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 Fillers For Powders, Liquids, Bottles, Bags, Cans, and more...

Auger filler, manufactured by Noah, model number CF-5B, Serial number NY20130228G. Unit is semi-automatic. Stainless steel hopper measures 19" diameter X 18" deep. Includes 1.5" diameter stainless steel auger with 2" discharge. Complete with control box. Unit driven by 110 V, 1/60 Hz motor. Mounted on stainless steel platform. Previously used in pharmaceutical application.

Additional Fillers In Stock: 

Auger Fillers:

A740733 Filler, Auger, AMS, Mdl A-100, S/st, Foot Pedal,
S735008 Filler, Auger, All-Fill, 2-Head, 3-1/2, S/st, Powder
S738318 Filler, Auger, Custom Design, S/st, 2, Powder
S738317 Filler, Auger, Custom Design, S/st, 2, Powder, (2)
C740864 Filler, Auger, Mateer, Pneumatic Scale, 1-Head, Coffee,
C740815 Filler, Auger, Mateer, Pneumatic Scale, 1-Head, Coffee,
C740411 Filler, Auger, Mateer-Burt, S/st, Mdl 909
C738275 Filler, Auger, Mateer-Burt, S/st, Mdl 31-A,
C738274 Filler, Auger, Mateer-Burt, S/st, Mdl 31-A, Scale,
S736707 Filler, Auger, Mateer-Burt, Single Head, Mdl 31A, Powder, (2)
S740000 Filler, Auger, Noah, Mdl CF-5B, Controls
S739713 Filler, Auger, P-1, Mdl DP-1, S/st, Single Head

Bag Fillers:

S736634 Filler, Bag, 15 Station, S/st
S738665 Filler, Bag, 8 Head, S/st, Eriez, Mdl N4X, 115V
C330146 Filler, Bag, Auger, Stoker, Single, C/st, With Scale,
C739325 Filler, Bag, Bemis, Pneumatic, Metal Detector
C330125 Filler, Bag, Esp, Open Mouth, Mdl GBAO-31, 115#, C/st
S730466 Filler, Bag, Line, Open Mouth, Express Scale
S730464 Filler, Bag, Line, Open Mouth, Howe Richards
S732475 Filler, Bag, Modular, Mdl MPB/8000, Frac HP,
C732731 Filler, Bag, Powder, Durant Mdl 200, S/st, Pneumatic
S736633 Filler, Bag, Rotary, 4 Station, S/st, Vibratory Feeder
S740427 Filler, Bag, S/st, Sugiyasu Corp., Open Mouth, Elec Weigh
S330206 Filler, Bag, St. Regis, Pneumatic, Single Spout,
S739812 Filler, Bag, Stoker, Mdl 15VR, C/st, Single, Auger, (2)
S741308 Filler, Bag, Weigh, S/st, Weight-Right,
S741175 Filler, Bag, Weigh, Stoker, Open Mouth, Air Packer

Bottle Fillers:

C737813 Filler, Bottle, 28 Valve, Rotary, Cemac, S/st, 3/4 Nozzles
S739445 Filler, Bottle, 14-head, S/st, Vacuum, Rotary, Horix
C736039 Filler, Bottle, 12-valve, Rotary, Fogg, S/st, 3/4 HP,
C740214 Filler, Bottle, 8-head, Rotary, S/st, Shibuya Kogyo,
C331976 Filler, Bottle, 8 Valve, Simplex, Inline, S/st, Automatic,
C736038 Filler, Bottle, 6 Valve, Federal, S/st, 1/2 HP
C739591 Filler, Bottle, 6 Head, Inline, C/st,
S741298 Filler, Bottle, 4 Head, S/st, Siphon, 0.5-1 Gallon,
S332387 Filler, Bottle, Nu-way, 5 Station, S/st,
Z332395 Filler, Bottle, Pressure, Single Head, S/st,

Can Fillers:

C731973 Filler, Can, 3, 3/4 HP, Less Hopper
Z334400 Filler, Can, Liquid, 404 Dia, 10 Valve, FMC, S/st, Mdl 80,
Z333100 Filler, Can, Liquid, 404 Dia, 24 Valve, FMC, Seamer, Star,
Z333550 Filler, Can, Liquid, 300 Dia, 18 Valve, FMC, S/st,
Z333485 Filler, Can, Liquid, 211 Dia, 18 Valve, FMC, S/st,
C333290 Filler, Can, Liquid, Rustco, 18 Valve, 401 Dia, S/st,

Cup Fillers:

C334802 Filler, Cup, Akra-pak, Mdl OSF64B, Lidder, Food Grade,
C741267 Filler, Cup, Ampak, S/st, Lidder, Denester,
S740695 Filler, Cup, Fill-Tech, 2-lane, Tubs, Sealer, Lidder,
S740393 Filler, Cup, WA Lane, Mdl 678, S/st, 10-Head, Sealer, (3)

Form, Fill & Sealers: 

C731970 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Automatic Pkg, Mdl H, Scale,
S738857 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Autopack, Liquid,
C739922 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Autowrapper, Mdl RC100, Tea Bags,
S740635 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, ElPack, Mdl EL-200, Round Cake,
S731397 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Hayssen, AR-16, Single Tube,
S737782 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Onpack, Mld ONP-2030, S/st, (2)
C336694 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Triangle, Pulsamatic, Single Spout,
S741367 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, Vertek, Mdl. 1150, Weigh Feeder,

Piston Fillers:

C732191 Filler, Piston, 14 Head, Rotary, Elmar, Mdl RPE214ILH,
S735565 Filler, Piston, 14 Head, Rotary, S/st, Elmar Indus
C738358 Filler, Piston, 12 Head, Sidel, Monobloc, Zalkin Capper,
S740365 Filler, Piston, 8 Head, Inline, S/st
S739761 Filler, Piston, 6-head, Depositor, Stainless Steel,
S734910 Filler, Piston, 6-Head, S/st, Rationaton, DC Control
S739760 Filler, Piston, 4-head, Depositor, Moline, Stainless Steel,
S732732 Filler, Piston, 4-Head, Filamatic, Mdl CVM300, 1 Ltr, S/st
S738855 Filler, Piston, 4-Head, S/st, Agitated Hopper, (2)
S736393 Filler, Piston, 2-Head, Filamatic, S/st, Tubes, Rotary
S739383 Filler, Piston, 2-Head, Inline, Filimatic, S/st
C338507 Filler, Piston, FMC, M&S, 20 Piston, 32 Oz. Can,
S339025 Filler, Piston, FMC, M&S, 12 Piston, Mdl C-120, S/st, (2)
Z340385 Filler, Piston, FMC, S/st, 9 Piston, 401 Dia,
S341581 Filler, Piston, Filamatic, 4 Head, S/st,
S741322 Filler, Piston, Single, Hinds Bock, S/st, Mdl SP648,
S740960 Filler, Piston, Single, Hinds-Bock, SP-64
S730134 Filler, Piston, Single, Nrm Elgin, Mdl MR10
C740415 Filler, Piston, Single, Pump Filler, S/st, Pneumatic,
S737290 Filler, Piston, Single, S/st, Pneumatic, Hopper
S739763 Filler, Piston, Single, Turbo Systems, Stainless Steel,
Z339691 Filler, Piston, Votator, Mdl P-9-GL, 502 X 512,

Rotary Fillers:

C739588 Filler, Rotary, 16 Head, Biner Ellison, S/st, 1/2 Nozzles
S739402 Filler, Rotary, 6 Head, Powder, S/st, Yu Hao
C734171 Filler, Rotary, Bottle, 72-valve, Krones, S/st, Capper,
C330795 Filler, Rotary, Bottle, 32 Station, S/st, Pocket,
S730130 Filler, Rotary, US Bottlers, 24 Head, Feed Pump
C735801 Filler, Rotary, Volumetric, 7 Head, Flexi-fill, Dry, S/st

Supersack Fillers:

S735437 Filler, Supersack, C/st, Frame Only, Hooks
C740627 Filler, Supersack, C/st, Frame, Hopper, Scale
C740307 Filler, Supersack, Taylor, Mdl IBC-3000

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