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Sexual violence is a public health, human rights and social justice issue.  Highlighting the extraordinary strength of women who survive sexual assault, the i nspiring and eye-opening  films below break the historical silence that has often surrounded the issue of violence against women. They are excellent tools for  raising awareness about sexual violence and educating communities on how to prevent it. Browse our collection and s ee our special offer below. 

Even though sexual assault and abuse are widespread in many Muslim communities throughout America, conversations about it are rare-and the pressure for victims and their families to "keep it a secret" helps perpetuate abuse. BREAKING SILENCE takes a radical and humanizing approach to the emotional scars of sexual assault, giving women the space to share their voices without shame.

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#metoo has been sweeping through the U.S. since October, but Brazilian women already built their own movement two years ago with the #myfirstharassment campaign.  FACES OF HARASSMENT was shot in a mobile van parked in neighborhoods across Brazil where women spoke to the camera directly with no interviewer present. An experiment in storytelling about trauma, the film  offers an unflinching look at sexual harassment and assault and at the radical possibilities for healing that can happen when women are free to speak completely for themselves.

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