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Deborah Sundahl

The Feminine Fountain™ Experience

One-Day workshop for Women Only   


June 9, 2012  



Evening Class at Casa de Luz-  June 7th 

7:00-9:00pm -  $25; bring a friend $40 

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Learn to Let Your 


 Saturday, June 9,  2012

10:00 AM - 4:30 PM    


Immerse yourself in the fascinating knowledge of the G-spot  ~ the "hidden gateway" to deeper love and intimacy.  



The G-spot orgasm and its elixir of female ejaculate offer a deep physical

release and emotional bliss. Learn how to get this working in your love life. 


In this one-day women-only workshop, you will:


�    Experience how to find, see and feel your G-spot. This is a deeply moving and precious experience that will serve you well for the rest of your life. 

�    You will learn what state of pleasure your g-spot is currently in. 

�    Be able to ejaculate easier.

�    Be able to feel more variety of orgasms and sensations of pleasure.

�    Know what a G-spot orgasm is and how to have one

�    Experience greater presence, openness and satisfaction in your self.-pleasuring and in your intimate connection and lovemaking with a partner.

�    Develop more sexual self-confidence as a result of knowing yourself better.



Charla Patio


Understand the mystery of the G-spot's orgasm

and its ultra-feminine expression:

the joy of female ejaculation.



In this one-day workshop, discover why the physical, emotional and spiritual heart of women's sexuality and a women's erotic being resides in her G-spot. Understand why integrating the G-spot and female ejaculation into your love life will activate the intimacy that you crave. The G-spot's unique ability to express love serves as a signpost toward more loving connection with Self and partner.  


The G-spot is truly the physical, emotional and spiritual source of the Sacred Feminine. When you participate in this workshop, you will start to experience her cup of overflowing, effortless love. Please join me in celebrating her gifts. I look forward to this process of important self-discovery with you.



Lunch & refreshments will be provided during the day.

Deborah's books and videos will be available for sale, and she will be happy to sign them for you, too.


COST:   $95

Early registration by May 9, 2012:   $75  

Let your feminine fountain flow!


To Register or Ques. for Workshop Contact Deborah 

That Feminine Fountain™

That Feminine Fountain Feeling!  

(Deborah at London's Heathrow Airport, 2011)





From Taos NM Workshop in March 

I've been studying anatomy for my entire educational career. The information I received in this workshop filled in where I had previously 'shrugged my shoulders and left it to faith.' No doubt in my mind that some of my emotional distress and quandary's would not have existed if I had learned this when I was 12. It provided answers to areas where I had given up to thinking I was an alien and it was 'beyond man's understanding'.  I'm excited to bring conscious awareness to this area for healing. 
-Melanie, Taos, NM

I did not speak hardly at all the two days following the workshop for the simple fact that I was blown away.  My mind had been given such deep knowledge that I was literally unable to fully function.  It sounds cliche, but my time with Deborah changed my life and my outlook on the body.  Being a massage therapist, I have learned a vast amount about the anatomy of the body, but I had never ever learned about the female prostate.  HOW can that be?  Now that I have this connection with a whole new organ inside of me, I feel more in touch with my body than ever before.  -Hayley, drove from Colorado

Deborah is an amazing teacher and a beautiful example of a "whole woman."  I was blown away by the information she presented.  How the hell have I, as a woman, lived 37 years with such incomplete knowledge of my own sexual anatomy?  I want to be sure that my daughter has a complete picture of who she is and how her body works when she reaches an age of understanding.  It was wonderful to have such open conversations about sexuality and our bodies.  The "hands-on" portion of the workshop took it to another level.  It was a beautiful experience to spend that time with myself - giving attention to this important part of my body that I don't ever take time to connect with.  It was a totally empowering evening and I left feeling whole and complete.  Thank you, Deborah for your gentle, open, loving guidance!  - Jean, Taos, NM



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DEBORAH SUNDAHL's seminal book and videos have taught thousands of men and women about the G-spot and female ejaculation. Through her workshops, lectures and instructional media, Deborah has spread the good news internationally about the G-spot and female ejaculation since 1991.

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