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September 17, 2012
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We're 50 days out from Election Day, and the mud is already flying.  If you live in my senate district, you've no doubt received a mailer from the opposition listing my cell phone number along with an assertion that questions my support for veterans and my patriotism.


In 2006, a bill was filed that allowed picketing and protesting to take place at funerals if you stand at least 150 feet (50 yards) from the funeral to do it.  If you stepped within the 150 foot imaginary line, you were subject to a mere $100 fine.


I was outraged by this, and I proposed an amendment to the author seeking to require mandatory jail time and prohibiting picketing whatsoever.  This amendment failed, and I voted against the bill.  Now that vote is being twisted to question my support for our fallen military heroes.


In 2011, a better bill was proposed to fix this law requiring any protests to take place further away from funerals than a mere 50 yards, and I voted FOR that bill.  


Here is the vote on that bill


Now you know the real truth.  


It's a shame that the opposition would question my support for our veterans a mere two months after I buried my own dad at a funeral that included full military honors due to the service he rendered this grateful nation in Vietnam.



Mom receiving flag  


Don't fall for the mud slinging and half truths.  We've come a long way together, and let's send a message that this sort of campaigning won't be tolerated in southwest Arkansas.


As always, thank you for your support.


Sen. Steve Harrelson
District 11- Southwest Arkansas
Office: (870) 772-0300
Cell: (903) 314-1361
Capitol: (501) 682-5444