for Pennsylvanians 
February 2016
Out & About in February: Events
2016 Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention 
When: February 2 - 4, 2016 (AgrAbility PA will be there Feb. 2)
Where: Hershey Lodge and Convention Center | Hershey, Pa.
More information about the convention on their  website. 

25th Annual 
Farming for the Future Conference
When:  February 3 - 6, 2016
Where: Penn Stater Conference Center | State College, Pa.

Come learn about AgrAbility for Pennsylvanians (AgrAbility PA) at the 25 th  Annual Farming for the Future Conference  hosted by the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA). 

The event theme is  farming in  a changing climate  and covers topics such as improving business skills, energy efficiency, u rban and  campus farms, organics and more. Over 2,000 farmers, students and consumers p articipate in this  agricultural event.

AgrAbility PA will be located in the trade show area with an exhibit prov iding information about their  services and examples of assistive technology. Stop by to see a demonstratio n of Mr. Lifty, try out Robo  Handles, and pick up information about dealing with arthritis in agric ulture.  More information about the conference on their website .

Clearfield County Crops Day 
When: February 10, 2016 | 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 
Where: Clearfield County Fairgrounds, Pa. 
More information on their website.  
Assistive Technology Spotlight
Dealing with winter weather can be difficult for anyone. Add a disability and it gets even harder.

But there is assistive technology that can make your tasks simpler this winter. It is not too late to start making these changes. They are fairly simple and most can be found at your local farm store. Consider these three options to help beat the cold!
 Heated Water Buckets:   By using heated water buckets for your livestock you can eliminate the repetitive motions of chipping away at ice and fi ghting frozen buckets. It keeps your animals happier too! This is ideal for individuals who are extra sensitive to cold or struggle with  upper extremity impairments.       
 Heated Hose:   Heated hose can be an alternative to carrying heavy water buckets when hoses and water lines freeze up. This would help individuals who struggle with mobility, fatigue, muscle weakness, shoulder injuries, and more.   

 Thermo Cube Outlet:  This device is an outlet adapter and is desig ned to tu rn on when temperatures drop below 35 degrees. It can  be used to turn on heated water buckets, green house equipment, heat lamps, etc. This can hel p sav e energy and eliminate the need for individuals with mobility impairments or cold sensitivities to venture out into the freezing temperatures.
AgrAbility PA Adds Team Member
AgrAbility  PA is pleased to welcome  Colleen Pease! 

 has come on board to help accomplish the Share the Science project efforts for AgrAbility PA. She will be identifying data that may be included in documents to share with legislators (federal and state), public news outlets, stakeholders, administrators, commodity groups, and AgrAbility PA clients. 

Colleen received a 
bachelor's degree in agricultural science, with a focus in agricultural communications and international agriculture, from the Pennsylvania State University. She interned in Penn State's Marketing and Communications Department in the College of Agricultural Sciences as a writer and with Penn State's Continuing Education Office as a volunteer teacher's aide for the Kids in College summer program. Colleen is excited to join AgrAbility PA and use her communication skills to help promote the project. She is also working on a master's degree in Agricultural Communications at Penn State.

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