BYS is a not-for-profit incorporated community association committed to providing services for young people between the ages of 12 -24 years and their families. Our services are based on a sound understanding of young peoples' needs and experiences.
We were established in 1987 and have been the primary provider of youth services in Byron Shire ever since.
BYS advocates for young people and provides programs and facilities that support and empower young people and their families.

February E-News 2017


Beginnings and Endings
Following so closely from New Year's, the traditional time set aside for reflecting on the year past and setting goals and making resolutions for the year to come, January is a transition month. Not completely out of the old year and not yet fully engaged in the new, January presents a liminal space, a betwixt and between, a receptacle of past activities and future ambitions, of endings and beginnings, deaths and births, and all the creativity that results from that tension held in potential.
The month of January was named for Janus, who was the unique, ancient, and very important Roman god whose numerous and elaborate rituals acknowledged his influence over thresholds, transitions, endings and beginnings, gateways, passages, and time. His two-faced image was what one first saw in preparation for entering the most significant gate to the Eternal City, Rome, the old face of Janus looking into the past, into death even, while his young face is turned to the future and possibility.
No surprise then, that January brought endings and beginnings for BYS. The last newsletter named our 2017 Committee of Management, and January brought a change to that. Our nominated Secretary, Michael Goldberg, has moved into the vacated role of Vice-President, and so BYS is looking for a committed and skilled member of the co mmunity to fill the very important and active role of Secretary, should you know of anyone.
January also saw BYS start looking for a new source of funding for the highly creative Girls Group, which culminated in the December with the buzzing installation of a mural at Suffolk Park. Thanks to Berri Drum and Rosalie Bryant of BYS and to Karma Barnes of <in.scribe> for supporting the girls through the creative and installation process. The group was funded by Matana Foundation, and we are looking to source other funding to reinvent and focus the group, but continue to provide the space for cohesion, craft, and support.
Another ending came in the form a graduation of the eight Hospitality & Events Management students with an incredibly fun and generous fundraising send-off event. In terms of beginnings, four of the student had by January secured gainful employment in Hospitality in Byron Bay! Good work to Lindy Lou Smith who coordinated the placements. A new version of the course starts February 22nd with Karim Kaufman as Coordinator and Case Manager and newly engaged William Massey as Facilitator with student Jasmine van-Aalst continuing to provide very welcome support. Welcome aboard to William!
January also saw Dale Shaddick with Celestiel Serpent of Live-on-Love co-facilitating a film-making holiday activity for six local young people. This group was thoroughly engaged in the planning, set up, costuming, lighting, and acting of the film The Good, The Bad and The Teddy ! Come along and have a view at the screening on 9th February and support our up-and-coming film-making talent.
Don't forget the quintessentially Byronian Flea Market on 13th February for great music, coffee, food, bargains and just a little bit of that gypsy feeling!
On behalf of all BYS staff and Committee of Management, a wish for smooth endings and happy beginnings for 2017, and remember, there's no telling how far a smile of encouragement to the young people in your life will ripple.
Latest News
Elli Coleman who has participated in many of our programs in the past, has a flair for creativity. These school holidays she has volunteered her skills at BYS, updating the signs for the Byron Flea Market. 

Using stencilling techniques she learned in the youth arts mentoring project she's carved out a beauty! 12 new signs will be hitting the streets of Byron in time for the next Flea, which is on 11th Feb. Also keep an eye out for her work on the new YAC juice bar wall.

Filmmaking Fun

This school holidays six creative young people from the Byron Shire took part in a crash course on the art of film-making at the Byron YAC. 
Working with Celestial Serpent from Live on Love productions and BYS youthworker, Dale Shaddick, the participants developed a script, designed sets and costumes, operated the camera and explored character acting. 
It was a hands on, intensive, dynamic, interactive learning experience for the teenagers who all demonstrated unique talents and worked together as a production team. 
"It was a pleasure working with such a theatrical and creative bunch of kids" said Celestial.  "Their input to the script and character development made the experience fun and exciting for me as a facilitator.  I can easily see each and every participant having great success in the world of film."
The finished film, The Good, The Bad and The Teddy, has it all; action, drama, comedy and frozen yoghurt. 
The film will screen at Byron YAC on Thursday 9th February 2017 at 5:30. A light dinner will be served.

Work and Development Order (WDO)

The Work and Development Order (WDO) Scheme is an initiative that offers vulnerable young people (aged 12-24) the opportunity to clear outstanding fines with activities at the Byron Youth Service like unpaid/volunteer work, counselling, & participation in courses or programs.

WDOs are available to anyone who is homeless or in acute financial hardship, as well as people living with mental illness, intellectual disability, cognitive impairment or serious addiction.

Byron Youth Service is working together with Legal Aid NSW and the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW) to link eligible clients with the program.

For more information call BYS on 6685 7777

Courses - Programs - Activities


When: 14th February,  4pm -7pm

How much: $50

Who: Ages 15 - 24

Where: Byron Youth Activity Centre
             1 Gilmore Crescent
             Byron Bay

To book a place call 6685 77 77

Thanks to Byron Bay Coffee Company for donating coffee for our course!
Safe Drivers Course for Learners 

The Safer Learner Driver Course is a combined theoretical and practical Course for under 25 year-old learner drivers who have completed 50 hours of log book driving hours. The Course involves two Modules:
  • Module one: A three-hour facilitated group discussion on how to manage risks on the road. This will involve a maximum of twelve participants and will be delivered by a facilitator.
  • Module two: A two-hour in-vehicle coaching session to develop low-risk driving strategies. This will involve two participants and a coach.
Participants who complete the course will receive a bonus of 20 hours credit recorded in their learner driver log book.
  • BYS is an RMS authorised Course Provider
  • The Course costs a total of $140 for both modules.
  • Participants may enjoy completing the Course with a friend particularly for the in-vehicle session. 
  • For more information please contact:
For dates of upcoming modules and to book visit:   
Or call 6685 7777 
Or email

Calling all actors and performers!

Are you passionate about acting and performing? Do you want to be part of an incredible Social Action Theatre Company? Do you work well in a team, are dedicated and committed to making a difference in the lives of other young people and our community? Free on Mondays 5.30-7.30pm?

Then BYRON YOUTH THEATRE is here for you.

We are currently holding auditions for 3 places in BYT. What you need to do is prepare a 1-2 minute monologue of your choice ( Google!!) and then a second piece which can be performing a song, a dance, a slam poem, a speech, an acrobatic routine, or playing a musical instrument. Then call Director Lisa on 040302369 and arrange a time and get more details: the audition is only performed to her and she doesn't bite!!!!

Check out our facebook page :
And our website ( in development):

We strongly encourage young people who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait to apply.

This Sunday 5th Feb is the Nudge Nudge Wink Wink DJ fundraising event and BYT will be the recipients of the donations. We are extremely grateful to be included in this amazing community event and would love to see loads of you there, enjoying yourselves and helping us by donating towards our work.  Check it out here:

Having just started back yesterday, we welcome Aiyana and Sam to our Company. We are excited that some BYT members who have graduated will be returning to join us when we do the Positive Adolescent Sexual Health conference in June.

Starting on our "Here Today" project which focuses on suicide prevention, we are looking forward to gaining understanding, awareness and strategies from professional organisations such as Headspace, Social Futures and FSG. After which we will be creating a confidential online survey for community members to complete.

If anyone is willing to be interviewed about their past experiences relating to suicide please contact Lisa on 0403023693. 

Youth Voices

Elli Coleman - 14 - Volunteer artist at the YAC  

1. What has been the best experience in your life?
Being involved in programs at the YAC & helping out in the community.
2. What inspires you?
Bernie Sanders inspires me because he sticks up for what he believes in!

3. Who would you like to meet and what would you ask them?
I'd like to meet Misha Collins and ask how he manages to keep a positive  outlook on life.
4. What would you like to see happen in Byron Bay?
People in the community to be more open minded to other people's situations.

5. When do you think a person becomes an adult and how?
I don't think that age makes an adult but it depends on the maturity level of a person and how they react in situations.
6. What do you believe in?

7. What has been the worst experience in your life?
People labelling me when they don't even know me!

8. What would you like to change in the world?
That people accept everyone for who they are regardless of race, culture, colour, sexuality, gender!  
9. What's important in a relationship?
Understanding one another and having unconditional trust.


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Byron Youth Service Team
Management Committee 2017

Kristie Clifton                           Chairperson
Kirra Pendergast             Vice Chairperson
Michael Goldberg                          Secretary
Ian Leggo                                    Treasurer
  Mark Smith                                    Member   
Martyn Mills                                   Member
Patrick Lorenz                               Member
Teeya Blatt                                   Manager

Byron Youth Service  Workers

                                            Teeya Blatt                                                             Manager
                                            Deb Pearse                                 Mullum Youth Coordinator
                                            Rosalie Bryant                             Byron - Youth Coordinator   
                                            Stephanie Sims                                          YAC Coordinator   
                                            Berri Drum                                       Byron Flea Coordinator                                                               Dale Shaddick                  Education Support Youth Worker 
                                            Lindy Lou Smith       Hospitality/Events Course Coordinator
                                            Jonathan Edwards                                                 Accounts
                                            David Dalton                                                    Street Cruise

Community Project Workers  

                                            Byron Community Campus
                                            Chad Kolcze                                                The Uncle Project
                                            Morag Roseby                                             The Uncle Project
                                            Lisa Apostolides                    BYT Youth Theatre Co-ordinator