SOWER Ministry Newsletter February 2018
Ah, Sweet (short) February! The month of "Love". Do you conjure up visions of chocolate hearts and long stemmed roses? Or maybe it's more of that little tease of spring we sometimes get this time of year (usually just before that March blizzard!). Many of our SOWER family are enjoying their time at the "Sun-Belt" projects (February is traditionally our "most worked" month - there are 157 SOWER couples working at 49 different ministries!), but I know that many are still at home, taking care of the business at hand. I think that during this Love Month it's always good to remember that the Love of our Savior is a VERB and not a noun. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son" for you and for me. May each of you find the grace and strength to keep sharing His LOVE in the days ahead.
Oh, How He Loves you and Me!

Resting in His Mercy,
Stephanie Conrad, #2509   
on behalf of the SOWER Board of Trustees
A Family Affair
Submitted by John & Rosie Stoner (2721)
Ok, who said six family members could not work together and have the host ask them to return? Surprised?? Well it is true. Rosie Stoner put her cousins to work as Sowers.  They are Richard Nelson and his wife Pat (3420); Susan Moses and her husband Shannon (3414).
The six of us signed up for our first JOINT project at Camp Westminster (GA-526), in Conyers, Georgia, for the month of January. What a time we had. Ladies painted, painted, and painted with a touch of office work.  Men refurbished old summer cabins into newly updated year round facilities. 
We were blessed with a lot of good weather, a little cold weather and a dusting of snow.  Notice I said a dusting. It was a beautiful day walking to devotions. 
That walk reminded me of a favorite old hymn:
"Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole; I want Thee forever to live in my soul;
Break down every idol, cast out every foe— now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.  
Refrain: Whiter than snow, yes, whiter than snow,  Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow." 
 All the brown of January was bathed in white. 
Westminster is a great place to work. They touch the lives of over 900 kids each summer. The RV sites are beautiful with very strong power.
How did I know it was a success? As I stated, the facility manager (John Veldsema ) asked us to return. Well, he asked the Nelsons and the Moses’ to return, and yes - even the Stoners!
Group photo L-R :Nelsons(3420), Moseses (3414), Nancy Foss (3001), Stoners (2721)
We have signed up again to have an information table on the ROW at the 2018 Escapade in Sedalia, MO May 27-June 1. 
This is a fun time to talk to other RVers about SOWERS and the blessings of serving in this ministry. We are looking for other volunteers to come and enjoy the fun time with us. Let us know if you can help. 
PS -You do not have to be an Escapee to help or even attend! 
Trustee Nominations
By now everyone should have received their  2018 SOWER Trustee Nomination Forms. Please be praying about who you might like to nominate. 

Per our Constitution - 
The candidates must be SOWERS in good standing and have had substantial experience in the SOWER Ministry for at least two (2) years. 

Click HERE for additional information about Trustee Responsibilities.

Don't forget to check with your nominee to secure their permission! Feel free to contact any of the current Trustees if you'd like more information about what is involved. 

All nominations must be postmarked by
 March 15th

We Need Your Help!
The Publicity and Promotions Committee is in the beginning stages of producing an updated SOWER video. And they need YOUR help! They've set up a SOWER Ministry DropBox to start collecting videos and photos from YOU. Contact Gary Conrad - - to get all the details on how to upload your items!
Mark Your Calendar!
2018 SE Florida SOWER Reunion
FL-143 Florida Baptist Youth Camp, Groveland, FL

February 26-28, 2018

Theme: Sharing Jesus

What to expect:  Fellowship, Food and Fun! Concert by McMillans; Uplifting Devotionals; Q&A by Board Members and more!

See the full schedule and other details by clicking HERE!

Opening are still available!
Text or call Ruth Stoll at 727-967-0494 or email

Looking forward to seeing you at the Reunion!
Ed Blanks, Chairman;
Bill Stoll, Co-Chairman  
2018 TEXAS
The Texas Round-Up is returning to ALERT Academy for 2018

TX-410 ALERT Academy, Big Sandy, Texas
54 full hook ups with 50 amp. Large sites. Most sites are pull-thru.

March 25-28, 2018

     $20.00/night camping fee
     1 lunch at $7/person
1 banquet at $12/person

 Nightly fee for those who don’t bring their RV: 
$70.00/night Dorm room with a private bath
 $60.00/night Dorm room with a shared bath

Registration is NOW OPEN

See you in March!

September 17-20, 2018 Aldersgate Retreat Center (OR-320) Turner, OR. 

Costs include 4 days/3 nights will be as follows (includes 2 lunches and 3 dinners):

         Full hookups - $60
         Dry Camping - $50
         Lodging - $75

Registration information will be in the March Newsletter!

The Midwest Reunion is in the works! 
Sept. 17 - 20
Michindoh Conference Center
(MI-139) Hillsdale, MI

Want to lend a hand? Help is always needed as plans are coming together.
Have an idea for a fun activity or a way to help make the gathering memorable? Suggestions are welcome!

More details will be coming in the months to come.
Contact Emory Rockafellow for more information!

Thinking about organizing a SOWER gathering but don't know where to start? The Board of Trustees has put together some Rally Tips to help get your ideas going. Check them out on the Members Page , under "Other Useful Information".
Seen recently on Facebook
Thank you, Peggy, for sharing this special memory you made with "Seasoned SOWERS" Stan and Carlie Buttrick (#327). Stan & Carlie have been active SOWERS since 1990, and have worked at over 125 projects! It's so great to see them still out there serving our LORD through SOWERS!
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This month's group shot is from the September 2017 project at Trout Lake Camp (MN-371) in Pine River, MN
L-R -Ron & Cheryl Haden (#3391)
Bonnie & Mike Griffin (#3264)
Deb & Walter Brenneman (#3413)

The header picture is from the Texas Hill Country.

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Dear Sam and Sally,
Dear Sam and Sally,
I recently noticed that our SOWER Facebook Group is a “Public” group. Does that mean that anyone can see and comment on it? Do I need to be careful what I post?
Part of the Group, but concerned.

Ah – such a good question. The SOWER Facebook GROUP is indeed a “Public” group. In the Facebook world that means that anyone can see the group, its members and their posts. However, only members of the group can post things or make comments. Folks must ask to join and be approved by an administrator. Membership is restricted to SOWERS (either active or alumni), project hosts that request to join or couples that have expressed an interest in SOWERS and have asked to join to learn more about the ministry. Although it’s fine to share project names, you might want to check with fellow SOWERS about sharing their names. Just like all social media, however, it is not appropriate to share any personal information about either people or places. But please feel free to share the blessings of being a SOWER with this Group. It’s all about building community!

We also have our Facebook PAGE, which is a totally public page and is used more for promoting the ministry than for sharing SOWER stories. That is page that ANYONE (and the more the merrier) can “Like”.

Hope that helps! We'd encourage you (if you're on Facebook) to be a part of both! The SOWER Group to stay connected with friends, and the SOWER Page to help us promote the ministry. Stephanie Conrad is currently the FB administrator, so feel free to contact her with any questions or insights you might have.  
Blessed to be in the SOWER Family,
Sam & Sally
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We ought always to thank God for you, brothers and sisters, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love all of you have for one another is increasing.

2 Thessalonians 1:3 NIV