COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - All eight suspects are in custody after a brutal attack in Five Points early Monday morning which left the teenage victim in critical condition, according to Columbia police.


CHICAGO, IL (WLS) -- The recent series of mob-style attacks on Chicago's Near North Side mark the first major hurdles facing Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago's new police superintendent Garry McCarthy. The latest attack happened Tuesday night. A witness tells WGN 15-20 teens beat and robbed two people at Chicago and Wabash


AKRON, OH -- Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted ''This is our world'' and ''This is a black world'' as they confronted Marshall and his family.


-- Three people were beaten by mobs in Northern Virginia in two separate incidents that occurred within five minutes of each other on Saturday night, authorities said.


These events have consumed the discussion at most self-defense focused websites in the last few weeks.  Accompanying the discussion is the usual hand wringing regarding what to do if one is beset by a gang of thugs bent on your destruction. Well, I have my views on this which will no doubt shock the senses of the Doodley Doo Rights of the gun world.



By Don Robison, Staff Instructor Suarez International


How people perceive what is happening (perception) versus what is actually happening (reality) are often in conflict with each other.  Quite often they are the exact opposite of each other.


We've all seen or heard things that we thought were one thing, but in reality turned out to be totally different.  When I was in the military, flying on a very dark nights we would often see lights on the ground that you would swear in court were other aircraft, but as you got closer you would realize that is was a porch light or tower marker light. When my girls were little I would sometimes be called in the middle of the night because someone was outside their bedroom window. However, upon investigation it would be a tree limb brushing the side of the house.  Changed-priorities


I often hear people say "I'm a good guy, I won't go to jail" or something similar. To that I respond; you may be the good guy, but if no one else at that point in time knows you're the good guy it won't matter. You could be Mother Theresa's sister, but the witnesses might be saying you were the aggressor because of the way they perceived what took place.


Which statement gives the perception of you being the good guy to bystanders who may not be able to see what is going on, but are within ear shot of what is taking place;



A. "I'll kill you if you don't get away from me!" or 


B. "Stop, get away, leave me alone".   I suggest that B. would paint you as the victim more easily than A.


There are studies that suggest at least 55% of communication is non-verbal. If your witnesses can't see, you need to be able to paint a picture for them that you would like to be relayed in your defense.  You may be justified using deadly force regardless of the words spoken prior to the incident. But if your witnesses paint the same picture as you, it could be the difference between you going home from the scene, or having to figure out how to post bail.  



Making the Long Shot, Part 1


By Jack Rumbaugh, Suarez International Tier One Instructor


I had the pleasure of teaching our Point Shooting Gunfighting Skills class over the weekend and we talked about extreme marksmanship being on one end of the shooting continuum and point shooting occupying the other end. That discussion prompted this first in a series of articles on what it takes to make that long shot.


Most people would agree that pistols are considered close range, reactive weapons. "It's a defensive tool", they say. True, but with the proper application of marksmanship fundamentals, a skilled pistolero can turn a lowly Glock 19 into a weapon that can reach out and hit a man-sized target at 100 yards or more. I can hear the sacred cow worshipers now... "No way! It's heresy! Dogs and cats living together... Mass hysteria!!!!"  My answer to that is if my students can do it after one Defensive Pistol Skills class, maybe you can too. It's all about the fundamentals.



The Necessity of Getting Your Hands Dirty

Jon Payne, Suarez International Staff Instructor


Just imagine not being able to access your gun.That's right you're in the fight for your life and you can't get to your firearm.The only things you have to keep your life are your hands, feet, knees, and elbows.Can you fight to get to your gun?

Today's Gun Culture revolves around the gun of course, but here's something gun people don't often want to talk about.Your gun won't solve all your problems!Ever know someone who could shoot the wings off a gnat, but couldn't see their own shoes when they wore them?







3 grip


By S.I. TN Staff Instructor

Ryan Acuf


The necessity to be able to fight in and around vehicles is a binding thread that's shared by military, police and civilian operators alike.  The automobile in America has become the very symbol of our freedom and the mobile nature of our society. 


We all either drive or are passengers in vehicles for hundreds if not thousands of hours every year, but rarely do we ever train to fight in and around the confines of what is such a peculiar environment. 


Part of that environment that is so peculiar is the physical posture we find ourselves in that is so different from how we normally train.  I'm referring to the seated position.  How many times have you had the opportunity to drive your car to the firing line and practice shooting from the draw, while seated and buckled in?  There are a few problems we need to work through to practice this smoothly, but there's no problem that can't be solved.




Gabe Suarez
Suarez International USA
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