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Issue: #1January 2011
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The winter has been very mild and Spring is almost here! You would think that all this warm weather would mean a better triathlon season due to more opportunities to train outside, but it's not that simple.


We have noticed that even though is has been an incredibly mild winter, most people are working out no differently than last winter when the weather was harsh. We think there are two reasons for this. First, no matter how warm the weather, it's still hard to get out of bed for an early workout when it's dark outside. Second, the warm weather has been so consistent that it's made us complacent instead of eager to take advantage of our good fortune.


We love that our group training model and individual coaching gives athletes two critical keys to combating these problems: a schedule and accountability.  You can accomplish so much with those two very simple things. But it starts today, not in March, April, or May.


If you are beating yourself up for not taking advantage of this great winter, consider coaching. We can help you find your motivation again and make the most of the pre-season, whether it's as part of our group or with online coaching.

This is also the time of year to plan your race season. Please visit our blog to see our Middle Tennessee Triathlon Race Calendar and learn why it's so helpful to start your planning now for summer.


Train smart.  Train safe. 

Around the Web
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We find a lot of great triathlon-related content around the web every month and want to share some of our favorites with you. Here are some items from the past few weeks:

-FTP Coaching was featured in The Tennessean this past week for an article on the Paleo/Primal lifestyle!

-We are reading a great book right now called "Thinking, Fast and Slow"  .We found a great series of blogs
by coach Gordo Byrn on how he used the lessons of the book to examine his own life.

-A comprehensive take on what it means to be flexible and how it impacts (or doesn't impact) running from the great Science of Running blog.   


-Lance is in the news for....swimming!?  


-An Around-The-World Triathlon! And you thought an Ironman sounded hard.  


-The importance of accountability from others in helping you develop better habits. 


The coaches at FTP Coaching are available to talk to your group about triathlon, fitness, health, and nutrition topics. If you are looking for a speaker, drop us a line.

Online Training Plans

Are you already anxious about next year's big race?  Maybe you are attempting 70.3 or 140.6 miles.  Maybe you just don't understand how training comes together for a race.  Fortunately, we are here to take the guesswork out of your training.   

FTP Coaching employs two full-time coaches dedicated to helping you achieve your potential in the sport.  However, space is very limited.  In order to provide quality, around the clock service to our athletes, the coaches cap the number of online training plans they write.  With the 2012 season quickly approaching
, spaces are filling up.  Contact the coaches today to discuss you upcoming goals.   
The Brag Board: FTP Coaching Athlete Results

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Zoo Run Run:
Carissa Miller 10th AG, PR!!
Lauryn England
Terry Walker
Coach Andrew

Mountain Mist 50K:
Frank Fay 1st ever 50K!



Want to see yourself on the podium or brag board?  Join FTP Coaching and discover your potential.   


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This month we are going to experiment with a nutrition feature rather than a recipe. Let us know what you think (and don't worry, there is a link to a great recipe at the end)!

Nutrition Corner
: Seasonal Produce

If you are trying to find a way to afford better quality produce, the first step is to focus on what's in season. Any produce that is in season will be more affordable than produce that is out of season. We used to know what was in season by what was for sale in the stores, but now it's not that easy because we are accustomed to year-round availability of all kinds of perfect looking fruits and veggies. However, that produce is frequently treated with chemicals, travels thousands of miles to your neighborhood store, and may contain less nutrition that local or organic varieties.
Instead of buying your normal mix of fruits and veggies this month, try buying local produce from the Farmer's Market or in-season organic produce from the grocery store. Your diet will improve and you won't pay extra for it.

 Here is a list of winter produce in season now:
Brussels Sprouts
Chinese Cabbage
Celery Root
Wild Mushrooms
Mandarin Oranges
Sweet Oranges
Sweet Potatoes

I don't know about you, but I love it when avocados become more affordable in winter. This week I was able to buy 8 and used them to make healthy grain-free chocolate muffins. You could even make a bunch of these muffins now while avocados are affordable and freeze them for later use, if you can resist eating them all!


Target: Intermediate to Advanced  

Sport: Run 


This workout looks like a speed session but is actually an endurance interval workout. It's designed to work on building speed and endurance together rather than the top-end speed needed for short distance racing. Best done at the track. 


1.5 mile warm up with 4x20 second strides throughout 

4x1000meter @ pace* with 2 minute recoveries between 

1 mile easy cool down 


*your pace for this workout will depend on the distance of the race you are training for. If you are training for a marathon, do your intervals at half-marathon pace. For a half-marathon, do your intervals at 10K pace. For a 10K, do your intervals at 5K pace.  

FTP Coaching is a Nashville based triathlon and endurance coaching group specializing in individual online and group coaching.  Our accomplished and knowledgeable coaches bring over 10 years worth of triathlon, ultra running and functional strength training experience to work for you. We provide individualized training plans, nutritional consultations and personal training options to athletes of all abilities, backgrounds and objectives.


Andrew Dollar & Jessica Herschberg
FTP Coaching
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