Feed CARU Stews to your dog,
a Home Cooked Meal Every Day.  
CARU stews are the closest thing to home made cooking that you can feed you dog . CARU stews are m ade with 100% human grade ingredients and in a human food plant. They are slow cooked right in the box, so all the goodness, aroma and taste are maintained.  
All of CARU's products (treats and stews) are made with non-GMO ingredients and are grain and gluten free. CARU stews are made with meat or poultry as the number one ingredient and wholesome vegetables (including carrots, sweet potato, green beans or peas) and fruit (apples). CARU's two new stews (lamb stew, chicken with duck stew) also are made with pumpkin and lentils and are white potato free which is great for dogs with food sensitives.  
CARU stews are complete and balance for adult maintenance diets. They are ideal to serve as a full meal for small dogs (up to 20 lbs) and to use as a topper over dry food for large dogs. One box of stew can last up to 4 days when used as a topper.  
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It's Hard Work Being Me
Hello, my name is Karu and I am the inspiration behind CARU Pet Food. I'm also our Chief Taste Testing Officer (CTTO).
Well, as you can see, I have been so hard at work these days. Look at what my pet parents put me through the other day in order to do a nice 'pretty' Mother's Day picture. Really! I had to hold a rose in my mouth. Who does that? The stem did not taste very good, they could have smeared some CARU stew gravy or at least some peanut butter on the stem so I wouldn't mind holding it in my mouth. It was awful! At least Daddas removed those thorny things before they shoved it in my mouth. Oh the indignities. I'm sure Mrs. & Mrs. Squirrel who were watching from a distance while we took these photos were laughing. How embarrassing!

Well, so is the life of Karu, CTTO for CARU Pet Food. It is really hard work folks, but it's okay, I love working with my Mummas and Daddas every moment of every day (really I do). I do get to taste all the new 'goodies' that we are making and it's fun to be the one to tell Mummas and Daddas when to nix a new creation that they think is so great. I really have the final word on it all. I am the boss. So, don't worry, CARU Pet Food is in good hands or paws as the case may be.

Until next time my friends. Woofs and Tail Wags.

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