Aug 11, 2016.                           

PAFE ENDORSES QUEENIE YU in Scarborough-Rouge River Byelection

It's Official!
After several wonderful people contacted PAFE expressing a willingness to run, Queenie YU  is now a candidate in the Scarborough-Rouge River byelection, to be held on September 1 st . Queenie has the full endorsement and support of PAFE.
Her website is:
Why are we supporting a candidate in this by-election?
Kathleen Wynne refuses to listen to parents demands to withdraw her disastrous s/x-ed curriculum. The NDP and Liberals agree with Wynne. I'm afraid Patrick Brown hasn't been strong on the issue either. Brown pretended to disapprove of Kathleen Wynne's s/x-ed agenda in 2015. Now he says: " I wasn't pointing out specific criticisms at the curriculum." Where does Patrick Brown and PC Party really stand on this issue? We need to send a STRONG message to Kathleen Wynne and Patrick Brown that Ontario parents MUST be listened to. We are sick of the rhetoric- we demand action.
Only Queenie YU stands for parents' rights, and demands a full repeal of the Wynne S/x-Ed. Voting for Queenie is a vote against the Wynne S/x-Ed Agenda.
Ever hear of the expression, hit them where it counts? Well for politicians, votes count. Let's show these politicians that parents do vote, and we are many. Other parents' rights groups have already endorsed Queenie and are helping with this effort!
So how can YOU help?
Spread the word!  Forward this email to other like-minded people, and spread the word that Queenie YU is the pro-parental rights candidate in Scarborough-Rouge River. Her website is
DONATE! Don't live close by but want to make a HUGE impact for the sake of Ontario's children? Please see Queenie's website. The best part? Any donation will be eligible for a generous tax receipt - for example $100 will only cost you $25. Click here to go to Queenie's website for more details. You DON'T need to live in Scarborough- Rouge River to donate- ANYONE in Ontario can give. I urge all Ontario parents who care about this issue to donate.
Volunteer! Can you make phone calls? Canvas? Drop literature in voter's mailboxes? I know it's summer- and Wynne is a sneak for calling this election when many concerned parents are away with their families, but we must take action.
Remember- this is a byelection, and whatever the result, the balance of power in Queen's Park will not be affected. However, we can show these politicians that we are a strong voting block by waging a fierce campaign.
These are our kids. This is our future! Let's do this!
Tanya Granic Allen, President
Parents As First Educators
P.S. The best thing you can do right now is to make a donation with your credit card by clicking HERE to make a donation. The first $399 you donate is eligible for a 75% tax receipt!  Please donate now - this will allow Queenie to buy lawn signs, print a brochure etc. Election day is on September 1 st - only 3 weeks from now!