February 2017

Sharing some stories of successful adoptions.

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On March 23rd at 7 pm at the Marion Gerrish Community Center, we will have a public meeting.  We are pleased to announce that our guest speaker will be Kathy Bourdelais, the owner and operator of Lucky Critter Healing Touches. Kathy is  certified in Small Animal Massage, Red Cross Pet First AiEd and is a Certified Master Rieki Practi.  She also has training in Canine Shiatsu and Canine Myofascial Release. She will be speaking about the benefits of animal massage to your pets (and you) and answer your questions. She will have a canine model so she can demonstrate the various techniques that can be used. Please mark your calendar!

The Greater Derry Humane Society (GDHS) is an all volunteer humane organization that puts animals first. If we learn of an animal in need, we will respond if we are at all able. We do not run a shelter or sanctuary and have no facility, so foster people are EXTREMELY VALUABLE to our rescue operation. We are limited to the number of animals we can rescue by the number of foster homes in which to place them. This is where you come in. The more foster homes we have, the more animals we can rescue. 

Our foster home program is a great way to help animals in need. By providing an animal a temporary home, the fosterer has given that animal another chance at life that he/she otherwise would not have had.

Please call us at 603-434-1512 or go to our website for more information.

Please contact us if you can help. Click here:
Greater Derry Humane Society

 A big thank you from all the rescued animals at Greater Derry Humane Society for all the wonderful donations made for their living and medical expenses.

Mark and Michelle Krantz donated to help rescued animals

Marilyn Bartnicki donated to help with the living and medical expenses of rescued animals.

John Murray donated with a dedication to Mia Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Greenfield donated to help rescued animals

Inez Swiniarski donated in memory of Mia Stevens

Cheryl Remsberg donated Virginia Raumikaitis donated in memory of Arthur Savard

Wendy McAlister donated in memory of Arthur Savard
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The Greater Derry Humane Society, 
P.O. Box 142, East Derry, NH 03041
Telephone: 603-434-1512     

The mission of the Greater Derry Humane Society is to promote the humane care and treatment of all animals. Our goal is to reduce the suffering of animals through education, rescue and support, and to work collaboratively with other organizations.

  contact@derryhumanesociety.com         www.derryhumanesociety.com


Sandra donates her time to take wonderful   
 pictures of ouravailable dogs and cats!
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