I AM Transformed | June 01 2018
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According to Miriam-Webster, to transform is to change in composition, structure, appearance, character or condition. Is there anything you’d like to intentionally transform about yourself this month? Maybe you’d like to eat more unprocessed foods, become more patient or less anxious. Take a moment to pick one focus and set your intention. What types of traits, habits and practices will you cultivate to see this transformation? As a team, we’ll be setting intentions too! Connect with us on social media through the links below and share your stories of transformation with us.

Navigating through Change and Transformation

The curious link between crystals, butterflies and Sailor Moon!

Embrace the Unconventional

PMS advice mom never gave you.

Our magical afternoon with you

A loving look back at Healing from the Heart.

Jessica Kruse is back!

Jessica is back to join the WoW team again as of June 8 th and will be offering her unique mix of treatments including Ayurvedic Consultation, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Warm Oil Massage, Turiya, Sugaring, Prenatal Massage, Traditional Massage, I am Woman Breast Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Sanctuary Sundays Facebook Live

Join us every Sunday at 2pm for an interactive Facebook Live session with WoW President and Acupuncturist Geha Gonthier .

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