New Life Christian School 
Natalia Buck
Nati is improving in reading tremendously, and becoming  a better student by working hard to complete lessons. She is always helpful in her classroom and helps Mrs. Rose clean her classroom after school. She is a good friend and prays for others.

All High School Students   

     All our high school students were recognized as our "Students of the Month by dressing appropriately at their Winter Banquet, acting like responsible students, and representing their families, school, and Christ well.

February 2---- Boy's Basketball Game
                          @ 5:00 @ Cuddeback
February 3----Chapel
February 6----Boy's Basketball Game
                           @ 5:00 @ Cuddeback
February 9---  1st - 4th Vision Testing
February 10---Chapel                        
February 14---Valentine's Day
                          100th Day of School                                 Dress-up Day
                          Boy's Basketball Game
                          @ 4:30 @ Home                                       (Skating Rink) playing                            Hydesville
 February 17 ---Chapel
February 20 - 24---No School 
                          President's Week
February 27---School Resumes

Click here to download or print the updated Preschool January Calendar. 
Click here to download or print the updated NLCS January Calendar. 
Valentine's and 100th Day of School Dress-up Day
February 14th is our valentine's party and the 100th day of school. Please make sure each student brings a valentine for everyone in their class! Also, come to school dressed-up as a 100 year old and earn points for your team!
President's Week

       There is No School 
February 20th - 24th for president's week. School will resume on Feb. 27th.
Friday Electives
Every Friday at 2 pm, the students get to meet up with other students and learn something new at the elective they chose. There's a cooking class, drawing class, crocheting class, sewing class, sign language class, arts and crafts class, and a running club! The students are enjoying their elective! Thank you to all who have volunteered and made this possible!!

The Spelling Bee
      On Friday, January 27, NLCS participated in the Associated Christian Schools International District Spelling Bee held at the Arcata Christian School.
      At the third grade level Andrew Damwyk placed first and Finnigan Holmes was fourth.
      In the fourth grade bee, Raigan Brooks placed third and Cindy Shay Long was fourth.
      For fifth grade, Kadence Foord placed first and Taylor Brooks was third. 
      At the sixth grade level, Nathaniel Holmes placed third.
      Rebekah Long was third at the seventh grade level. 
      Keenan Quintal was first and Haley Shimabukuro was fourth for the eighth grade.
      The final round spell-off included all students in grades five though eight who had place at their grade level. The words which challenged the spellers came from a separate list that the students did not have prior to the bee. Rebekah Long placed second, Haley Shimabukuro was third, and Taylor Brooks was fourth. 
      This is such a challenging opportunity, and we are so proud of each student who participated. 
These girls qualified for the State Championship in Anaheim!

For P.E., the students have been learning a dance called tinikling. The dance involves two people beating, tapping, and sliding bamboo poles on the ground and against each other in coordination with one or more dancers who step over and in between the poles in a dance. It has been a hit with the students and teachers!
Great Beginnings Preschool
The children have adjusted well since the first day of school! They are learning new things, making new friends, sharing in front of the class, etc. It's been an exciting adventure for them!
                                                   Pajama Day
 Making crystal snowflakes

 3 year olds
The kids decided the fence needed painting.

The children having more fun with shaving cream while exploring their sensory skills.
Our 3 yr. old afternoon children drawing with chalk.

First and Second Grade
The 1/2nd graders love chapel. They may even sing louder than the worship team!

The 1/2nd grade was invited to watch the High School Spanish class perform a skit. The high schoolers were amazing!
Third and Fourth Grade
The 3/4th grade class have been learning about the human body. We've been studying the skeletal system, the respiratory system, the muscular system, and, are now moving on to teeth. The students are discovering how to be good stewards of the body God gave us!
5th and 6th Grade
The 5/6th grade class have finished up a week full of tests in preparation for the end of the 2nd quarter. We have been studying the continent of Asia and more directly, the Middle East. Students memorized facts about ancient civilizations, capitals of countries, and were able to identify locations of rivers, oceans, seas, mountains, countries, and capitals of the Middle East. All students received a grade of a B or higher! Impressive! Now they start on their Country Report by choosing a country in Asia to concentrate on for which they will make a poster and write an oral report.  

The 5/6th grade class has been earning merits since the start of school this year. They will soon have 1,000 for which they have earned a special day to plan fun activities. Merits are earned by responding correctly to various classroom expectations and having a great attitude. Congratulations!

7th and 8th Grade
We celebrated the end of the first semester, the halfway point of the school year, with a Halfway Party. Goodies included half - sandwich rolls, banana halves, half a pie, etc.
In history we are studying the time of the knights and castles. Each student is making a copy of their family crest. Some of them are finished and there are more to come. Unfortunately, the school rules do not mention permission for jousting!

High School
Many people aren't aware that our high school students have the opportunity to take classes through College of the Redwoods, either online or at the campus. By being dual enrolled in CR and NLCHS, students qualify for free classes at CR, but have to pay for books and supplies. A few weeks ago, Jakeb Damwyk, Sage Johnson, and Kayla Natt attended CR orientation and signed up for a Nutrition class. A class that takes a semester at CR will count as an entire year for high school, allowing students to start working towards their college degrees while still in high school! This gives our high school students another opportunity to plan for their future and quickly advance towards their goals.

Our high school students and their guests recently attended the  NLCHS Winter Semi-Formal Banquet. They were beautifully dressed in their 1930's theme clothing. Dinner was at the Bay Front restaurant where they cook the food on a grill at each table. It was lot of fun! After dinner, the students went to The Journey in Rio Dell for games and dessert.