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Beads, Doubloons & Floats

Join us for the 20th anniversary of St. Andrews Mardi Gras, the official Mardi Gras parade and festival of Panama City. On February 17-18, this two-day celebration of food, fun, and live music will host more than 14 krewes and 30 brightly colored floats. Festive music livens up the parade route, while tens of thousands of beads and doubloons are tossed to a crowd of over 50,000 people! It's the perfect excuse to visit Panama City. Book your stay early for best rates and availability. Click here to see the partner hotels offering St. Andrews Mardi Gras special rates. Arrive a night early and catch The Mersey Beatles, an all-Liverpool-born Beatles tribute band, on February 16 at the Martin Theatre.

"Stomp," the international percussion sensation, will be performing live at the Marina Civic Center on February 26. A show for all ages, "Stomp" is the perfect way to spend the evening after a day of shell hunting, shopping or fishing. Purchase tickets and discover more events in Panama City.



Shop, Sip, Snack, Repeat


Little Village is a waterfront shopping and entertainment venue located in historic St. Andrews. Known as a place where you can trade in the sun and sand for shade and serenity, Little Village's inventory is constantly changing. Discover handmade, eco-friendly, fair trade, recycled, and re-purposed items from around the globe with a special selection of local artists' work.

And the best part is that while you shop, you can sip on a cocktail or two or snack on Finns Island Style Grub cuisine and listen to live music. Little Village is truly a Uniquely PC experience, but it's not the only place where you can sip and shop in Panama City.

The Mariner's Daughter in St. Andrews carries coastal gifts and d├ęcor, including a variety of jewelry, vintage furniture, and mermaid items. Try a mimosa or craft beer from their wine bar while you shop. It's a great way to relax and explore.

Bayou Joe's Marina & Grill is one of Panama City's best-kept secrets. Overlooking beautiful Massalina Bayou, Joe's has the best of both worlds: delicious food and stunning, 180-degree views of the water combined with shopping. Browse Bayou Joe's amazing condiments for sale, like their popular Fuzzy Navel Jelly or Mean Jean Hot Sauce. Even the Panama City and St. Andrews Marinas offer opportunities to sip, snack and shop. Learn more about shopping in Panama City. Download a free visitors guide.



Artist Ed LaBarre's
Leather Works

PC Made

Panama City's sparkling blue waters and breathtaking sunsets are the perfect inspiration for creativity. As a result, talented artists of all stripes and colors call Panama City home. Every month we feature the handmade objects and inspiration of this creative core. This month, meet leather carving artist Ed "BearMan" LaBarre.

Meet PC Artist Ed LaBarre

How long have you been doing this and how did you get started?
I've been working with leather for about 40 years. My father was in the Army and one of the places we lived, my father would go to a wood workshop and my mom would go to ceramics. I wasn't interested, and there happened to be a leather workshop next door that I would go to. This is where I became really inspired by the craft of leather art.

How did you learn the craft?
I learned the basics from an instructor at the leather workshop, but after we moved I basically had to learn everything myself. I started working at a saddle shop, and I was able to learn a lot from one of the workers there who did the tooling for the saddlery. He was a great artist.

How has your work and technique evolved over time?
I started out following some of the different pattern designs, but I wasn't really happy with it because a lot of patterns were based on nature, but they didn't actually look like real nature. I started creating my own work to create more realistic-looking art. When I want a new pattern, I just go walking in the woods to get inspiration.

What are your current focuses or themes?
My current focus is to help people learn more about the natural way of tooling leather, so I've been teaching a lot of classes. I share all of my "secrets" because I want people to be able to learn from what I know. I travel the United States to teach, and have even been invited to teach in Australia, France, and Greece. I also recently wrote a book for leather workers with patterns and instructions on how to create the more realistic-type carvings.

How does living here in Panama City influence your work?
I relocated to Panama City in 2004. The leaves in the nature here are a little different than what you find in other areas and that has influenced my patterns, which I believe led to my recent nomination for the Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leathercraft. It's the highest honor in the world for leather workers.

One more question...why are you called BearMan?
I was first called "Little Bear" by the football coach when my father worked at Texas A&M way back in 1957; I must have been about 3 at the time. The name "Bear" kind of stuck and then in 1979, while managing the "bear section" at Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach, Florida, it became "BearMan." So even to this day, a lot of people call me BearMan.

Ed's leather works may be purchased at The Little Mustard Seed in downtown Panama City. To inquire about custom leather work, email Ed at or visit his Facebook page




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