October 11, 2016
Ogilvie Expansion Boosts Federated's Service Line 
Ogilvie expansion
Weather permitting, the fertilizer plant expansion at Federated's Ogilvie location will be completed by mid October, just in time to assist growers with their fall fertilizer needs. The expansion got a bit behind schedule, according to Brian DeVries, Federated's Ogilvie location manager overseeing the expansion, "but we have had lots of action this week."
Ogilvie expansion
Electricians are wiring the new tower and blending office area, millwrights are putting the final parts in place on the tower, and the fertilizer leg is nearly complete. "They have a large crew" at work on the fertilizer plant expansion project, said DeVries. "It's a little overwhelming," he said, "lots of things happening at one time" -- a sign of work nearing  completion.

The new building and equipment will streamline seed deliveries and liquid fertilizer loading. Overall, the "pretty impressive" expansion at the Ogilvie Ag Center "should make [Federated] more productive when things get really busy," DeVries ventured.
Federated's Cody Lezer will be heading up the seed warehouse and liquid fertilizer site, and "he is excited for the new challenge," said DeVries.
Talk to your Federated Agronomist with questions on how these expanded services can benefit your seed and fertilizer needs.
Spray Weeds This Fall, 
While They're Still Growing
"Fall is an excellent time to control weeds," said Craig Peterson, Federated agronomist at the Ogilvie  location. "It's no secret that biennial and perennial weeds are much easier to control in the fall," he added. Even after a light frost,  quack grass,  dandelion,  and Canadian thistle can be effectively controlled because the weeds are "trying to store up for winter," he said, and the chemicals can more easily move into the roots.
For most any situation, fall weed control "will put you a step ahead next spring," Peterson added, and you will "have a much nicer seed bed for the following crop." Sod fields coming out of production are well-suited for fall weed control, as are no-till fields where the weed pressure can be extra strong in the spring.
One key to successful fall weed control is to make sure the weeds are healthy at the time of herbicide application. If weeds were cut off during harvest, Peterson recommended, let some leaf surface grow back before spraying for the best results.
Federated recommends glyphosate or Buccaneer Plus® for fall application," said Peterson. For tough broadleaf plants, adding some 2,4D or Dicamba (such as Detonate®), or both, along with the Buccaneer Plus "will do an excellent job in most cases." (See Buccaneer and Detonate labels.)
Range Star®, a 2,4D and Dicamba blend (see label) is also recommended for a stronger punch on tough-to-kill broadleaf weeds.

As harvest proceeds, Peterson offered this reminder: "Pay special attention to problem weed areas and talk to your Federated Agronomist. You may save yourself a few headaches in the next crop."
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Once Again: 
Soil Sample 
in the Fall 
Soil sampling bag
It's the same song, second verse: Do soil sampling in the fall to be ready for the next spring.  Don't wait until there's no time to take samples in the spring and thereby miss the opportunity to make informed decisions on crop nutrients and other inputs.
As has been said before, Kevin Carlson, Federated's senior agronomist, recommends soil sampling any fall when field fertility information is more than three or four years old. He would even soil sample every couple of years -- because better and more current information is "invaluable" when making fertilizer recommendations. "It's really the foundation," he said.
Whether it's composite sampling, or grid sampling for precision ag, Federated agronomists across the board say, "Just do it." It's a minimal investment in time and money for a major return on crop benefit.
Contact your Federated Agronomist with any questions about soil sampling, or to schedule them to take samples for you.
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