(Re)Launching Lake Worth
February 14, 2015

What is a ReStart?
Part 3 - Gospel
Some of you are asking, how many parts will their be? Honestly, I don't know.  Maybe when I stop learning new things about relaunching a church(which could be never).  Before I dive into this month's topic, let's review.  Every context is different, there are transferable principles from church planting to restart, developing (prayerful) leaders is key, revival begins in hearts not in methods, our context requires multi-ethinic ministry, and finally restructuring won't generate growth but it can kill it. For this edition of "ReLaunch" I want to talk about the Gospel.
In his book Comeback Churches Ed Stetzer has a chapter entitled 3 faith factors.  Here they are:
1. Renewed belief in Jesus Christ and the mission of the church.  This seems like a no brainer.  Of course the Gospel is central.  And yet, in my conversations here I am finding there are many people lamenting those who have left and wishing they would come back.  I understanding grieving the loss of friendship and the painfulness that comes with a declining church.  However, regaining those who have gone to other churches is not the mission!  I believe that as we rediscover the power of the Gospel our hearts will yearn to reach those who are lost.  That is the mission.  As we refocus on Jesus Christ at the center of Lake Worth Church it will naturally lead to reaching those who are walking in darkness all around us.
2. Renewed attitude for servanthood.  The Archbishop of Canterbury once said, "The Church is the only organization organized primarily for the benefit of its non-memers."  Regardless of what we still have to learn at Lake Worth I love the "whatever" it takes attitude of so many good people around this church.  I will never forget Estela from the Hispanic church saying to me, "I'm ready to work!" That is the kind of attitude that God can use mightily to build His Kingdom through us.  When we rediscover that we exist as a church to serve our community, good things begin to happen.
3. More strategic prayer efforts.  If you are reading this you are part of this effort at Lake Worth.  Your prayers make all the difference in

Full Heart
Thanks to so many of you who prayed and sent cards and e-mails of sympathy for my grandfather's passing.  As I participated in the services one of the things I said about my grandpa is that he lived a "Long obedience in the same direction".  It's a quote from Eugene Peterson and it accurately summarizes my Otto Vos's life.  I hope that I can follow in his footsteps.
My installation service went far beyond my expectations. We had many people in attendance and I am so thankful especially for Jose Tagle, Stan Workman, Scott VanderPloeg and Jul Medenblik for participating in the day.  It was also great to have Rafael Sanchez Jr. and Sr. assist in worship leading.  Jul's message was challenging to us!  I'll give you just one quote: "In the past we have grown by focusing on immigration, migration and procreation--now we must learn what it is to focus on mission."  That is a great summary of our marching orders!

Prayer Guide
Priority Prayers
1. Praise for a great installation service.
2. Praise for new jobs for Deb (substitute teaching) and Krista (hostessing)
3. Pray for Re-Start Training that begins February 24.
4. Pray for new contacts with neighbors and others in the community.
5. Pray for the bright lights in this NASA pic that represents the millions who live in South Florida, many of whom do not know the true Light of the world.

Kris Vos

Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you...Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.  Jeremiah 29:7

Gathering God's Family