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Free Film Screening & Panel
Exploring End-of-Life Care in US

 June 14 at 6:30 pm
Marlboro College Graduate Center

Seventy percent of Americans say they would prefer to die at home, but nearly 70 percent die in hospitals and institutions. Ninety percent of Americans know they should have conversations about end-of-life care, yet only 30 percent have done so.

Join us for a free viewing of the PBS documentary  "Being Mortal" on June 14 at 6:30 pm  After the screening, audience members can participate in a guided conversation on how to take concrete steps to identify and communicate wishes about end-of-life goals and preferences. A panel of local medical professionals will join the community conversation:

Denise Paasche, MD
Franz Reichsman, MD
Michele Rowland, MSN/RN, LICSW
Megan Hawthorne, MSW

The event will take place at Marlboro College Graduate Center, 28 Vernon St. in Brattleboro, VT. This event is  free and the public is encouraged to attend.

To register or for more information  click here
Memorial Planting Service

Sunday, June 4, 4:00 pm
Hospice Memorial Garden
Please join us as we gather for our nineteenth annual Memorial Planting Service on June 4. We'll plant flowers and perennials, create memorial messages on stones and place them in the garden, and listen to beautiful music, all to honor and remember loved ones who have died.  Everyone is invited, so encourage family members and friends to come with you! This event can be an especially meaningful experience for children.  The simple service will include a responsive reading, singing by the Hallowell singers, and Lerna playing hammered dulcimer.

For more information, click here.

Marion Fund

Marion and Warren Green
We are honored to announce the establishment of the Remembering Marion Fund , made possible through the generosity of Warren (Pinky) Green of Brattle Street in Brattleboro.  

This fund is established in loving memory of his wife of 67 years, Marion Green, who passed away December 13, 2016.  Warren's wishes for the fund is that others will have the same love and care at end of life as Marion.  He hopes that people will take steps to plan for the end of their life more deliberately, acknowledging how they want to proceed when the time comes and taking advantage of the services and support that are made possible through Brattleboro Area Hospice when they need them. 

The fund has been established to support the work of "Taking Steps Brattleboro", Brattleboro Area Hospice's Advance Care Planning initiative and to increase the region's knowledge and understanding of the services available through Brattleboro Area Hospice.  

Warren and Ciri, Marion's Hospice Volunteer
Taking Steps Brattleboro

Your Questions Answered by Joanna Rueter, our Advance Care Planning Coordinator

Dear Joanna,
  I'm bummed that I couldn't get to the May 10 talk about funerals. Also I've heard about someone on the internet who answers all kinds of questions but is sort of wild. Can you tell me who that is?
Thanks, DH

Dear DH, 
  Good news is that planning is underway to have a public forum with Lee Webster, the President of the National Home Funeral Alliance, who gave the talk you missed. (Stay-tuned for the next opportunity to hear her locally.) Website: Home Funeral Alliance  
  And since you asked, the web persona is probably Caitlin Doughty. She started a web series called ASK A MORTICIAN in 2011; you can view a multitude of answers to questions you probably never imagined asking plus ask her your own if they aren't already covered.  Go to Order of the Good Death  and click on videos. Warning: Some people really like her - others find her a bit too much.  
You're welcome, Joanna
Hi Joanna,
  I've been thinking that things have settled down enough in my life that I would like to do the training to become a volunteer ACP facilitator. What do I need to do?   B.T.

Dear BT,
  That's super!  Why don't you give me a call. You can fill out an application and then we can meet, or vice versa if you wish. I have the application forms. Can send you one if you like.  I'm expecting that the next training will be this coming Fall.  
All the best,  Joanna 
Please feel free to contact Joanna with your Advance Care Planning questions  by phone 802-257-0775 x 101  or by email:

What's important 
to you?
Have you made it part of your life?

Take part in 
A Year Well Lived!

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Before I Die I want to...

Brattleboro now has it's own Before I Die wall at Experienced Goods Thrift Shop.  Stop by and fill in your response.  These walls are an international art project that raises consciousness about mortality by encouraging us to consider what we want to do before we die.

Click here to learn more about Before I Die walls around the world.
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Grief Support
Living Fully

When we are aware of our own mortality, what is essential becomes magnified and everything else 
begins to melt away.

And while none of us know when or how we will die, 
by practicing how to uncover what is most important to us, while we are well, we give 
ourselves the best possible opportunity to live life fully through our final exhale. 

Dawn M. Gross, MD, PhD

How we're different.... why we're important

Brattleboro Area Hospice is one of only 200 volunteer non-profit hospices left in the United States providing volunteer-staffed programs to dying and grieving community members. We were founded in 1979 on the belief that no one should die alone, and are dedicated to offering all services free of charge.


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