Christmas Transformation is Complete… 

Thank you to everyone who attended the annual Christmas Open House; we hope you all enjoyed the Christmas displays and holiday spirit.

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Let the holiday season begin
with some inspiration….

The best way to enjoy the holiday season is to get started early.
The preparations encompass many wonderful
sights and scents as we prepare for the arrival of guests.
This email is full of suggestions and ideas as we move into the colder months. From feeling toasty warm, decorating inspiration, options for seasonal scents, and preparing for guests.

Stop in any time to get into the holiday mood
and peruse this newsletter for inspiration
Scents of the Season
There is no denying the strong connection between scent and mood. Featured are quality, fragranced products for yourself and your home.
Somehow, cleaning a house that is enveloped in a wonderful fragrance (with music playing) doesn't seem like as much work...

NEW -Lavender Pine

Lavender and pine has kept homes pristine not for mere centuries but
actual millenia. Lavender Pine blooms with an essential oil aroma that is as pure as it is safe. Made with a remarkably effective yet non-irritating formula.
*stain remover (best seller)
*room spray
*countertop spray

NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS — Lavender, Pine, Cedarwood 
Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Aromatherapy has become more mainstream and popular over the last few years as people search for more natural remedies to ailments and staying healthy. Adding essential oils to your daily life can help fight colds and flu symptoms, relax your body, soothe sore muscles and heal skin conditions.
Finesse Home Essential Oils

Having an environmental science background, I have always been very wary of anything being injested or inhaled, and it is a standard that I not only have for my family but my customers too. I did a lot of research and investigated at least 20 different companies supplying essential oils (since January), before I found a supplier
I am comfortable with.

Finesse Home has been a trusted supplier of essential oils for over 20 years (they have not just jumped on the popularity bandwagon). The company has built a reputation for supplying the highest quality, first distilled, 100% pure essential oils free of artificial carriers and diluents. What sets their essential oils apart, is that Finesse Home buys from the actual European distilleries - each oil is from the country from which that plant is native to (country of origin and its botanical name is on each essential oil bottle) for the highest quality. Most other companies have oils that come from plants that have been grown elsewhere and a lot of times they could not always confirm the origin.

You will find a selection of single essential oils as well as blends that have been developed for specific remedies. As well, we also stock Finesse Home's high quality carrier oils that you add a few drops of essential oil to (for massages and skin applications) and are used by massage therapists and Spa's across Canada.

Ultrasonic Diffusers

By far the best method to diffuse aromatherapy essential oils. This cold-air diffusion technology creates small vibrations which creates a cool vapour thus preserving the integrity of the oils (as compared to heating it). The systems release scents in a micro-mist to ensure precise diffusion that is both noticeable and efficient in any sized location. It is ideal for use in the bedroom, family room, or office.

Seasonal Scent recommendations for winter include Sweet Orange, Cinnamon Leaf, Wintergreen, and Fir Needle. Stop by in store to smell a weekly tester scent.

Developed and manufactured in Canada.
Lampe Berger
If you are not already familiar with Lampe Berger, it is a catalytic diffusion system that  purifies the air in your home while diffusing fragrances and eliminating household odours. Perfect to use for an hour before guests are arriving!

This time of year, customers tend to switch to musky (brown labels) and sweet (orange labels) scent categories of Lampe Berger fuels. These categories have become more popular and there are lots of new introductions in these categories in the last year - we carry them ALL.

Made in France

Lampe Berger Gift Sets
This limited edition, boxed set is perfect way to prepare for the holiday season. It come with the most popular fragrance at this time of year - Orange Cinnamon (180mL)
Jude's Miracle Cloth
Still one of our BEST SELLERS - What better easier way to keep the stainless steel, counters, and mirrors free of fingerprints and lint. Not to mention how environmentally friendly it is too...

  • 1 Jude's Miracle Cloth = 22 rolls of paper towels
  • Environmentally friendly - kiss your glass cleaner, chemicals and paper towels goodbye 
  • Child & pet friendly
  • No lint, streaks, or other residue
  • Reduces bacteria by 99% (as compared to 33% with conventional cleaning cloths)

  • Pair it with another wonderful cleaning product such as Caldrea, Scrubbies ($2.99), etc. 
  • **Now available in a 2 pack
Trapp Candles
Trapp candles are all about the fragrance, and they guarantee your room will be filled with fragrance or they will refund your purchase.

New Holiday scents:
  • White Fir: fills your room with refreshing, cool sensation of a winter forest. Perfect for those with an artificial Christmas tree, customers have commented that their guests thought their tree was real because of the fragrance in the room
Notes: Frasier Fir, Balsam Wood, Cool Ozonic Notes
  • Golden Cypress: intoxicating aroma of fresh cypress sprigs and golden citron fruit. Notes: Citron Zest, Green Cypress, Siberian Fir
Cold Comforts
It's time to bundle up - with the cold weather fast approaching, these suggestions will help you fight the elements, and keep you warm.
Bad Hair Day Beanies
When you are not feeling yourself or your hair is not cooperating, a hat is the perfect way to fix that. This cute beanie will explain it.  Available in black or grey.
Suede Baseball Caps
Hop on the fashion trend of the year with these suede baseball caps. It comes in black, brown, or grey to suit any outfit and are perfect when you are having a not so great hair day. Available in brown or black.
Ever Bamboo Boot Deodorizer
Produced from the rapidly growing moso bamboo, bamboo charcoal's porous structure gives it the ability to dehumidify and deodorize. Perfect to keep your your wet snowy boots or hockey skates smelling fresh and odour-free.
Seamless Fleece- Lined Leggings
Footless fleece lined leggings are great for layering and cold weather. Sophia, Edna, and I had been wearing them for about two years - when it finally donned on me that we should carry them. They haven't pilled, they do not need constant pulling up and you can't beat the price at $14.99
Available in burgundy, grey, black and brown.
Hello Mello
Your companion for comfort, the Hello Mello loungewear pants come with a matching tote bag to toss in your or suitcase.  A relaxed fit that is comfortable for lounging or sleeping, you will want to have these amazingly soft festive pants for travel, weekend getaways, and spontaneous overnights.

Elastic waist band with an adjustable drawstring; available in these holiday patterns: Ho Ho Cocoa and Tree Glee

Introducing the first all-natural range of wipes for any type of footwear -fabric, leather, rubber, even delicate suede. Yes, suede!
Whether for boots, dress shoes, sandals or running shoes, these are the perfect all-natural wipe to keep footwear clean, refreshed and looking fantastic.

Canadian Invention
When Guests Arrive...
Hester & Cook
Paper Placemats
Great for that finishing touch when setting your holiday table. Crafted Decor carries various designs to choose from including; Red Ribbon Stripe, Gold Laurel Wreath, Gray & Gold Marbled and Perfect Setting (illustrated).


Blue Q Lavatory Mist
Keep your guests feeling comfortable while using your bathroom with Blue Q's Lavatory Mists. With only a few sprays, all unpleasant smells are erased. Choose from different scents including;

Fifty Shades of Brown
Jack the Ripper
Shitting Glitter Magical Unicorn


Fitz and Floyd-
Renaissance Holiday Santa
Fitz and Floyd are back in Canada

Just in time for Christmas, this Santa figurine is inspired by historical fabric fashions and interiors. His rich colours and clothing sparks the feeling of Christmas and holiday nostalgia.
Before you go, spritz Poo~Pourri 2-3 times into the toilet bowl and the pure blend of natural essential oils will create a film on the surface of the water. This protective barrier traps odour under the surface and all you’ll smell is a refreshing bouquet of natural essential oils.

NEW: Royal Flush (Eucalyptus and Spearmint) & Lavender Vanilla.
Keep people guessing with the Glitzy Spritz Refillable Sprayer. It's the discreet and stylish way to take PooPourri with you wherever you go.

Available in Rose Gold and Silver.
Michel Design Works
Michel Design Works brings a beautiful variety of holiday inspired home goods including aprons, tea towels, soap pumps and napkins. A Crafted Decor favourite, be sure to check out Michel's "Christmas Joy" collection.

Christmas Decorating

The best advice is to get your decorating
done EARLY. Although some of you might think November is too early
to decorate, the quality of artificial greens available means having the decorating done when you have more time and can enjoy doing it. Many customers have commented that spreading it out a couple of days or a week (with a glass of wine and holiday music) long before the busyness of December parties and entertaining
is the best way to prepare.

This year we have continued
with the same popular colour combinations...
Timeless Trimmings
  Sparkle and glitter in shades of gold, copper, and cream make this tree timeless  
gold Christmas tree
Starry Night

Beautiful ornaments in shades of silver and white create the magic and wonder
of a starry night
decorated Christmas tree
Celebrate the Season
  Santas and snowmen, and other interesting things red, green and gold create this elegant traditional Christmas tree 
Quality Greens

Many times a season I am asked by customers why their finished tree or garland doesn't look as nice as what they see at Crafted Decor even though they have collected beautiful ornaments and trim over the years. The main mistake people make is in the quality of the greenery base. 
Whether you are buying a new tree, or garland don't compromise on quality when it comes to your greenery base. If you purchase quality it will look amazing for years AND make everything you put on it more beautiful as well. While it may be a bigger investment than fresh in the first years, quality artificial greens will not only last, they will save you time when you need it most. Having the time to decorate on your own schedule rather than having to do everything close to the holidays allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labour and have the house festively adorned whenever guests are over. 
How to Evenly Light Garland

Thought you might like a recap of the garland lighting DYI I did last year...
Phyllis and I have had the pleasure of designing many wreaths, centerpieces and garlands over the years. Many years ago I figured out HOW to light garland so that the lights where evenly spaced apart. When lights are on a garland, uneven spacing is very visible, and there is nothing more frustrating than having to undo all the lights and start again. These how-to videos explain the procedure we use to get it right the first time and every time...
Lighting Garland Part 1
Lighting Garland Part 2

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