Reconstruction of George Washington's Boyhood House Coming Soon

A timber-frame reconstruction of George Washington's boyhood house will be erected by June of this year.

Blue Ridge Timberwrights, working with John Mesick of Mesick Cohen Wilson Baker Architects, will create the building and erect it on the original site discovered in 2008 through archaeological excavation.

Barrel Tasting
Potomac Point Vineryard & Winery
March 5, 1-3 pm

Be one of the first to sample Potomac Point's young wines directly from the barrel while enjoying light palate cleansers.  Winemaker David Pagan CastaƱo will lead the tasting and provide insider wine making information.

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Dinosaurs at Belmont!
Gari Melchers Home & Studio

March 13, 2 pm

Robert E. Weems, Calvert Marine Museum Research Associate, will give a presentation and lead a walking tour of dinosaur footprints found in Belmont's stonework.
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Leprechaun Leap One-Mile Youth Trail Run
Brooks Memorial Park
March 12, 9am

Come kick up your heel and test your luck in this run. Register early!

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'My Fair Lady'
March 19 - May 8
Riverside Dinner Theater

This musical tells the familiar story of Eliza Doolittle, a Covent Garden flower peddler who agrees to take speech lessons from self-absorbed phonetician Henry Higgins.

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Trail to Freedom now has a new and improved website featuring an events calendar, photo gallery and video library.

The visually striking Grapes and Grains Trail website offers visitors a chance to purchase Trail tickets online, access to special event information, news, and trail stop descriptions.
Recent Stafford History Videos Released
White Oak Museum
Housed in the former White Oak Elementary School, the White Oak Civil War Museum was a community project. Here you can find pretty much anything that was metal and issued to a soldier. With a mission to help people, its "like old friends."  Watch

Belmont:  The Love Story
He was one of the most successful painters of his time, sought out by the rich and famous. She was a beautiful, young art student, and his biggest fan. They fell in love on an ocean liner and spent their lives sharing art.  Watch

Ellen Mitchell:  A Quest for Freedom
The Fredericksburg Region's African-American Heritage Trail includes the story of slave Ellen Mitchell of Chatham Manor who buys her freedom as well as the freedom of her five children.  Watch

White Oak Museum Visitors
Housed in a former school house, the learning never stops at the White Oak Civil War Museum. "You never know what's going to come through that door" says Founder DP Newton.  Watch

Belmont:  An Artist's Life
Visit the home of artist Gari Melchers in Falmouth, Virginia. Enjoy delving into the perfectly preserved home and studio where Melchers spent his final years. A virtual time capsule, it's a wonderful way for guests to explore the material culture and methodology of a world-renowned artist. Watch

Belmont:  History in the Landscape
Explore the layers of history at Gari Melchers Home & Studio at Belmont.  Watch