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February 20, 2015         


Dance Alive National Ballet presents

BALLET 352! 



WHEN: Friday, March 20, 2015

WHERE: Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts,  Gainesville, FL 

TICKETS: 352-392-2787; Phillips Box Office

PRODUCTION SPONSORS: 1st Credit Union of Gainesville, Digital Worlds Institute, College of the Arts, School of Music, Pofahl Studios and the Diva Foundation. 

Why 352?  It's the area code where DANB creates its art.  It's DANB's home - an area rich in art and artists.  This area provides the artists for our upcoming production - BALLET 352.


DANB's spring performances always present special guests and surprises and this March performance promises to be outstanding!  Maestro Raymond Chobaz will conduct the University of Florida Symphony Orchestra for three of the works to be performed and the amazing Gosia and Ali provide the music for another while Kevin Sharpe will be featured as solo pianist for Tchaikovsky's Allegro Brillante.  


The program opens with George Balanchine's Allegro Brillante. The newest Balanchine work DANB is licensed to perform; Balanchine said it was "everything I know about classical ballet in fifteen minutes!"  Principal dancers Julia Ponomareva and Alexsey Kuznetsov are the leads in this dazzling work performing with Ines Albertini, Walter Angelini, Gretel Batista, Douglas de Oliveira, Rostislav Dzabraev, Theresa Hanson, Rachel Ridley and Fhilipe Teixeira.


Artistic Director/CEO and Choreographer Kim Tuttle then premiers a new work to the music of Astor Piazzolla.  Gosia and Ali and principal dancers Andre Valladon and Carla Amancio will perform a tango that is guaranteed to bring you to the edge of your seat. 

Choreographer in Residence Judy Skinner premiers her newest work, Sometimes It's About the Choices We Make.  This dramatic work features principals Andre Valladon and Carla Amancio along with 
Gretel Batista, Yulia Pivotskaya, Walter Angelini and Alexsey Kuznetsov performing Arnold Schoenberg's Transfigured Night.


Carla Amancio and Andre Valladon in Sometimes It's About the Choices We Make.  Photographer Suzanne Mars.


 Kim Tuttle pulls out all the stops with Corroboree.  Set to the music of Australian John Antill, this work features Yulia Pivotskaya and Douglas de Oliveira along with Ines Albertini, Walter Angelini, Gretel Batista, Theresa Hanson, Alexsey Kuznetsov, Mia Caceres-Nielsen, Julia Ponomareva, Rachel Ridley  and Andre Valladon.  This explosive Aboriginal ballet will be enriched by the magic of Digital Worlds Institute.


(Pictures of this these works in rehearsal can be seen on DANB's Facebook page. Photographer Suzanna Mars is documenting the creation and rehearsal of each. Each work is in a separate album with pictures added daily.) 

Yulia Pivotskaya in rehearsal for Kim Tuttle's Corroboree.
Photographer Suzanna Mars.





WHEN:  March 20, 2015  6 PM

WHERE: Fackler Foyer East in the Phillips Center,

TICKETS:  $50 available at the Phillips Center or call 352-371-2986


This 'Prelude' to BALLET 352 includes a fascinating pre-show talk with guest speakers, a delicious dinner and special entertainment.   Wine included.  A perfect way to celebrate the season finale!


FOR INFORMATION:  352-371-2986               

Dance Alive National Ballet is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency,the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture. Dance Alive National Ballet is also sponsored in part by the City of Gainesville, Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs and a Tourist Development Tax Grant from the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners in conjunction with the Alachua County Tourist Development Council.    The above logos represent just a few of our granting or sponsor agencies.   More to follow! 






Gretel Batista and Fhilipe Feixeira  in poster in hotel lobby.   Photo Johnston Photography.


DANB first performed A Midsummer Night's Dream in Decorah, Iowa.  A beautiful community with exceedingly generous people, the performance was sold out with a standing ovation.  The Company missed the blizzard before and after and thoroughly enjoyed fluffy clean snow. It was just REALLY cold!

Above: Julia Ponomareva  The Company was housed  in thepictured gorgeous hotel.   Once an opera house, the building was converted into a hotel that has has several U S presidents as guests.


Gretel and Fhilipe.   Enjoying -9 degree weather!

And In Gainesville ...... Once more standing ovations!

In our home venue, the performance went beautifully!  The casting was perfect.  Tuttle created a work that told the story, was lighthearted and showcased DANB's amazing dancers.  It was an exceptional performance with several audience members commenting that "no one does narrative choreography as well as Kim Tuttle" and "seeing this joyous performance is life affirming".   

Douglas de Oliveira as 'Puck'.   Photo: Suzanna Mars.

Julia Ponomareva as 'Titania' and Andre Valladon    as 'Bottom'.   Photo: Suzanna Mars



This has been - and continues to be - a busy 2 months! The Company will have performed A Midsummer Night's Dream in Iowa, Gainesville, Boca Raton, Pembroke Pines and West Palm Beach by March 28th. Red Tutu will be performed in Coconut Creek and then Ballet 352 March 20th.  If you missed Midsummer in Gainesville and want to see it, check out the performance at The Villages in Ladylake on March 17th!   


The Company in Kim Tuttle's Sincerely, one of the works frequently performed on tour.  
 Photo: Johnston Photography.



Below:    A wonderful video of your very own professional ballet, Dance Alive National Ballet. 



President             Gary Ascani   
Vice President      James Roberts
Treasurer             Weaver Gaines
Secretary             Howard Noble, Jr.
Past President      Bryan da Frota
Historian              Colleen Rand
Jennifer Greet
Mary Kelly
Lucinda Lavelli
Derek Lyons
Kevin Monroe
Justine Vaughen
Artistic/Executive Director    Kim Tuttle

Artistic Staff
Artistic Director                      Kim Tuttle
Assistant Artistic Director       Andre Valladon
Resident Choreographer          Judy Skinner
Resident Composer                Stella Sung
Resident Conductor                Raymond Chobaz
Ballet Master                          Julia Ponomareva
                                         & Andre Valladon
Dancers         Ines Albertini, Carla Amancio,                Walter Angelini, Gretel Batista,   Tak Kwan
         Chu, Douglas de Oliveria, Fhilipe Teixeira,            Theresa Hanson, Alexsey Kunetsov, Yulia          Pivotskaya, Julia Ponomareva, Rachel                Ridley, Andre Valladon, Norbert Nirewicz 

Administrative Staff
Executive Director                   Kim Tuttle
Development Director              Linda Rocha
Director Grants                       Judy Skinner
Office Manager                       LaTrinda Perry
Bookkeeper                            Jennie Whitson

Production Staff
Technical Director                  Gerard Hale
Technical Consultant              Todd Bedell
Video Studios                        Total Video &                                                                                       Digital Lighthouse
Sound Studio                  Skylabs
Graphic Design               Kelly McAdams
Studio Photos                 Johnston   Photography
Production Photos           Ani Collier,  Colleen
Physical Therapist           Claudia Senesac
Videographers                 Norman Kurtz &  Lee
Education                       Judy Skinner,  Jean                                          Reid, Kimmy Keck
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