Finding The Artist In You
YPL Posting - Solstice/Cancer Issue  

"The arts aren't important," railed a fellow student and physics major, when I was in college.  Unfortunately, this sentiment persists, today, as witnessed by art studies and activities being among the first things cut from the curriculum as many schools trim their budgets.


But, of late, I've seen some hopeful signs of change.


Recently, my college alma mater brought over 4-dozen first-year students from New Hampshire to New York to participate in a day of meetings with alums who run film, theatrical and media companies.  I joined the evening cocktail party where the students could ask whatever questions they had about getting started in arts careers and found the dialogue rewarding for both students and alums, alike.  


The evening made me recall that, in an effort to inspire budding artists, a friend, who is a great artist in her own right, annually, immerses students from various institutions in a three-day in-depth exploration of a major life topic such as one I was invited to lecture at...ironically, on death.


Then, there's been the current release of the absolutely wonderful film Words And Pictures in which teachers at a prep school engage their students in a semester-long debate on whether poetry or painting is more important.  The film provides a perfect template for a like dialogue I wish would take place in every school in the nation.


Why? Because, to me, nothing is more important than the arts, for, from the time of the cave dwellers, art has lifted us out of the primordial dirt and let us express, not only who we really are, today, but who we can be, tomorrow.  And, I believe each of us truly is an artist in some form or other.


If you haven't found your field or, perhaps, haven't realized you're actually living it, here are a few things you should know...


First of all, being an artist does not mean you have to physically paint, write, play an instrument or sing.  Art is a life development practice.  It means being original and authentic in whatever you do.  It means taking risks to show your uniqueness.  It means doing what gives you a sense of well-being and a feeling of being uplifted.  And, when you uplift yourself, others will notice and be inspired to uplift themselves.  (Everyone needs a role-model.)


As I've written in past postings, we are all co-creators of this dimension and each of us has a contract with Creator to originate his or her own piece of the grand mosaic or note in the universal symphony. 


The highest form of art, then, is becoming you in all your self-developed glory. 


So, gaze into the mirror and you will find it is not empty.  That reflection you see is the possibility of a great virtuoso.


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