United Christian Parish Preschool
February 2018 Newsletter 
Tomorrow and Wednesday!
Send your friends.
 Dear Parents,
   Thanks for the confidence you show in us by sending your friends to visit at Open House. Encourage any of your friends who miss Open House to come in for a tour.
   It's the time of year for LOVE!  Love will abound in paper creations and gifts on Valentines Day, but also in the greater love of Jesus.  At both Chapel services we will talk about our friend Jesus.  We will learn about how Jesus showed love to others.  
    I am joyful every school day when I walk around the school and see the love of staff members for your children expressed in so many different ways. 
 Paper only, no candy please 
Please do not send candy or other food gifts with your children.  With serious allergies around, we just can't serve these foods.
Share Please          
Look for the United Christian Parish Preschool page.  Like  if you haven't already and  Share    posts that your friends might be interested in, 
Parents Group
Find the page of United Christian Parish Preschool Parents Group.  Ask to join and connect with lots of other parents.  Find out about Playdates coming up in February on the Parents page!
Watch out for plastics!
Directors Note:  I read the article below and cleaned out a couple kitchen cabinets.  The sippy cups used by my 12 year old granddaughter are no longer available for my 2 year old grandson.  I discarded a 20 year old plastic cutting board despite it being my favorite.

Read this article from Children's Environmental Health Network  about Plastics and Plastic Toys.  Maybe you need to do some cleaning too.

Contact Information  
Administrative Staff 
Jane Plum, Director
Tracie Lambakis & Stephanie Sturgell , Administrative Assistants 
pumpkin patch

The Preschool is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  The Preschool is inspected and licensed by the VA Department of Social Services.  The Preschool participates in Virginia Quality and is currently Level 3.
8:30 and 11 am - Worship services with child care and Godly Play at the 11 am service for children ages 3 to 7. 
9:50 am. - Sunday School for all ages.

Ash Wednesday 
Prayer Stations 
9 am - 7:30 pm
Evening Service
7:30 pm

For more information 
Call the church office at 703-620-3065 for more information.
Join Our List
Wednesday, Feb 7 - Don't miss it! 
Get your form in to the Preschool office by noon on Feb 7.

Registration forms went home in school bags with all the children on January 23 or 24.  If you are a parent of a rising kindergarten child and do not have a younger child, share the registration information with a friend.

You may also get the form on the website or in the Preschool office.
Even if you have not been to earlier sessions, t his is a session that every parent should hear

Conflicts and Disagreements -What's the Solution?
Tuesday Morning, Feb 20, 9:15-10:45 am
Thursday Evening, Feb 22, 7:30-9:00 pm

$10 voluntary contribution accepted, but not required
Wed, Jan 31           Open House, 9:30-11:30
Thu, Feb 1             Open House, 9:30-11:30
Tu/Th Feb 6/8       Chapel
Wed, Feb 7            Priority Registration lottery deadline 
Fri, Feb 9              Community Registration lottery deadline
Tu, Feb 13             Family Dining Out at Cafesano
Mon, Feb 19         School closed, Presidents Day Holiday
Wed, Feb 21          PAC Meeting, 7:30 pm
Tu/Th, Feb 20/22  Chapel
Tu, Feb 20             Conscious Discipline, 9:15 am
Th, Feb 22             Conscious Discipline, 7:30 pm
Mo/Tu Feb 26/27  Gathering, 9:30 am
Th/Fr, Mar 1/2       Parents Days

Th/Fr, Mar 8/9       School closed, Professional Development
Georgie Porgie and Margy Pargy

Georgie Porgie, Pudding and Pie       (wiggle shoulders)
Gave his friends a big high five         (2 handed, gentle high five)
With his friends he loved to play       (wiggle fingers in front)
A gift of a smile he gave each day     (smile)
Margie Pargie, Pudding and Pie         (wiggle shoulders)
Gave her friends a big high five           (2 handed, gentle high five)
With her friends she loved to play      (Wiggle fingers in front)
A gift of a handshake she gave each day   (Shake hands)

 Speech/Language/Hearing Screening
Fairfax County Health Department personnel will come to our school in March and do hearing screenings for all the children age 3 and up and speech/language screenings for children whose teachers make a request.  If your child's teacher gives you a permission form, please return it promptly.  If you would like for your child to be screened for speech and language concerns and have not heard from his or her teacher, contact the office.  


Vision Screening
All of our children will have their vision tested by very competent, well-trained volunteers from the Lions Club. This service is provided free of charge to the Preschool through the generosity of the Lions.  If you hear nothing, all is well; we will contact you if they find a reason for follow-up.
1/30    Wheat Thins & soy butter
1/31    Fruit & graham cracker or Granola bars & milk
2/1      Cheese slices & Ritz
2/2      Repeats
2/5      Peaches & graham cracker
2/6      Carrot chips & hummus
2/7      Cheerios & raisins
2/8      Potato wedges & ketchup
2/9      Repeats
2/12    Apple slices & Ritz
2/13    Granola bars & milk
2/14    Vegetable soup or Bagels & Cream Cheese
2/15    Vegetable or Bagels & Cream. Cheese
2/16    Vegetable soup or repeats
2/20    Clementines, graham cracker
2/21    Ritz & soy butter
2/22    Bananas & graham cracker
2/23    Repeats
2/26    Bagels & cream cheese
2/27    Pineapple & graham cracker
2/28   Cheerios & raisins

Fresh fruit and vegetable  days may change to a different day depending on availability and delivery schedules.. 
The February cooking activity is Vegetable Soup, made with vegetable stock, carrots, peas, onions, green beans, tomatoes, celery. 
Save the Date for VBS July 9-13
Vacation Bible School at UCP is an exciting time.  This year we explore the story of Daniel--the guy who survived a den of hungry lions.

Preschool Camp June 4-8 & 11-15 
Registration forms will be distributed mid-February. 
Prayer Stations during the Preschool Day
9:00 am - 7:30 pm
Take the opportunity to spend time in the Sanctuary in prayer and contemplation as you ready your heart for remembering Jesus' passion and celebrating the resurrection.
Evening Service
7:30 - 8:30 pm
You are invited this first day of Lent as we begin the journey to the cross to a  contemplative service with music, scripture, silence, prayer and the imposition of ashes. 
Tuesday February 13, 5-8:30pm

CafeSano at South Lakes Village Center
Preschool will receive 15% of our sales!
Carry-out and alcohol sales included!


 Preschool Policy 
  • When Fairfax County Public Schools close for the day, Preschool is closed.
  • When Fairfax County Public Schools open two hours late, Preschool opens 2 hours late and classes end 1 hour later than usual.  Lunch Bunch ends at 2:15. 

Listen to the news, watch Channel 21 or check FCPS.edu. 


Keep Up with Fairfax County changes 

Please visit FCPS.edu and sign up for News You Choose.  This system sends you e-mails and/or text messages when the county school system makes weather related changes.
assorted_bagels_bakery.jpg Join the Fun-March 1 & 2
Mark your calendars now!  Accompany your child to school at 8:30 am and play until the regular start time.  Enjoy a continental breakfast with other parents and children.  Parents Day was traditionally Dads Day to meet the needs of dads who could not came to school for mid-morning events.  Nowadays families have all sorts of work schedules.  It is a fun time for all parents, but especially the parent who is able to come to school less often. Siblings do stay at home.

Thursday March 1 Monkey, Ducks, Starfish, Butterflies 
Fri day March 2 Frogs, Bumblebees, Pandas, Chipmunks
$140 so far, We can do more!
So far, 11 Harris Teeter VIC cards are linked to our school.  Think how much greater our contribution from Harris Teeter to our school would be if everyone who shopped there took a minute and told someone at the Customer Service Desk to link to United Christian Parish Preschool or just say 5754!
We have to re-link every school year.
Tuition Credit Voucher
If you do work for the preschool and wish to get credit for tuition, complete this form and attach it to your next tuition invoice and payment.
Child's Name ___________________________________________
Work done _____________________________________________
Hours __________ X $12/hour = ___________________________