Happy St. Patrick's Day!
You're in Luck!
Sprouts are green and green is lucky.
Grow some sprouts indoors.
Grow at least one outdoor garden vegetable.
You don't need tons of space to grow your own sprouts.
You don't need to grow all of your own food -try just one.
Lettuces are easy - radish loves to grow.
Alfalfa can't help itself but to become a sprout.
Once grown it can be shared with family and friends.

 Because the first day of spring is in March and that means gardens will be planted soon, All of our High Mowing Seeds are 10% off this month - no coupon codes needed.
March brings with it St Patrick's Day and our Exclusive St. Patrick's Day Mix - Green Pea, Mung Beans, Yellow Mustard, Green Lentils, and Red Clover. Get a FREE Pound of St. Patrick's Day Mix with every order of $40.00 or more. 
With a purchase of our Dozen Seeds or Dozen Mixes get a free sample size of St. Patrick's Day Mix. 
Automatically without coupon codes get 10% off the items: All of our High Mowing Garden Seeds, St. Pat's Mix, and Green Seeds - Mung, Green Lentils, Green Pea, Kale, and Red Clover (for luck))
Use Secret Coupon Code: SECRETMARCH2018 to get 10% off Sprouters and Home Grown Sprouts the book by Sprout Lady Rita, Thanks for reading!
March is a great time of year to grow Wheatgrass and Barley Grass and Pea Shoots. My favorite sprouter for these seeds is our Healthy Sprouter. Easy to use; it gets the job done.
We have two OOOPS! Seeds.
As we were packing orders we were chatting and lost track of what we were mixing and we now have 5 pounds of a combination Holly's Mix and Jill's Mix for our OOOPS! Bean Mix. This mix includes three different types of lentils, mung, adzuki, green pea and hulled sunflower. Very delicious and nutritious! We have only the one bag of 5 pounds - first one gets it.

One of my suppliers made on OOOPS! and shipped me red split lentils instead of the red whole lentils. These are great for soups, stews, and lentil loaf (my family's favorite and I will share the recipe for anyone who asks).
We have GAIA sprouters back in stock - the 14 cm Green and 14 cm White are here!

Brand new GAIA sprouters have arrived. They are 17 cm, two tiered, and have a glazed (Green or White) bottom tray with a glass lid. Very chic. Check out all of our GAIA sprouters.
What does beauty mean to you? Is beauty beautiful hair? Is beauty gleaming white teeth? Is beauty a great personality? These are all parts of beauty.
 What about that person who is gorgeous on the outside but as soon as they open up their mouth they become normal? Or the person that blends in with the crowd and they open up their mouth, they become the focal point of the room. This person has a confidence, calmness, and contentment, to their personality. How did this person obtain these attributes? It starts with one’s mindset.
Let me introduce you to Holly Bilicki and share her story.
Holly’s passion has always been in the beauty industry. For over 20 years, Holly has noticed how media effects the definition of beauty. Having the right hair, having the perfect skin, being model thin, no matter what the consequences. She realized outside beauty is everywhere but there has to be something more. She decided to find a healthy way of beauty and what it all entails. This is where her journey began. Through Holly’s own personal health journey, she discovered beauty is an inside job. 
I am joining these professional guests, to discuss a different way of looking at beauty.
Learn how your mindset makes you beautiful. 
You will not only see sprout related items but you will get a chance to view some beautiful artwork from my Media Maven Andrea, like the green heart sprout on the right. Isn't that something?
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