Feed Energy News - Issue 32 - Preserving a Legacy
Early morning view from the Feed Energy Corporate Offices
Preserving a Legacy: Introducing Phil Reeves

How do you preserve a legacy? As we explained in our last issue of Feed  Energy News, Bob Riley has transitioned to Chairman of the Board and Phil Reeves, who has been operating as Feed Energy CFO, has moved into the CEO role. 

According to Bob Riley, "I have been preparing for this transition for a few years, knowing it would take time and planning to transfer the institutional knowledge to others in the organization. Phil stepped forward to usher us into the next phase of Feed Energy. With his involvement with the company over the last few years in addition to his experience in the Ag industry has given him a head start on the task at hand. His focus on product development to anticipate and satisfy customer needs will astound, and I look forward to seeing FE deliver!"

Phil is a leader with strong Iowa (and Midwestern) roots having been a  mainstay and driver in the success of several market-leader and well  respected Ag and food-focused companies. So what excites Phil about his new role and responsibilities?

"There are many reasons but let me list just a few. As a cornerstone, Feed
Energy enjoys a very strong brand reputation in a 'commoditized' industry which is no easy task. This is due in large part to the quality of products and services we provide and we will continue to make that a strong focus moving forward."

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Commitment to Excellence: Transitions Come to Feed Energy Operations

During the last few months, Feed Energy has benefited professionally from a new face coming on board and a veteran employee moving on to a new position. The entire Feed Energy family is excited to announce Scott Cadwell as our new Sioux City Plant Manager and newcomer Kelly Parnell as the Plant Manager of Des Moines. 

Rich History
Scott Cadwell began his Feed Energy career 16 years ago as an operator at the Sioux City plant. Within a short period of time, he was promoted to Operations Supervisor where he worked with both his team and customers to address concerns and issues. He lead the charge in  developing a plan to improve products and processes. This focus was continued with his move to the Des Moines plant in October of 2014. Taking all that he has learned, Scott is excited to transition back to Sioux City where he will continue to be challenged. Learning and connecting with our customers to improve and enhance our processes is a top priority while at the same time working to build a strong culture surrounding lean processing, safety, and FSMA. 

A New Beginning 
Kelly Parnell has spent his entire professional life in manufacturing. Starting at the young age of 19, Kelly was a shop floor employee who worked his way up to executive leadership. Through his hard work, Kelly found a love of process improvement which has led to opportunities in building new facilities and remodeling aging plants.

Kelly was drawn to Feed Energy as a family owned company that works to supply high energy fats and oils to the poultry and livestock industry. He looks forward to using his experience in operations to provide input and insight for the future and he is currently focused on understanding the business and creating relationships.

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Accidents Can Happen:
Feed Energy Customer Service Can Help
By: Jake Rouse, Account Manager

Accidents can happen no matter how much we try to stop them. Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, "It is not a matter of 'if', but 'when'". With that being said, we have to have a plan for what happens after an accident occurs as much as we have to work to prevent the accidents from happening in the first place.

Recently, I heard about a mill where the basement flooded with fat. To make matters worse, the sump pump kicked on and started sending product outside. Luckily, they were able to stop the leaking fat before it reached a drainage ditch.

While this is not a typical scenario, it is important to understand your worst case scenarios so you can be prepared for them. If a pump malfunctions and you are unknowingly pumping fat into the mixer all night, an important item to consider is knowing where the leaking fat could go. Do you have a containment wall? It sounds crazy, but it has happened.

So, how can Feed Energy help?

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Market Report
By: Ryan Steuben, Merchandiser

Fall is my favorite season. A time where we can reflect on all the hard work we've put in since the beginning of the year, hopefully to enjoy the fruits of said labor as the crops come out and budgets go under review. Will those fruits carry into winter? The following year? 

Recently, I was in Chicago at the American Fats and Oils Association annual meeting. A large gathering of individuals that hold key positions within their companies, of which are highly involved in everything feed fat and vegetable oil; producing, processing, trading, and consuming. Like my own fall reflection, it is a jam packed few days as everyone looks back on their accomplishments and works to plan for the future by way of meetings, presentations, and potential trade rule changes.

I had the opportunity to talk with a few biodiesel folks while there, and the general consensus is optimistic that we will have a biodiesel credit in place for 2017 due to the lame duck session after the election. However, there was much disagreement about the form this credit will take. Some believe it will remain a blender's credit, while others believe a producer's credit will be approved.
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Food Safety Holds Utmost Importance for Feed Energy

The Food Safety Modernization Act has pushed our industry into a season of reflection, learning, planning, and action.

"The Food Safety Modernization Act (21CFR Part 507) is the most sweeping reform to food safety laws in 70 years. It is designed to make sure the U.S. food supply is safe. It shifts the focus from a reactive approach to a proactive approach when it comes to food safety."

- Rich Gassman, EH&S Manager

Feed Energy wants customers to understand our dedication and commitment to implementing all  necessary controls into our system to not only meet the required standards, but exceed them.

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Colony Summit 2016:
Here Today. Here Tomorrow. Here for the Colonies.
By: Cal Halstead, Director of Sales

We are excited to be hosting the 4th biennial Colony Summit in Mitchell, SD on Nov. 15th. Topics will range across many disciplines within animal agriculture, and will give producers a holistic view of upcoming trends and best practices as we move into 2017. 

As always, Bob Riley will give an entertaining talk that will be both interesting and educational. This event is an opportunity for us to say "Thank You" for the 30 years of history we have shared with the Hutterites and our shared vision for the future.

Please come and enjoy the afternoon with us as we also plan to share some exciting developments about our ABF vegetable oil program and product. We know that you have invested much in your ABF program and we are honored to be an important part of your continued success!

Contact Brittney Garvey at bgarvey@feedenergy.com  to reserve your spot today!
Industry Support

Canned Food Drive for Farmer's Cooperative Arcadia
In support of their new feed mill, Feed Energy employees teamed together to help out Farmer's Cooperative Arcadia in their donation efforts to two local pantries, Benefit New Opportunities Inc. in Carroll and Temporary Aid Program in Denison. Both programs aim to end hunger in small Iowa towns. Over 75 food items were donated along with $150 in cash donations from FE and its employees alone.

IPA Fall Festival Kicks Off the Fall Season
The Iowa Poultry Association had their fall festival back in September. 

"This is always a great meeting that is well attended by industry members. IPA is a perfect place to network with customers and there are always good educational opportunities. Of course, Feed Energy is very honored to be able to host the hospitality bar during the Free For All at the event as well." - Cal Halstead, Sales Director
Driver Appreciation Week
Early September marks a nation-wide week of celebrating our drivers in America. Feed Energy drivers received an extra "thank you" with a goodie bag, treats, and personal cards.

While the week has passed, thank you to all drivers for their service!
Tradeshows & Industry Meetings
Ames, IA
October 27, 2016

Colony Summit
Mitchell, SD
November 15, 2016

West Des Moines, IA
December 6-8, 2016
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