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May 2017 
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From My Feng Shui Window

The Feng Shui of Air Travel 
For almost 20 years I've been practicing the art and science of helping people arranging their space to assure harmony. This week I experienced first hand how our interior space also extends to air travel - I flew on four United flights within one week. I'm not going to defend or defame United or any other airline in this post, and thankfully I didn't experience any outrageous incidents of bad behavior. I'll just say that there are good and bad people working for and flying on every airline and leave it at that. This trip turned out to be the perfect illustration of how an interior environment affects behavior.  

The first three flights were on 737s - the seats were too close together, the aisles were too narrow, the lavatory was claustrophobic, the overhead bins were so stuffed they asked for 10 people to gate check their bags. In general, people were in a bad mood. There was lots of grumbling and loud talking. When I boarded my third flight I was surprised to find a deadheading flight attendant sitting in my assigned exit row aisle seat. She refused to move until I showed her my boarding pass to prove it was my seat. Turned out she was assigned to the middle seat. Now, in the scheme of things, initially taking the wrong seat is not a major offense, it happens to every flyer at some point in time. But all she had to do was apologize, or make a joke out of it, or simply say "oops" instead of assuming I was at fault. No, instead she chose to continue her conversation with the other deadheading flight attendant in the window seat without saying anything else to me.

My last flight was on a 767 - a huge, comfortable, spacious, wide-body plane, The seats were soft leather with adequate legroom, the beverage carts easily traveled down the aisles, the overhead bins were numerous, and many middle seats were open. Everyone had free movies and TV (with programming worth watching instead of that awful stuff you have to pay for on most flights). The flight attendants did their jobs with smiles and friendly conversation. Takeoff was delayed on the tarmac for 30 minutes because of an air traffic control hold at the destination, and then delayed 20 more minutes after we landed waiting for an open gate, and the friendly pilot kept up informed. No one was angry. No one complained. No one threw a tantrum. Everyone remained positive.

The guiding principle for my Feng Shui work is that we are profoundly affected by our interior environment, so the moral of my story is simple: if you crowd people into ugly, uncomfortable space, they react negatively and sometimes act out. But, if you seat people in pleasant, comfortable space, they will do the right thing every time. In an effort to protect airline passenger rights, Congress called the airline heads to testify. Now, it's time to ask a Feng Shui practitioner to testify - and to listen to her advice.

Wishing you a Happy May and much friendlier skies.

Carol M. Olmstead, FSIA
Feng Shui Master Practitioner
Feng Shui For All Seasons
May Tip: Bring Feng Shui to Your Wedding or Party
Every couple dreams of the perfect wedding day, and every party planner wants to make sure the guests have a great time. Whether the party you're planning is as grand as a wedding or as intimate as a dinner party, incorporating Feng Shui can help assure harmony. From finding the right wedding dress, to selecting the colors for the table linens, when you follow these simple Feng Shui guidelines you'll take the stress out of wedding planning and party prep.

Choose Complementary Colors. Certain color combinations for  the bridal party, flowers, table linens, and cake decorations are considered auspicious, including yellow and red, green and blue, purple and green, red and pink, and metallics with yellow or blue. Avoid paring red with metallic because this is considered unlucky in Feng Shui. Choose table linen colors representing the Feng Shui Earth Element, like honey, olive, or cocoa to ground everyone and reduce any stress.
Pick the Right Flowers. Select flowers for the bouquet or centerpieces according to their meaning. Peonies represent longevity, chrysanthemums mean happiness, tulips bring sensuality, roses symbolize love, and orange flowers symbolize prosperity and encourage conversation. For wedding centerpieces, include a branch or something representing the Wood Element to symbolize growth of your union.
Pick the Right Venue. If possible, choose a location for your wedding celebration or catered party where you can see beautiful gardens, flowing water, or rolling hills. If your reception is inside, make sure the venue has a high ceiling. Avoid a location with heavy overhead beams, which would symbolically weigh down on the occasion, or sharp edges pointed at guests. Holding your wedding ceremony outside will attract positive chi, especially if the location is near gently moving water.
Round Out Your Table Shape. The best Feng Shui shape for a table is round or oval, which encourages harmony among the guests. This shape will make conversation flow easily and your guests feel more relaxed. It's best to avoid square or rectangular tables because their sharp corners could create conflict. If you must use these shapes, cover them with tablecloths or drape the sharp edges with garlands.
Shine On. Make sure your venue is well lit, and decorate with crystal glasses and candlesticks to reflect even more light. If your location has crystal chandeliers, the reflected light will double the positive chi for the occasion. Brides can add crystals to their dress, shoes, or wedding veil, and the extra sparkle will chase away any negative chi.
Remember Something Old, Something New. Many Western brides follow the tradition of wearing "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." If you follow this tradition, be sure you receive these items from a friend or relative who is happily married so they will transfer their positive energy of their relationship to you.
Clutter Clinic
Shopping Bags
100 Things To Toss
The easiest way to stay on top of clutter is to get rid of all those things that gather dust but don't contribute anything to your life. The Today Show put together a list of 100 things you can toss without feeling any separation anxiety, and I've picked five of my favorites from each room. You can read the entire list at the link below.

* Themed party plates you'll never use again
* Plastic containers with missing lids
* Cookbooks you never open
* Takeout condiment packets and chopsticks
* Duplicate flower delivery vases 
* Old toothbrushes
* Dried-up nail polish bottles
* Extra travel-sized toiletries
* Disposable razors you hate using
* Extra promotional makeup bags 
* Magazines you'll never have time to read
* Broken window blinds
* Yellowed lampshades
* Old cell phones and tablets
* Costume jewelry you don't wear 
Bedroom Closet  
* Uncomfortable shoes
* Black tie outfits you'll never wear again
* Wire hangers
* Ratty wool scarves
* Hats you never wear

Children's Rooms
* Dried-out markers
* Broken crayons
* Outgrown clothes
* Broken toys
* Babyish furniture for older children  
Living Room
* Remotes that belong to old TVs
* Dead plants
* Knickknack you don't notice any more
* Broken, scratched, or stained furniture
* Candle stubs
Home Office
* Outdated or broken technology
* USB cords to things you don't use anymore
* Bent paper clips
* Stretched out rubber bands
* DVDs or CDs you don't play 
Hall Closet
* Broken umbrellas
* Almost-empty rolls of wrapping paper
* Extra blankets you never use
* Just-in-case gifts you never give away
* Old vacuum that doesn't suck 
Garage/Storage Shed
* Sports equipment for sports you don't play
* Old refrigerator that doesn't work anymore
* Paint for a color that's no longer in your house
* Boxes you're saving just in case you move
* Items for garage sales that never happen 

Read more.
Amazon has teamed up with
GiveBackBox.com to make it easy to donate your used items to Goodwill. Fill your empty boxes with items to donate, print a free shipping label from the website, then drop off the box at the post office or UPS store, or schedule a pickup. 
Success Story

Lydia's Empty Nest
Lydia's only child left for college and her daughter's bedroom quickly became a place for Lydia to dump things. She called me for a consultation for her apartment because she was missing her daughter and wanted to find a new use for the room that might help her with the transition to an empty nest. Just a few weeks after our session, I received this e-mail from her:

Here's what Lydia wrote:
First of all, I want to tell you how much I am enjoying my new reading room! I can't believe that it was so simple to move out all the junk I was storing in my daughter's former bedroom and create a peaceful space, as you suggested. Now I miss her less, because I am using the room as a library where I can keep the books that we both have read. And I followed your suggestion to replace the bed with a sleeper sofa. It's a place for me to read and for her to come home to! So much better than using the room as a storage dump. The images that you suggested for the walls make a big difference, because the view of city rooftop air conditioner units from the window is uninspiring. Now I look at walls that are covered with posters of lush green forests and a bubbling stream. I'm so glad I engaged your services and followed through. This is an exciting process. Next step, I am going to tackle the mess that I call my office.  
Ask the Feng Shui Maven

Q: I'm an acupuncturist. When a patient drops out of care, should I remove the chart from the folder where I have active clients' charts? My gut says "yes," but just wanted to check with you on this. What should I do with them?  
A: First, make sure you are aware of all the legal requirements for your profession
to retain patient files. If there is no legal impediment, then yes, it's OK to remove former clients' cha rts f rom the active files. If the patient's treatment has been a success, you certainly want to retain the folder in your main filing cabinet. If possible, that cabinet should be placed in the Knowledge/Wisdom area. You can download a bagua from the Basics section on my website,  www.FengShuiForRealLif e.com. If for any reason your interaction with the patie nt was negative, you might want to get rid of the folder. Another option is to scan files and store them electronically.  

Q: I have been reading your blog with much interest and enjoying my study of Feng Shui! So interesting and confusing at the same time! But you explain everything in your book so well, it truly helps! My question: when you draw out the bagua of your home and place it over the rooms, what do you do if there is empty space where there needs to be an area? Also if you have an attached garage at the back of your house with rooms for storage and a home office. Do you treat that as a separate bagua schematic?
A: I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your Feng Shui studies. Feng Shui philosophy prefers a home that's a complete square or rectangle because all areas of the bagua are equally represented. All attached parts of the home, including that garage, should be included when you draw the floor plan and lay the bagua over it. Most of us don't live in perfectly square or rectangle homes so there is always a missing area. It's necessary to find the spot where the walls would come together if the house were complete and mark it to symbolically return the missing areas - and the missing attributes - to your life. Chapter 6 in the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office gives instructions for doing this.  

Q: I've been looking for bamboo plants and found that they are usually sold in small containers of stones rather than dirt in order to slow their growth. So doesn't that send a message of slowing the growth of wealth? In which case wouldn't it be better to have an artificial bamboo in the wealth area as a symbol?
A: People seem to have different reactions to lucky bamboo plants, some thinking it is the "Feng Shui" wealth plant, and others don't like it at all. Personally, I can never get them to grow bamboo so I avoid it and instead choose plants with glossy round leaves as a wealth symbol. If you look at lucky bamboo and think of it as stunted, then I would recommend you don't choose to display it. Silk plants are an acceptable alternative to natural plants as long as they are kept clean and replaced when they fade. A picture of growing plant is also acceptable. 
Feng Shui Consulting

Home, Office, & Business Consulting

Find out how my Feng Shui consultations can help you rearrange your space, shift energy, and transform your life. I offer both on-site consulting at your space and off-site options:

On-Site Consulting
I will visit your home, office, or business and help rearrange your space, shift energy, and transform your life. During the session I will teach you Feng Shui basics, then we'll go through your space and I'll make suggestions for changing the placement of furniture and objects and dealing with color, moving what we can at the time. All sessions include 30 days of free Feng Shui coaching by phone and email to help you continue to make changes and move forward.

Off-Site Consulting

When an on-site consultation isn't possible, I offer off-site and remote Feng Shui consulting by phone, Skype, and FaceTime for homes, offices, and businesses in the US and internationally. Off-site consulting packages include:
  • Feng Shui Hotline
  • Custom Phone Consultation
  • Room Rescue
  • Floor Plan Analysis
  • Better First Impressions Consultation

Learn more about Off-Site Consulting

People Are Talking About Carol's Feng Shui Consultations:
I followed your suggestions and cleared out everything that didn't remind me of success. Thank you for helping me to enjoy going to work again and for helping me to triple my income. --JP

Yesterday, a person came who worked for me a couple of years ago. When she walked in, she said, "Your house feels so good. It always was lovely, but it feels even better now." How about that? I have only started to make the Feng Shui changes you recommended during the consultation and already everything feels so much better! --SD

Just wanted you to know the open house at my store was a huge success with the help of the changes you suggested at our consultation. Thanks again for all of your help. --JW

Red Chairs Square
Feng Shui Workshops

Custom Feng Shui Training

Bring one of my Feng Shui workshops, lectures, or seminars to your city. I will create a custom presentation for your group to help you make simple changes to attract wealth, harmony, love, and much more. From keynote speeches, to "munch and learn" workshops, to half-day or full-day seminars, my interactive sessions are full of practical advice, tips, and fun. Feng Shui workshops make great fundraisers and marketing events because they always sell out.   

People Are Talking About Carol's Workshops:  
My three sisters and I attended your workshop, and I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed it. It was packed full with such great information and the fact that you helped each individual at the workshop was incredible! The three hours went by so fast that everyone in the workshop thought you were just taking a break and we were all shocked to realize the workshop was over. We all purchased your book and got several copies for family members that could not attend because we love it. --GW

Thank you for the terrific workshop. I learned so much about Feng Shui, and I especially loved that you shared success stories from your clients. Your workshop attracted such a great group of people. --MT     
Wow, what a great teleseminar this afternoon!  You came across as poised, extremely knowledgeable, down to earth, warm, and your sense of humor sparkled throughout, too! And thoughtful answers to some really interesting questions. Encore, encore!!!! --LG 

Quick Guide Cover
Feng Shui Media

Books, Videos, Classes, Podcasts

Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office: Secrets For Attracting Wealth, Harmony, and Love

Winner, "Best How-To Book"
This award-winning book contains my best Feng Shui advice in one place, including Feng Shui basics, success stories, a monthly guide to clutter clearing, and a tip-a-day calendar of 366 Feng Shui secrets. Available in print and electronic editions.
Order your signed copies.  

People Are Talking About Carol's Book: 
Thank you for writing such a brilliant book. I have just finished reading it and thoroughly enjoyed every page. I am very much looking forward to trying out your tips. Although I am also a Feng Shui practitioner, I love that there is always more to learn and tips that I haven't seen or learned before. I will definitely recommend your book to my clients! --PG
It's the first time in years that I carry a book with me just in case I can read another page or two at a stoplight or wherever! Best I read it at home, however, as I read a bit and then start scouting for places in our little loft that I can declutter! If it weren't for you, I would have more coasters on my coffee table than I actually need, to name just one of dozens of changes in our place! --SE 

I loved your book. Thank you for making it a practical approach. My husband and are clearing clutter and it feels great! --SK

Your book is my bible! I finished your amazing book and constantly refer to it. Currently I am listening to your video class, which I find extremely informative. --TN  

Video Class

"Grow Your Business with Feng Shui" Video Class

My 90-minute, self-paced course includes tips for activating the Career/Work bagua area, along with simple changes you can make in your home that will advance your career or business. It includes tips and advice for everything you need to succeed, from choosing a desk, to lighting, plants, and art. You'll learn six amazing tips that will help you create a space that supports you and your business. Watch as I use Feng Shui principles to conduct a hands-on transformation of a client's workplace and create a dynamic home office that gives more clarity, less clutter and distractions, and ultimately, more success.
Watch the class preview.

le Are Talking About Carol's Videos & Podcasts: 
Carol, you're a rock star! I loved listening to the podcast of your interview with "Law of Attraction Talk Radio with Jewels," so I took your class. You continue to be an inspiration to me and have forever changed the way I arrange each home I've lived in since I first heard you speak in 2012. Keep up the good work! --GO

I took your class and watched several of your videos. Excellent! You have an absolute warm and welcoming approach. No wonder you are so successful. --CW

This video class is nothing short of a delicious treat for your career. I loved it! Great practical pieces of advice. Well-taught in a fun, inspiring way. --RW 
Beyond Feng Shui

Staying Cyber Safe 
Cyber hacking is in the headlines all too often. While the sad truth is that we can't totally protect our online presence, there are steps we can take to help minimize the risk. The website StaySafeOnline.org from the National Cyber Security Alliance offers resources to help keep safe. Their "STOP. THINK. CONNECT" program is a global online safety education and awareness campaign to help all digital citizens stay safer and more secure online. The research-based message was created in 2009 by a coalition of private companies, nonprofits, and government with leadership provided by the National Cyber Security Alliance, the Anti-Phishing Working Group, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Here are five things we can all do to help stay safer online:
  1. Keep a clean machine. Having the latest security software, web browser, and operating system are the best defenses against viruses, malware, and other online threats.
  2. Own your online presence. When applicable, set the privacy and security settings on websites to your comfort level for information sharing. It's OK to limit how you share information.
  3. Make passwords long and strong. Combine capital and lowercase letters with numbers and symbols to create a more secure password. 
  4. Create a unique account, unique password. Separate passwords for every account helps to thwart cybercriminals.
  5. When in doubt, throw it out. Links in email, tweets, posts, and online advertising are often the way cybercriminals compromise your computer. If it looks suspicious, even if you know the source, it's best to delete or if appropriate, mark as junk email.
The campaign reminds us to "post only about others as you would have them post about you." This message is especially important to pass along to your children who use social media.

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