If you are planting a new tree, dig the hole bigger than you need and mix the surrounding soil with the compost and fill in with that mixture to the size you need for the tree.  If you create a harsh line between surrounding soil and the compost, it can actually act like a barrier.  You can end up with a pot-bound plant as the roots grow only in the amended soil and don't extend into the rest of your soil.  And if your soil, like many in Galveston, is not that great, you can keep adding compost, manure, earthworm castings, or any number of products year after year and build up a great top layer of soil full of organic matter.

Mix new organic matter into the soil, 
in this example, with a pitchfork.

For more information of soil science basics, see http://www.soils.org for the Soil Science Society of America.  They also have a blog with lots of useful information, http://soilsmatter.wordpress.com/.   


Saturday, February 28

Andi Chidester
LadyBug Brand Organics
"Vegetable Gardening
and the use of Organics in Gardening"

Saturday, February 28
10 am to 12 pm

*please bring a non-perishable food item 
for the local food bank


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and Sale Items excluded)
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Outdoor Art                          

Introducing our new line of outdoor art available in a variety of sizes and styles.                                                                                                   


UV Protected  *  Waterproof  * All-Weather Art


Giclee on Canvas - wrapped in vinyl with stainless steel hardware


Out in the Garden

 Pottery:  Beautiful New Designs!


Home Decor                                                                                                                                    







Home Decor                                                                                                                                     

              Unique Whimsical Indoor Clocks with a swinging pendulum



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