Essential Professional Intra Day Trading Course

Please Join us for our FREE online intensive FINAL session of our "Essential Professional Intra Day Trading Course". Training begins Friday October 29th at 2:00 pm est. Class will run for an average of one to two hours. All prior classes are archived and recorded. (comparable with competitive courses that charge upwards of $2-$10k usd.)

Meeting URL: (please bookmark - used to log in each class)

Password: juggernaut

Please log in 15- 30 minutes early to ensure seating. Class will begin promptly at 2.

See NEW topic information and alumni recommendations below.

Look for exciting new changes in our curriculum as we have added new topic's and have refined existing ones. We are currently overhauling our Advanced P101 & P102 courses as well. Stay tuned for new and exciting training offered from Juggernaut!

Registration: Simply email the following link to be added to our attendee distribution list, and receive the invitational links with lesson planners.

Indicate your interest to attend now, seating will be limited due to high demand. Don't miss this rare opportunity! Register now to attend live as these classes are only offered quarterly.

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Topic Information
Essential Professional Intra-Day Trading Course
Instructor Background - see bio

Day 1: Equities Trading Introduction
* Juggernaut Trading's Approach
* Realistic time frames and goals
* Determining if this is suitable for you
* Designing a realistic game plan
* Probation period required

Day 2: Understanding Risk
* Defining trade-ability
*Defining risk as it relates to your equity
* Identifying the three basic types of trading
* Defining your style
* Building a game plan

Day 3: Chart Patterns Analysis
* Differentiating various chart patterns
* Volume Analysis
* Trend Analysis
* Trend Trading Rules
* Gap Strategies
* Identifying Technical Triggers
* Basics of Fibonacci analysis

Day 4: Trading Rules & Risk
* Trading Management
* Rules Identifying Risk before entering a trade
* Building Arguments
* Risk as it relates to the strength of your arguments
* Scalping Rules

Day5: Discipline & Trading Psychology
* Difference between successful traders and non
* Two key requirements for success
* Required Resources for Success
* Introduction to the Juggernaut Trading Room
* Advanced P101 & P102 Curriculum Introduction
* Recap - Q&A

Recommendations and Referrals:
"Experts in Equities Trading Since 92"

Suckny Lejuste

"Tim is an expert and very knowledgeable in equity trading, He demonstrated a high degree of expertise in stocks and commodity trading. He is sensitive to others that and willingly gave his time to responding to questions to new investors and traders. Tim is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. I certainly would recommend him for any training on this topic in regards to equity trading" September 30, 2010

Joe Dado

Equity Trader, Broad Street Trading, LLC (colleague)
"Tim provides great hands-on style mentoring, while manning the helm of the trading and seminar room. He has a detailed analysis of the internal dynamics that comprise stock market moves, major and minor, moment to moment. This provides a really good learning setting at Broad Street, and I hope for more of the same, for the future." August 19, 2010

Scott Burg

, Senior Vice President, Pursuit Partners (business partner)

"I have known Mr. Kelleher for many years. I have worked with, learned from, and traded with Tim. He is a natural teacher to others and student of the market. He cares about others success even more than his own. I can say Tim is an honest, hardworking person, with a talent in which he wants to share with others. I am positive that I will be working with him and his group at some point in the future." August 19, 2010

Other Testimonials:

"Very impressed with instructors knowledge of material. I
continue to think about and look for examples of stock
movements as a result of concepts learned in class."
Mark Waterman (VA, USA)

Tim, Just to let you know your student (me) caught his first
News Trading Story. Shorted MRGE 10.16 / Bought back 9.12
on execs resign due to accounting investigation. Love the
news trading!!!! I'll be taking Phase Four. Thanks for
Richard Ralph (FL, USA)

I don't have enough words to show my appreciation for your
hard work and quality education. I have learned more from
your course in one week than I have in other courses over
three weeks. You revealed for me the depth of important
information, the sensitive relationship between the market and
breaking news, the dangers of the market and the fierce battle
for profit. Thank you million times.
Nuri Geli (Ontario, Canada)


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