5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active in the Winter
When the weather gets too chilly for outdoor swimming or activities, kids still need to get their exercise. Active kids sleep better, focus more attentively in school, interact more effectively with others, and stay strong and healthy. Here are 5 ideas for indoor activities for kids to help keep the whole family active and happy. 
Smart Water
Cell Phone Pool Control Text Message

Automated controllers on our pools sent 
875 text messages in 2016.

These text messages communicate vital water chemistry results, and represent proactive communication that allow us to maintain industry-leading water quality.
Makeups: Facts vs Fiction
  • FACT - Makeups are tracked.  
    • We are able to help you and see how many classes have been madeup and how many are available to makeup.
  • FACT - Makeups are valid for as long as you're currently enrolled.
    • YES!  You don't need to worry about making up classes "x" days from the missed date.  As long as your enrollment is current you can do a makeup.  
      Classes missed during your current enrollment period must be made up during this enrollment period.
  • FICTION - Makeups can be carried over to when you re-enroll.
    • No! They do not carry over.  Once you submit your 30 Day Cancellation Notice, unused makeups will expire 7 days after your last lesson.  They do not "rollover".

Please remember, we require a 30 day cancellation notice.  This will ensure you are billed correctly and that you have ample time to squeeze in makeup lessons!

Lauryn Watson
This XU Freshman is one smart cookie (for more reasons than just her decision to join the HFSS team)!  She's teaching lifesaving skills right now, and find out how she plans to continue saving lives in the future. Click here to meet Lauryn.
Wally & Tommy Sweeney
The Sweeney boys hit our radar when mom sent us a video of 3 year old Tommy waterskiing behind the family boat!  We were amazed and knew we had to meet this family!   Click here and you can meet this dynamic-duo too!
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