Finding Your Destiny

YPL Posting - Sign of Leo Edition 
            "What is my destiny?" is a question we all ask ourselves.  It's the same question the more spiritually-oriented pose as, "What is my contract with Creator?"


            No matter how it's phrased, the search for the answer is the process of one's personal evolution during this lifetime. 


            Whatever "problems" or whatever karma we may have brought with us from the past, this lifetime is a new chance for success.  The Creator's Plan is not for us to suffer, but to succeed.  


             In the search for our destiny, there are a few determinates that can help us begin the process of finding our path and keeping it.


            The first determinate is that we must "do no harm."  If the path we pursue is one that, willfully, harms others, it cannot be in line with our true destiny.


            Secondly, our destiny path should bring us bliss...a sense of fulfillment... whether or not it brings wealth or fame.  So, if we "follow our bliss," we will probably be on track.


            Thirdly, our path must provide good example to our family and those with whom we work or with whom we come in contact.  It demonstrates our courage to forge ahead as opposed to being dragged along.  And, good example is the only legacy worth leaving as the witness to one's lifetime. 


            The journey provided by the attempt to follow these guidelines will help in the development of our intuition.  The reason is that the enormous amount of self-respect generated will release our dependency on thinking and turn us more to feeling.  We will find ourselves saying, "Yes," to what is presented to us, because we will have the sense we are moving in a positive direction and will know, instinctively, we have the courage to pursue the course. 

            Remember, there is a difference between one's goals and one's destiny.  And, keep in mind, one's destiny may have nothing to do with occupation.  For example, one's goal may be to become a doctor, but one's destiny may be to raise future this lifetime, while working as a farmer. 


            Be open and allow yourself to be swept along.  Use your guides and call on them to help move you in the right direction.  In this surrender, you validate your power and open to the truth of who you are and what you are meant to do.


The above was inspired by a channeled

       writing from Archangel Michael.

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