Festival of Nations News Summer 2010
salmon logo 30 percentFestival of Nations
Cascade Locks Oregon
September 25 - 26, 2010
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Festival of Nations
The People of the River
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Festival of Nations is a cultural celebration and salmon conservation awareness event centered on Native American traditions welcoming to all. Held September 25-26, 2010 in the Cascade Locks Marine Park, we offer free entertainment and crafts; a 10k Salmon Run; interactive exhibits and more to celebrate the communities and scenic beauty of the Columbia River Gorge.

Festival of Nations at Cascade Locks, OR
Fifth Annual Event September 24-26, 2010

cascade locks
Cascade Locks, Oregon

The Columbia River Gorge is a world-class destination, as evidenced by the area tying sixth internationally and taking second nationally, in a recent survey rating by National Geographic Sustainable Destinations. This distinction acknowledges not only to the beauty of the National Scenic Area, but the authenticity and stewardship of the Gorge as a destination.

The Festival of Nations was created in this spirit by The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and the community of Cascade Locks. Seeking to recreate the traditions of the area as a trading hub and salmon fishing haven known as the "cascades" of the river, the founders envisioned a festival honoring tribal arts, traditions and folk life practices, while welcoming inclusively all who appreciate the unique spiritual and cultural nature of this heritage.

Festival of Nations is located in Cascade Locks, "The Heart of the Columbia River Gorge", only 45 minutes from the Portland International Airport. From the art of catching, cooking and preserving salmon to basket weaving and celebratory dance, the visitor to Festival of Nations will come away with a greater understandingof tribal heritage and the deep history of its arts and culture. Many of the exhibits are interactive, and the visitor can be taken back to the days before the locks tamed the river. Through this immersion experience, those days come alive for tribal descendants and all participants, and what was, is very present again.

Festival of Nations is an opportunity for tribal people and
non-tribal people to experience the celebratory culture of salmon harvest in the ancient trading place for a "Gathering at the River". Bringing the tribes together again, here where it happened, and sharing this cultural art with the community and visitors, is a powerful and creative experience.

The People of the River

Margie Tuckta Web
Margie Tuckta, Festival of Nations Chair
and Member of The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

Native Americans have lived on the what is now called the Columbia River for generations and generations, thriving, fishing, and dying on the river. The Festival of Nations continues the proud heritage of the river people to gather, share culture, and to continue to exchange ideas and trade. The Festival recognizes the centrality of the river not only as a source of food security and transportation, but as a symbol and focal point for the continuing recognition of the earth's bounty and our need to cherish her.
Relatively recently the tribes have moved to reservations, but they have always maintained and retained a presence on the river legally, culturally and spiritually. "We have never left", said Louie Pitt, Director of Government Affairs and Planning for The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. Having this festival on ceded territory recognizes this fact and the tribes' central role in preserving this resource. If we gather to celebrate and learn about the river, we can work together to ensure that it will continue to provide into the future for the tribes and our neighbors and friends.

Ewa-chi-na. (Wasco: That is how it has been, is now, and will be tomorrow).


Regional Participation Increases for Fifth Annual Festival of Nations

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
Cascade Locks and Oregon Crafted Collaborate with Other Organizations
Many new partnerships have been formed this year in the Columbia River Gorge area, including representatives of the Four 1855 Treaty Tribes in the area - Warm Springs, the Umatilla, Yakama and Nez Perce; regional businesses, sponsors, cultural organizations, and residents.
Oregon Crafted became a fiscal sponsor and administrative partner of The Festival of Nations in 2008.The Festival closely fits with the Oregon Crafted mission to "promote stability and prosperity among Oregon's arts, handcrafters and related businesses by providing educational opportunities and relevant resources".

This year, in recognition of the proximity of International Peace Day, we have invited the Northwest Regional Roots & Shoots groups to participate in our event as part of their peace day activities. The groups were particularly interested in volunteering for the associated SOLV clean-up at Herman Creek. We have also added a golfing event at Beacon Rock on Friday September 24th and a Pow Wow Saturday September 25th to help draw in folks to the festival. Let us know if you need more information on any of these activities.
Additional support from The Columbia River Gorge Commission and the Columbia River Gorge Interpretive Center Museum and others has expanded the horizons of the Festival and the potential for year-around programs. We look forward to participating in the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of The Scenic Area in 2011, and similar events which ensure continued growth and outreach in the years ahead.
We welcome the participation of all interested individuals and organizations and encourage you to contact us for complete information.
Margie Tuckta Rebecca Gandy
Chair and Tribal Contact Coordinator, Festival of Nations
541-553-4883 503-753-4267