"Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify."
   Henry David Thoreau

Finding that extra hour for YOU
Each and every day we hear the words "I don't have time". No time to exercise, cook, shop, eat lunch, spend time with the family, meditate, write, read, just not able to make that extra hour happen.
Life is busy, but carving out some time in the day for those positive lifestyle changes and goals are important.
It's time to make the time.
Here are some tips that you can use to free up that extra hour in your day. Make sure you use it the best way possible so you can utilize this gift of time wisely.
  • Write it down
    Book that hour on your calendar. Write it in as an appointment that cannot be moved. By committing to a time and writing it down you are more likely to get it done. It's important and so are you ie: Workout classes, run, spin class, yoga, hike, meditate, your grocery shopping.
  • Rise and shine
    My favorite and most important time of day is that early morning wake up call. This time works well as there are less distractions and interruptions, your mind and body are fresh and ready to go for those important goals. Start your day (and metabolism) off early on the right foot,
    ie: Hit the gym and workout before the crowd, food prep for your day, early morning run, brisk walk, meditate, yoga stretching or early classes.
  • After work appointment
    If there is no way your morning can start any earlier, book your hour directly after work. By also having a friend, group, a team, or workout partner you are more likely to be on time and not work late. By sticking to this commitment, you will find that your work actually becomes more efficiently during the day
    ie: A group fitness class, boot camp, running group, yoga class, swim, gym.
  • Turn off your phone/ Stop checking emails
    The average person checks their phone150 times / day and emails 20x/ day. You don't need to turn off your phone or emails but you should have some blocks of time when you don't check or take calls so you can focus on any important tasks. It's amazing what you can get done, and the time you can free up when you shut off even for 30 minutes.
  • Prioritize
    Don't sweat the small stuff. What do you really need to do? Figure out what your core work activities are and drop the rest. Some tasks really don't need to be done as often or even done at all. By focusing on the important things and dropping the "fillers" you will create more time for yourself, your body and your mind ie: Write a list in order of priorities and drop the last half.
  • Delegate
    This is hard for some, as wanting to "do it all" has become a way of life. But if you start asking others for assistance and passing on some of the tasks on your list, you will then be able to free up some well deserved time for yourself, ie: Allow yourself to give others authority to making some decisions and lessen your load.
  • Be honest with yourself
    We all have an hour or so to make time for those goals we keep telling ourselves we want to do. There are a thousand excuses in the book that will keep replaying itself over and over again in your brain. Stop and recognize the chatter. Be honest and open with yourself.

Making an hour in your day is possible. If it's not, ask yourself... is this goal something I really want? Is it achievable? Do you need some help and support getting there? What is really holding you back? Am I taking on too much.
If so, try some of these tips and make the commitment to yourself and your health for that extra hour needed that you (and your body) very well deserve.

In Health,

Lisa Fallon Mindel

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