Your weekly spiritual uplift message!

Beloved friends,

Last Sunday I spoke of the power of having a vision, of choosing the values you want to experience in your life. When we do this, we create a field, rather than a destination. Our vision and values become a powerful force for all we create in life.

The only way I have found to unleash this powerful force is to "feed the field." Every day I revisit the vision and values I want to live from. I remember that Love is the only really important thing, and I remind myself of how Love shows up -- through caring, presence, and compassionate words and actions. I repeat to myself the importance of being integrated so that I show up the same wherever I am, of being honest about who I am and what I feel, of practicing generosity whenever, wherever, and however I can. 

And, of course, I practice mindfulness, presence, through meditation. And I throw in a little sacred reading to remind myself of the powerful wisdom available to me when I am feeling pressed by the world and its habitual ways of doing things.

It is only by feeding the field of my vision and values that I change. I don't know how to change my subconscious -- but the field of my vision and values does change it. I don't know how to alter my personality -- but the power of presence and vision and values alters it.

I invite you to feed your field. Remind yourself daily of what really matters to you, what your Divine Self wants to express in our world. You will, I promise, be amazed at the result!

I'll see you this Sunday!

With enormous love,

Rev. CC
This Weekend

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