November 2013 - Issue 23
MD Packaging

We are leaders in Product Inspection!  MD Packaging is the exclusive distributor for Hi-Speed Checkweighers, Safeline X-ray and FT System across Canada.  In this edition of our newsletter, we want to highlight each of these suppliers and give you a better understanding of how we can help you with your Product Inspection requirements.

Hi-Speed Checkweighers are designed to handle all types of products and packages, ranging from bags and pouches, through cans, right up to trays and cartons.  They are also suitable for even the most demanding production environments and can be readily combined with metal detection equipment.  Innovative modular construction makes Hi-Speed Checkweighers easy to clean and maintain, thereby minimizing downtime.  They utilize the latest weighing and control technology combined with accuracy, reliability and ease of integration to deliver precise results from the first to the last package weighed.

The X33 Series X-ray Inspection Systems
The X33 Series X-ray Inspection Systems








Safeline is the world's leading x-ray inspection brand providing inspection solutions predominantly for the food and pharmaceutical industries.  X-ray inspection technology offers exceptional contamination detection, such as glass, metal, stone and high-density plastics, even for products packaged in foil or metallised film.  In addition, x-ray systems can simultaneously perform a wide-range of in-line quality checks.  These include measuring mass, counting components, identifying missing or broken products, monitoring fill levels, inspecting seal integrity and checking for damaged packaging.

FT System - Ejection / Diverter - In line system
FT System - Ejection / Diverter - In line system




FT System is a leading supplier of container inspection and monitoring solutions.  Their reputation for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction has made them the preferred supplier of inspection equipment to many of the leading manufacturers and system integrators in the food and beverage industry.  FT System has a complete range of control and inspection systems to ensure high quality of your products and allow for optimizing production and reducing costs.  Their product range includes preform inspection, cap inspection, empty containers, fill level control, leakage control, quality control system and label & code inspection.

Mettler Toledo PI Bus Visits British Columbia!

MD Packaging was pleased to host the Mettler Toledo Product Inspection bus at the University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia last week.  Although the MT bus was in Ontario and Quebec in June, this was the first time for it on the west coast!  It was a great opportunity for both local manufacturers and students to mingle and learn more about Mettler Toledo Product Inspection.

Please do not hesitate to contact your local Territory Manager if you would like more information on any of the above equipment.  We would be happy to review your specific application and determine the best fit for your organization.

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