February 2018
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I can help assist you to an outfitter that fits your physical capabilities. There are many outfitters who can taper a hunt for your best success possibilities at a trophy animal. We can not list all hunts in newsletter. Again if you don't see anything in newsletter drop us an email, cancellations can come in anytime.   
We encourage veterans who have loss of limb to sign up for a hunt at:
You will have to fill out application at the website!
Thank you for serving veterans!
Alligator and hog meat for sale to support Sportsman's Foundation for Military Families, clicking here will take you to offer.
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Unbelieveable-Baited Grizzly Bear Hunt-Alaska 
Deluxe BAITED Grizzly Bear hunt , you would stay in a comfortable lodge  shower daily,  meals provided, and be transported daily to a  working bait station   via aircraft or ATV with  your guide.  Minimal walking required on this hunt .  7 or 10 day hunts
Pickup Point is Anchorage.

Grizzly Bear Hunt for 7 or 10 days at a remote camp with a guide. 
The  Remote BAITED HUNT Camp  will be equipped with very comfortable tent accommodations, cots and pads, all meals, guide services, and boat or ATV or Aircraft transportation included.   
You can expect bears in the 7 - 9 ft. range with long and thick hair. Only 2 spaces available at this time.             
These hunts start at $10,500 for a 7 day hunt.

Call:907-373-2047 or 920-540-5038
Cancellation 2018-ALASKA-
Black Bear Hunts: Spring $4,750 (1x1) or $3,250 (2x1); Fall  $5,750 (1x1) or $4,250 (2x1) 
more hunts below. For Special Pricing Mention Tony Gutierrez

South-central Alaska, deep in the heart of the Chugach Mountains and the Talkeetna Mountains. The center of this vast region - which encompasses nearly 25,000 square miles of remote wilderness - is approximately 150 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska.
Fall: 1 x 1 Hunt Coastal Alaskan Brown Bear  --  $13,750.00*
*Black Bear and wolf are available at no extra charge
Spring: 1 x 1 Hunt Interior Mountain Grizzly  --  $7,750.00.00**
Spring: 2 x 1 Hunt Interior Mountain Grizzly  --  $6,250.00.00** 
**Black bear available on a trophy fee. 
Special Discounts Available For Early Booking In Relation To 2019/2020 Hunts  --  Brown Bear, Grizzly Bear, Moose, Mountain Goat, Black Bear 
Mention Tony Gutierrez for special pricing. Prices may not be listed at website.
Call 920-540-5038  
CK Outfitters the premier Kansas Turkey Hunting spot has 4 Premium spots open for the first time in 18 years. These are cancellation turkey hunts for 1st week shot gun in 2018. All meals and lodging and great guides will lead you to your trophy. Last 3 years we have been 100% on kills on the first day.  
This is a $1,450.00 hunt discounted for the cancellation price to $1,250.00 a $200.00 savings.

Call 660-676-3471 or visit www.ckoutfitters.net 
2018 Elk Hunt $3000 5 day hunt (this is a special for 1 hunter)
2018 Archery Hunt $3,500 Rifle Hunts also available   
BUY 3 Elk hunts 4 Hunter is FREE 
2018 Antelope Hunt $2,200
Our hunting camp is located on the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Western Wyoming. Hunting areas south of Jackson hole near Daniel, covering units, 90, 92 and 94. Whether you are archery or rifle Wyoming elk hunting, we will provide the following: pack in and pack out, pack game to the trail head, meals, 1 full time guide for up to 3 hunters, a horse for transportation, use of our facilities. You will pack in the afternoon of the day prior to your bow or rifle elk hunt. You will pack out the afternoon of the last day of your bow or rifle elk hunt. 

 http://www.wyomingoutfitters.net  or  307-884-6356 or 920-540-5038 
Wyoming link to see if you drew https://wgfd.wyo.gov/

BUFFALO HUNTS-Prices starting at $2,500
Still Openings for 2018 - Buffalo Heads anad Robes are at their peak! 
Not only is buffalo meat great to eat but for those of you wanting to enjoy your trophy buffalo hunt for years to come robes and heads are at their peak. Winter months bring high quality to hides. With various skill levels of hunting available you will guided you into the area, assist you with gutting the animal, and then load the animal into your vehicle.  Meat processors available upon request.
We Do Accept Cash, Check, Money Orders, Visa, and MasterCard.
Call 920-540-5038 or www.buffalo-hunts.net
MT-Rick Wemple-
Call about Semi-Guided Elk Hunting Club
$500 for Membership - Elk Hunt $600
Greetings from western Montana! I do have the best state to hunt in, with higher game numbers each year, long seasons, available tags and lots of success! My guides and I have had truly blessed seasons recently, and 2018 looks even better! Plan Now, We are booking remaining 2018 and 2019 special hunts.  Don't miss out, 100% success in license drawing for elk recently! Our 2018 Rifle season starts Oct. 20 - Nov. 25, Archery season opens Sept. 1 - Oct. 15, 2018. ($858.00 elk only license., $1010.00 elk & deer licenses, $602.00 Deer only license.) If you have tags for wolf or black bear, no charge to hunt them during elk hunts!
Two hunters with a guide for rifle or archery hunting, 5 day fully guided hunt cost is $2,000.00 per Hunter.

Non guided ELK hunts,      $110.00   per day per hunter.  Hunt Includes:  Game retrieval , Care for taxidermy. Detailed instructions, maps and coordinates for hunting, from guide with 5 to 40+ years local hunting experience. No lodging, transportation or food included. (All easily available)
Semi guided ELK hunts,$150.00 per day per hunter. Hunt Includes:A Professional licensed guide. Guide transportation. Game retrieval and care for taxidermy. Detailed instructions, maps and coordinates from guide with 5 to 40+ years local hunting experience and  with guides help. No lodging, transportation or food included. (All easily available)
Black Bear HUNTS  - CALL ME!!! 5 day fully guided, 3 hunters with a guide  $1,000.00  per person. FAIR CHASE ONLY, 85% opportunity average or better!!
Private Land Eastern Montana Antelope and Mule Deer Hunts!!

Questions call 406-239-1752 or visit https://www.rickwemple.com/
Cabin base hunt 
Location is on the mainland of northern Southeast Alaska, 90 miles west of Juneau, at a small community called Haines.  You will have no financial surprises if you book a hunt with us.
Sub-unit 1-D is a game-rich location, all Brown Bear and Mt. Goat tags are over the counter hunts.  There are no lengthy, uncertain draw-hunts in Guide-Use area, which is immediately adjacent to the largest protected wilderness area on earth.
Success rate for all Brown Bear and Goat hunts as 100% in 2015 and in 2014 we were 100% on goats and 90% on Brown Bears because one bear hunter was rained-out.
Price: $14,000
Was: $18,500
Mention Tony Gutierrez to get pricing
 Call 920-540-5038 or visit http://www.huntingguidesandoutfitters.net/huntingform/huntAlaskaAl.html
2018 Missouri Turkey Hunts-$1,250
Lodging and meals included
You will hunt with a well experienced guide that is familiar with the land you will be hunting. I have lived on and hunted this ranch since 1979. Food will be good and fattening! You'll be eating beef or wild game off this ranch and locally raised pork.
Missouri game laws allow us to hunt until 1:00pm. We are located about 20 miles from Stockton Lake which offers crappie, bass, and walleye fishing. We would be happy to work out a hunt/fishing trip combo if interested.

 Call 920-540-5038 or visit http://www.huntingguidesandoutfitters.net/huntingform/missouri.html
2018 WY-Spring Bear Hunt-$3,500
Archery or Rifle 
Baiting for Wyoming spring bear hunt is permitted. This method brings a very high success for those enjoying see various bears. Greys river has a very wide range of color and high quality furs with bears, harvest a black, cinnamon or blonde. The wilderness privacy of our camp is only surpassed by our hunting skill and determination to insure that your hunting experience with us is the best hunting adventure you will ever had.
Call 307-884-6356 or https://www.wyomingoutfitters.net
NW NM Lion hound hunts 5 day hunts in December and January these hunts are action packed and experienced houndsmen will get you to the tree or bayed up in the rocks.  Book now limited hunt opportunities.  $5,000 per hunter not including NM game and fish license.  Hunters can fly into Farmington, NM or Durango, CO.  We will pick you up and get you to the field.  Lodging choices available.

Now booking Pronghorn Antelope hunts for 2018.  Private land ranch 11,000 acres with 100% harvest in the last 5 years. Three days fully guided all inclusive. Hunters responsible for travel to ranch and NM game and fish license fee. Hunt cost 3,500 for 1 on 1 and group pricing available. 
Call now 505-330-9776 or
Okeechobee Outfitters is more than just a wild hog hunting trip and trophy alligator hunting trip. It's about the whole Florida hunting experience. Whether it is stalking a wild boar, sitting in a blind Osceola turkey hunting, or maybe traveling high speed out on a air boat trophy alligator hunting, Okeechobee Outfitters hunting guides are hoping you go back home with a true adventure that you can share for years. Okeechobee Outfitters have developed hunting grounds in the middle of the Seminole Indian Reservation, in South Florida, that makes for The Best Hunting Experience on an open big game ranch. The 2,000 acres of Prime Habitat in the middle of 36,000 acres is loaded with a self-sustained herd of native hogs and Osceola turkeys and rare exotics from all over the world. This is truly an exceptional Florida hunting Ranch to hunt in North America, much less to visit. 
Call 863-655-2454 or visit 
Northern British Columbia / Saskatchewan: Gunson Guiding & Outfitting    
BIG Moose - Stone Sheep - Mountain Caribou - Goat - Black & Grizzly Bear  
Our area has long been known for producing BIG Canadian Moose and Stone Sheep. We have a moose hunt for everyone: rugged mountain horseback hunts, remote backpack hunts for monster moose (you've got to be crazy), and lake hunts for those who don't like horses or are interested in a less physical hunt. For Stone Sheep, give us a call.
Most of our hunts are a 'Mountain Horseback' or a 'Lake' hunt. Both of these options begin with a float plane flight to a remote wilderness camp. Facilities vary from simple cabins to tents. We have nothing elaborate - just a series of small hunting camps spread over some 2000 square miles. Our typical 'group size' is one or two hunters per camp. We can accommodate groups of 3 by special request.

Remote Wilderness (float plane access) hunts for BIG MOOSE
$15,000 - Trophy  Moose  hunts; Horseback, boat, canoe and/or ATV hunts.
--- Sept.24-Oct.03 Prime Rut date available for 2018---

$10,000 - Horseback & Backpack hunts for  Mountain Caribou or  Goat.

- One (1)  Stone Sheep  & Mountain Caribou hunt available for Aug.24-Sept.06
Note: Book now for 2019; $2500 deposit will hold your dates.
 NEW:  Saskatchewan Spring  Black Bear  Hunts;  
- 'Ranch Style' Accommodation, fun hunts for BIG bear.
- Book your group of 4-6 hunters,  $2950  per person. 
- Booking now for Spring of  2019,  $500 deposit.  
- Must be in excellent physical condition. 
Call Jake at: 250-500-2717 or visit  www.ggoutfitting.com 

Colorado-Coulter Lake Outfitters- Elk Hunts   
Coulter Lake Guest Ranch & Outfitters is located in western Colorado, 3 miles into the White River National Forest and 20 miles northeast of the town of Rifle.  The ranch is at 8,100 feet surrounded by valleys, drainages with dark timber, aspen stands, and high meadows.  Hunting areas range from 7,000 to 9.500 feet.  The ranch is located in GMU #33: home to elk, mule deer and black bear.
Drop camps Starting at $2,500
Ranch Hunts Starting $2,500

Call: 970-625-1473 or www.coulterlakeoutfitters.com 
Colorado-Peak to Creek Outfitters- Elk Hunt Drop Camps   
Peak To Creek Outfitters, Inc is a Colorado elk hunting outfitter near Durango, CO. Elk hunting on your own in Southwest Colorado may not be for everyone, but for those who can locate, track and call big game critters, an elk hunting drop camp will be very rewarding.
Your Colorado elk hunt will begin when we pack the horses at our trailhead, and get you suited with a good trail horse for the ride to camp. Your Colorado drop camp is well equipped with everything you'll need, so your quest for Colorado elk and mule deer can begin as soon as we get to camp.

Archery Starting at $1,400
Muzzleloader Starting at $1,700
Rifle Starting at $1,800
Call 970.884.0199 or www.peaktocreekoutfitters.com 
Winter 2018 or Winter 2019 11-Day Archery Coues Deer or Archery Sonoran Mule Deer Hunt $6,750

Fall 2018 16-Day Archery Trophy Bull Elk Hunt (90-100% Chance To Draw) $7,750

Fall 2018 9-Day Rifle Trophy Coues Deer Hunt (90-100% Chance To Draw) $5,750

Fall 2018 9-Day Rifle Sonoran Mule Deer Hunt (60-80% Chance To Draw) $4,750
Plan Now For The Upcoming 2018 Arizona Permit Draw  - Elk, Deer & Bighorn Sheep  - Contact Us For Best Units With Best Draw Odds
Call: 920-540-5038
Let us assist you for permit - Arizona - 602-942-3000 - https://www.azgfd.com/
Wild hog hunting in Alabama is quickly becoming a favorite pastime for our guests. Many sportsmen have learned that wild hogs, especially wise old boars and sows, are as challenging to hunt and harvest as that wise old buck or gobbler. To combat what many consider a menace to deer and turkey habitat, Alabama has virtually unlimited hog hunting seasons and bag limits. The result for sportsmen is a great opportunity to take an additional trophy home while deer or turkey hunting, plus put some tasty pork in the freezer. Those who target wild hogs specifically will welcome the additional hunting opportunity that these feral hogs provide.

Hog Hunts AL Hog Season:   Always Open
1 day - 1 hog   $350
2 day - 2 hogs   $650
3 day - 3 hogs   $950
*Combine with Deer or Turkey hunt for an additional $250.

Come deer hunting with us in Barbour and Henry County, AL and enjoy some of the finest whitetail hunting on the eastern edge of Alabama's famous black belt. Our area is well-known for its production of trophy class bucks. We are located in Eufaula, AL, 50 miles south of Columbus, Georgia; 50 miles north of Dothan, AL; and 85 miles east of Montgomery, AL.

Whitetail Deer Hunts
AL Deer Season:   Sat. before Thanksgiving - Feb 10
3 day hunt - 1 Buck/1 Doe   $1,400
6 day hunt - 2 Bucks/2 Doe   $2,700
*Additional bucks may be taken on trophy fee.

Turkey Hunts AL Turkey Season:   Mar. 15 - Apr 30
3 day hunt - 1 Gobbler - Guided   $1,300
3 day hunt - 1 Gobbler - Unguided   $900
6 day hunt - 2 Gobblers - Guided   $2,250
6 day hunt - 2 Gobblers - Unguided   $1,650
*Additional bucks may be taken on trophy fee.
  Call: 920-540-5038

Spring/Summer Bear Hunts


Alaska and Western States Links for permits and tags  
Alaska - 907-465-4210 - http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/
Arizona - 602-942-3000 - https://www.azgfd.com/
Colorado 303-297-1192 - http://cpw.state.co.us/
Montana - 406-444-2950 - http://fwp.mt.gov/
New Mexico - 505-476-8000 - http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/
Wyoming - 307-777-4600 - https://wgfd.wyo.gov/
WILD BOAR $10.00 A LB., FROG LEGS $10.00 A LB., ALLIGATOR $10.00 A LB.
Call 863-655-2454
or visit http://www.guided-hunting.com/meat-sale.html
Thanks for taking a look at our current offerings. If I can help you in any way be it hunting information or placing an ad, please feel free to call or text me at (920) 540 5038 or via email: tony@huntingguidesandoutfitters.net
Tony Gutierrez (920) 540-5038