September 30, 2016

Raisbeck sells to Acorn.  With this financial infusion Raisbeck will look for additional aircraft platforms and expand its distribution channels. Day-to-day operations will continue under James Raisbeck as chairman, and interim CEO Tony Armstrong at Seattle HQ.  

b y Alexa Paprosky

Aviation apps are prolific these days. It's common to feel the need for a separate app just to keep track of the apps you use or might need. As a pilot, Alexa finds certain apps useful and she'll share how and why. 

Shell Aviation's mobile application is the focus for this edition. It has recently been updated and has exciting new features for users.   Click here

A solution for smartphone battery meltowns. Baker Av is offering the HOT-STOP © Fire Containment solution for mobile devices. Bags are made of durable fabrics with a felt inner core that has 3200*F melting point and is between 2 outer layers that have a 2080*F melting point and eliminate the escape of smoke, sparks and flames.

World Fuel Services FlyBuys reward program launches new website. New site helps users keep track of points, promotions and to quickly redeem top rewards. There's a new Bonus Offers tab that helps take advantage of bonus points and worldwide promotions.  And now there are 145 countries where awards are possible including merchandise, gift cards, events and experiences, travel, charitable donations, invoice credits and more. Visit  

Preserving hearing

According to Occupational Safety and Health Admin (OSHA) a noise of 85 decibels (dBA) is considered hazardous to hearing. Click here for decibel level for certain sounds. 

There are 3 types of hearing damage: 

Conductive is when sound vibrations don't function properly in the ear.  More volume is required to hear all ranges of sounds. Usually this type of hearing loss can be treated with medical treatments or hearing aids.

Sensorineural damage is when the inner ear or auditory nerve is damaged. It results in the ear having lower sensitivity to loudness and distortion or inability to hear certain frequencies. This can happen in only 1 ear, and the damage is usually permanent. Treatment is a hearing aid.

Mixed hearing loss is a combination of conductive and sensorineural. Treatment is determined by whichever type of hearing loss is most prevalent. 

Mobile apps can measure noise and
approximate exposure.  Consider: Sound
Meter,  deciBel or Decibel Meter.

In the cockpit pilots regularly wear headsets. Best hearing protector is one that's worn consistently throughout a trip.  

Textron Beechcraft 400XPR program elements achieve FAA certification.
Full package or elements are available for the Beechjet 400A and Hawker 400XP, and can be installed in about 12 weeks. Full package includes genuine Hawker winglets and new Williams FJ44-4A-32 engines which together offer a 33% increase in range plus improvements in runway and hot and high performance. In addition operators have the option to either retain original Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 or upgrade to Pro Line 21. Upgrade package is available for installation at any Textron Performance Center. 

West Star earns Lear 60 FANS STC. Package will include a Universal Avionics UniLink © UL801 Communications Mgmt Unit (CMU), Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and TruNorth's FAA C195a TSO'd Data Link Unit. Lear 60 operators can gain access to North Atlantic Tracks more efficient routing to Europe.  West Star also holds an STC to install Universal's SBAS-Flight Mgmt System (FMS) for LPV operation and will be able to provide a solution for ADS-B compliance. 
Click here.

Jet Aviation Flight Services to offer charter to Cuba.
Charter service to and from Havana Cuba has been given a green light for direct flights to depart out of 19 FAA-approved airports in the US including Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and Palm Beach. Jet Aviation Flight Services currently manages more than 150 aircraft and has offices in Burbank, Teterboro and Van Nuys.

3 things you should know about traveling to Cuba:

Travel for tourism from the US is still prohibited. There are 12 categories of authorized
travel to Cuba. See list here:  Click here
For a U S visa application contact the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC.

Bring cash. American credit cards and debit cards don't work in Cuba. Dollars can be exchanged at the airport, hotels or change houses. Usually there's a 10% charge.

Expect limited Internet and phone service. There are public WiFI centers but expect slow or non-existent Internet service outside these venues.

Meridian selects EPIC Fuels for HWD (Hayward CA). 
Jet A and avgas will be supplied by EPIC, and the FBO will also accept the EPIC Card.  Meridian is a newly constructed FBO at HWD featuring 6300 sq ft FBO and office space, a 30,000 sq ft of hangar and 3 1/2 acres of ramp space.  Meridian will provide charter and a/c management services, and will add a Pt 145 repair station and aircraft detailing. 

Elliott Av receives 100% score in Embraer factory audit. Audit considers infrastructure, organization, security, training, customer care 
and other areas of interest. Elliott's Phenom 
team has successfully completed several
Phenom 72-month inspections and are working
on a PMA part to protect the baggage thresh-
hold on both Phenom 100 and 300 models.

NATA offers Loss of Medical License Disability Insurance. Insurance will be available to Pt 91 and Pt 135 flight depts and will be offered through Harvey Watt & Co. All participants are treated as 1 entity through the NATA plan.  Program includes NATAs FAA Medical Certification Services at no addtl cost. Click here

MITRE develops digital copilot. 
This nonprofit av org has created a Digital Copilot available through iPads and other devices in an effort to increase safety while reducing the workload for pilots. Digital Copilot responds to verbal commands, searches for provides info orally and can issue pertinent notifications in response to pilot intentions predicted via algorithms. MITRE is introducing this capability to manufacturers in hopes it will be integrated amongst new or existing electronic flight bag applications.  Here is link to video by MITRE:   Click here.

Artificial Intelligence composes pop song. Researchers at Sony have released "Daddy's Car." Reviewers feel it's reminiscent of the early Beatles sound.  Click here

Leonardo AW139 conforms to H1 standards as being interpreted by Transport Canada. 

Canadian HEMS at risk under interpretation of heliport rule.  Changing interpretation of Canada's H1 heliport performance requirements introduced in 2007 is putting publicly-funded air ambulance services at risk. Transport Canada (TC) maintains that the introduced performance and procedures are necessary to ensure the safety of flight ops, the passengers and crew. 

In brief TC is expecting helicopters to be able to remain at least 15 ft above all obstacles within the approach/departure area if 1 engine is inoperative. According to Helicopter Assoc of Canada (HAC) the way TC is interpreting this is by applying a Cat A performance standard. A 15 ft clearance is not equal to a Cat A standard. And Cat A is a certifi-cation requirement for the aircraft.  

In early Sep several EMS flights were turned away from landing patients at a hospital because the helicopter didn't meet Cat A requirements.

HAC is concerned that this interpretation is raising the bar too high on helipad infrastructure and the cost of Cat A compliant aircraft for local juris-dictions. (HAC) recently held a meeting with TC and 5 operators to discuss the problem and potential solutions. 

JSSI expands helo offerings.  Mx coverage of the new Pratt & Whitney PW210S that powers the 
Sikorsky S72D includes schedued and un-scheduled events, life limited components and more. In addition, JSSI is introducing Airframe Parts Only coverage  for the MD Explorer has 3 options for life limited components, on-condition components and avionics.

Daher delivers 1st TBM 930 to UK-based client. 
CEO of Partner in Pet Food Attila Balogh accepted delivery of his aircraft from authorized dealer Flying Smart. Balogh will fly his TBM 930 as an owner/operator primarily for business travel while also enjoying the aircraft's comfort and range during family trips.  

Jon Sebesta from the Czech Republic is the winner of the Scale 7 (SJ) category for 2016 FAI World Championships for Space Models. Sebesta's model of the Saturn V possessed lifelike accuracy and performed flawlessly. He spent 300 hrs working on the model. Competitors use different designs of model rockets for varying competition classes. 

Invasive comb jellyfish in the Adriatic Sea are eating favorite pizza topping. Off the coast of Italy the anchovy spawning season is being interrupted by a huge swarm of comb jellyfish. While not dangerous to humans these jellies wreak havoc on local ecosystems by rapidly reproducing and depleting supplies of plankton and larvae of fish. They have no known predator.

Phillips Av renews 5 FBO contracts. AAR A/C Services OKC has been branded for 40 years-it's bene 8 yrs for City of Enid WDG-13 yrs for Hays Aircraft HYS-19 yrs at Kansas City Av OJC-and 30 yrs at Valley Airways BFF. 

Clay Lacy adds bizjets to charter fleet. In Los Angeles, a Bombardier Global Express, Challenger 300 and a Learjet 45, Gulfstream GV and Gulfstream G200 and a Falcon 900EX EASy and Falcon 2000 join the charter fleet. An Embraer Legacy 600 is available in Las Vegas, and a Learjet 45XR is available in Portland.

Bell Helicopter awarded a grant of $8000 to Women in Aviation to provide instructional materials about helicopters.
This grant was recently put to good use at the Sep 24th Intl Girls in Aviation Day held around  the world.  On that date 48 chapters provided an educational experience for girls between the ages of 8 to 16 interested in learning more about aviation.

Space X identifies reason for Falcon 9 rocket explosion on Sept 1. It was likely caused by a breach in cryogenic helium system of the 2nd stage liquid oxygen tank. What caused the breach is still being investigated. In June there was another explosion of a Falcon 9 rocket that was traced to to a faulty strut in the helium system. As the pressure increased the rocket exploded. The company stated it will start launching payloads for its customers again in early Nov.

Avionica and GigSky to become partners.
This combo enables Avionica to offer GigSky mobile data services directly to flight depts at an affordable cost. GigSky offers high-speed single-SIM data with zone pricing and a single bll that helps customers avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple providers.  Avionica has been providing global data collection and transmission solutions since 1992.

Rockwell Collins is active in Brazil. 
Avionics mfr can now sign distribution and service agree-ments with satellite entities and customers throughout the country. Pro Line Fusion (photo above) avionics upgrade solution for King Air 350 TPs equipped with Pro Line II has also received STC validation from Brazil's Natl Civil Av Agency.

International Monetary Fund warns that free trade benefits only a fortunate few.  In a preview of the World Economic Outlook report, 
A couple of conclusions:

--Emphasis needs to be placed on retraining and skill building for people who have lost jobs due to globalization or slowdown in trade growth. 

--Worldwide protectionism since the financial crisis has led to fewer trade deals. Between 1985 and 2007 real world trade grew on average twice as fast as global GDP.  Over the past 4 yrs it has barely kept pace. Bridges need to be built to encourage trade which will fuel global growth.

Nextant and Constant Av launch nationwide guaranteed mx program for 400A/ XP/ XTi airframe. New program will allow operators to independently select airframe, avionics and engine coverage or combine them for a cost-effective mx solution. The Airframe component provides for scheduled or unscheduled mx along with replacement parts. Operators can go to any Constant MRO.   

ForeFlight 8 is now available. 
Mobile 8 features continuous zoom technology, an all new map engine and other features. Logbook Connect Platform, FlightSharing and Remote Signing grant additional freedoms to pilots with regard to managing and accessing their logbook data. ForeFlight Connect program now also includes connectivity with Garmin GDL39 portable ADS-B receivers.
myDuncan turns 10. At its inception this web-based project mgmt system was one of the 1st online customer portals.  It has evolved with new features including email alerts, job status reports, cost estimates and logbook entry. A quote review and approval feature is expected to be added by the end of 2016. myDuncan is available to all customers with aircraft onsite for airframe, avionic and engine projects at any Duncan base.

FAA approves merger to create Infinity Aircraft Services. Mobile Aircraft Services and B Coleman MRO at PBI will merge to create the new company Infinity Aircraft Services (IAS) which will be certified as a Pt 145 repair station. New co is headquartered at Palm Beach Intl Airport and boasts 15,000 sq ft of hangar space and offers AOG support on a 24/7/365 basis.

Domino's Pizza drone delivery. Flirtey is partnering with Domino's Pizza to create the 1st commerical pizza-by-drone delivery model. Drone conducted an autonomous flight under Civil Av Rules Pt 101 in Auckland New Zealand. Delilvery utilized state-of-the-art packaging that retained the taste and temperature of the pizza throughout the delivery process.

res Richard Nixon's retired Army One helicopter is undergoing refurbishment and is expected to make its return about Oct 14. Aircraft has been on display outside the Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda CA since 2006. John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford were among passengers on the Sikorsky VH 3A "Sea King" helo. 1st photo is the most popular photos at the Library as it was taken on Aug 9, 1974 as Nixon waves goodbye after resigning as president.


Bryan King joins FlightSafety as the Mgr of the Hondajet Learning Ctr in Greensboro NC. He was part of the Hondajet mgmt team, holds a private pilot license and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology from the Univ of Maryland.

Dr. David Warren is recognized posthumously by ICAO for his development that led to the flight recorder. He came up with the idea during an investigation into mid-air explosions being experienced by the world's first commercial jet aircraft, the de Havilland Comet. Warren observed 1 of the world's first miniature recorders being demonstrated at a trade fair, and envisioned such a device being used to continually record details in the cockpit.

Russ Spray is retiring Oct 1
st as US pres of Turbomeca. He became hooked on aviation at age 17 and spent 50+ yrs in the industry as a corp pilot, U S Army helo trainer and leading Turbomeca.  His 1st retired duty will be attending his granddaughter's wedding.

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Snap Inc introduces Spectacles.  These sunglasses record 10-second video memories that can be uploaded to SnapChat. There's also a carrying case that doubles as a charger. Spectacles will be available in the Fall at a cost of $130. Glasses came about as a secret acquisition in Dec 2014 of Vergence Labs, which developed Epiphany Eyewear to record video clips with the press of a button on the side of the frame. frame.  Click here.

Ingestible origami robot surgeon. Researchers at MIT, the Univ of Sheffield and the Tokyo Inst of Technology have created a tiny  origami robot that can unfold itself from a swallowed capsule. Steered by external magnetic fields, it can perform incisionless surgery, retrieve a foreign object or administer medicine.  When it reaches the stomach the acids break down the outer shell and allows the robot to expand. See video here.

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