Newsletter Issue: Vol 6 Issue 9
September 2017 
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Financial Priorities for Young Families
Wise money moves for parents under 40
As you start a family, you start to think about certain financial matters.  So much changes when you have kids and p arenting presents you with definite, sudden, financial needs to address. Your to-do list should include these four items .   
fresh_berries.jpg My First Job
and What I'm Still Learning About Raspberry Picking
Do you remember your first job? Mine was picking raspberries at the farm down the street from where we lived. Raspberries are surprisingly hard to find on a bush. They hide well underneath the leaves and are tricky to get in between the thorns.  

There are great life lessons to learn from each job you have, especially those early ones. And, looking from a financial point of view, there are economic lessons too.
picket-fence-home-sm.jpg Is a Home an Investment? 
When you buy a home, are you investing?
If you buy it to flip it or buy it as a rental property, the answer is yes. If you buy a home simply to live in it, the answer may
be no.   

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September Quote
"Just remember once you're over the hill, you begin to pick up speed."
~ Arthur Schopenhauer    
Beautiful Train Ride for $97
Want to see the west coast? Travel and Leisure spotlights "the most beautiful train ride in the US" where a one-way ticket starts at $97.

Monthly Economic Update
August brought a natural disaster, a threat of war from a foreign dictator, and violence in the streets - so it is little wonder stocks went sideways. Economically speaking, there were some positives. Investors hung on through the turbulence.

Generational Financial Review
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