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Use these 5 handy hints
to boost your business
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1. Get Ready
A little pre-planning can help your trade show buying go smoothly. Make sure to visit conventions focused on your goals. Decide what you need to restock and the trends you want to review. Then leave some wiggle room for great finds. Try to walk the entire show to stay in the know.
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2. Smiles In Every Aisle
Combine work and play as you discover sure fire winners for your customers . You can set up meetings with sales reps and manufacturers to learn valuable info about their lines. Plus, runway shows offer exciting presentations of the latest fashions while you take a well-deserved break. Also check out some new display themes to freshen up your shop's look.
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3. Savings You'll Crave
Event directories, tradeshow websites and social media frequently feature enticing offers from exhibitors. You'll find details on discounts, dating programs, free shipping, bakers' dozens and more. Keep some flexibility in your buying budget for bonuses that provide you with extra profit margins. At the booths, ask if there are any additional perks .
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4. Best Foot Forward
Shows are exciting but remember to take care of yourself. Make sure to eat breakfast, carry water and snacks plus pause for a lunch break. You can accomplish much more when you're on top of your game. Wear comfortable walking want to focus on the products, not your feet.
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5. School Is Cool
You can attend workshops and seminars to learn innovative ways to operate and market your store. You'll also enjoy talking with other retailers to share tips regarding successful promotions, best sellers and business strategies. Then when you're back in your shop, adapt these new ideas to suit your business.
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Gift Biz Buzz  Your Industry Connection Featuring

New Product & Trade Show Info Exclusively For Gift Retailers

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