"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17
National Summer Group June 10th!
We are excited to begin the transformation of our Summer Group Series into an event that invites 18-25 year olds and ministry leaders to join with us from across the country! On Sunday evening, June 10th , we will be live streaming our program across the country in an effort to help local churches and ministries form Awake and Alive groups that will meet over the summer at the local level.

We have not yet finalized our devotion and main session speaker, but I have the requests out, and I'm really looking forward to sharing that announcement soon. In the meantime, here is how this will work.

If you are 18-25 years old, or care about encouraging and inspiring people in this age group, make plans to take time out of your Sunday evening, June 10th. Get a group together that can enjoy a devotion and then a time looking at a topic that is impacting our culture and tune into our live-stream. After the event is over, we'll be giving instructions on how to carry on the conversation with your community groups wherever you are.

Sunday June 10th - Join the live stream at 6:30pm or join us in person at The Bridge at St. Paul's Lutheran in Muskego, WI. We'll have more information on the speakers and topic soon. After the main session wraps up, we will be inviting everyone to spend an hour together in community talking through questions on the topic. BEFORE YOU LEAVE, you and your community group will put a date on the calendar to meet in July.

In JULY - We will provide a couple of videos and a question sheet that will guide you into a deeper discussion about the topic. As we apply the Gospel to this reality, we will do so not only wrestling with the context and implications, but also with an eye to doing something about it. BEFORE YOU LEAVE, you and your community group will put a date on the calendar in August to do something about what you have learned.

In AUGUST - You will have an opportunity to do something in your local community with what you have learned together through this Bible study.

In JANUARY - We hope you will join us for the national 2 day conference in Milwaukee, WI, January 4th and 5th (more information coming next month).

Once we have our speakers in place, we'll be able to give more specific examples and ideas. For now, SAVE THE DATE - Sunday evening, June 10th!
Winter Break Conference 2018
Video Recaps!
After an incredible 2 day conference that inspired us to "Take Hold of the Gift", we've return to our regular lives with the hope that God used that time to plant seeds in us that will spring to life in our hearts by faith. To take ownership of our sins, that we might take hold of God's grace, open the gift of new identity In Christ and have the courage to bring hope to our generation!

If you want to hear again the encouragements from the Conference, or if you want to share them with friends and family, all of the recap and main session videos and pictures are now online at awakealive.com and on YouTube .
Winter Break 2018 Conference Recap:
Does Awake and Alive really make a difference in the lives of young adults?
Well, we'll let these young adults tell you in their own words.
Devotion speaker
Pastor Jim Roecker's recap on
"Know the Gift".
Devotion speaker
Pastor Wayne Shevey's recap on
"Own the Gift".

Devotion speaker
Pastor Bill Limmer's recap on
"Make Known the Gift".

Awake and Alive Summer Group is coming up
June 10th LIVE from Muskego, WI and
streaming nationwide.
Put it on your calendar - speaker info coming soon!
The Point of Grace Campus Ministry
For all of you who enjoy the community of the Awake and Alive events, the second semester of Campus Ministry is underway and we want to make sure you check out The Point of Grace, another great ministry that serves young adults from around the Milwaukee area.
Bible studies are held on Wednesday nights.

  • MSOE: 7 pm at the 3rd floor of the campus center
  • UWM: 7:15 pm at the campus house (2215 E. Kenwood Blvd) right across the street from UWM. Food is provided. Chapel will follow at 8:30 pm.
  • MU: 5:30 pm at the Brew of the AMU (Alumni Memorial Union).

The Gathering is the monthly presentation on a variety of important topics related to the 18-25 generation and is hosted at different college campuses throughout the year. 
We strongly encourage you to check out a way to continue the Awake and Alive connection through TPOG! Visit The Point of Grace's Website
Weekly encouragement on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram
Be sure to join us online through Facebook, Twitter , and Instagram . We will be sharing information concerning upcoming events in the coming months, and these online resources can be a great place to find some encouragements throughout the upcoming year as well!

If there is anyway we can pray for you, or if you have discussion topics that you would like us to cover in our upcoming Awake and Alive events, please let us know! Until next time!

The Awake and Alive Team!