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October 2015
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Walk the Walk
Achieve Staff Walks the Walk!
We love that our staff is as active as they are. It helps to show our patients that our staff's understanding comes from a place of actually doing not just hearing. 

Taylor Millican- 
Physical Therapist and Triathlete
(Pictured bottom left)

I thoroughly love being active whether it's swimming, triathlon or yoga. Sometimes when I'm moving I feel better, sleep better, and just happier overall! The down side to being active is the enviable injury or pains. I often get asked 'well, do you roll and stretch"? or "do you do these exercises to avoid injury"? The answer is yes! Because when and if I don't, I have experienced the consequences of injuries and surgery turning into down time and recovery. I found if I don't roll after all my runs, long or short, I will get knee and hip pain. I might get a lot of sighs and eye rolls while people get on the roller but I promise I literally feel your pain and I promise it's worth it so you can continue to be active!

Read more of how our staff Walks the Walk in our upcoming newsletters!
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Physician's Corner: 
Lawrence Kosova, MD

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Adam Zucco and Sarah Fix will be competing for the Ironman World Championships in Kona!!!


Achieve has many patients who have qualified for Kona!

A huge part of their success is the because of phenomenal coaching centers that they work with!

Endure It! Triathlon Training and Coaching
Training Bible Coaching
Training Bible Coaching is an elite coaching program that instructs athletes to perform to their best
potential. They offer personalized exercise and strengthening workout routines that are based upon your goals. Training Bible Coaching is an amazing company that produces quality care for each of its clients. Their coaches are loyal people who will help you in any way that they can. 
-Robert Duncan, 
 Professional Triathlete


Right Fit has expanded to a Lagrange Location!

Their team's singular mission is to find the Right Fit for every client and to be a fun and friendly gym.  When an individual entrusts their health and wellness to Right Fit they will guide, motivate and get them results!

1045 South La Grange Road
 La Grange, IL 60525
PHONE - (708) 639-4199


CPR  re-certification and Certification
 classes now available! 

-BLS for the Healthcare provider
-Family & Friends CPR/Choking basics

Classes provided through 
American Heart Association 

Team/group discounts available. Email
for more details! 

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                    Injury prevention for Paddle Tennis 
Demands, common injuries, and how you can stay safe.   
Portrait in Color
Gina Pongetti, MPT, MA, CSCS, ART-Cert
Sports Medicine Director/ Owner
Biomechanics Specialist

The game of paddle tennis is growing in popularity throughout the Midwest, and especially in the western suburbs of Illinois.  For some, it is a game that transitions them away from the demands of singles or doubles tennis. For others, it is a way of combining the thrill and benefit for a workout with some social time with friends. And, for a few, it is a way to be outside and active using the skills of both tennis and racquetball. Teams and leagues are everywhere- from KLM in Hinsdale, to country clubs. No longer do you have to travel to the north shore to find volumes of competitive groups at your level.
The sport is governed by the United States Paddle Tennis Association (USPTA).  Mostly an adult sport, children are now being encouraged to play so that they can do so as they get older, and to join like-minded kid groups, which were not present years ago.   As it has increased in popularity, the injuries have as well. Here is why:
  • Recreational. Many paddle tennis players practice once a week, and play games within a league, or even pick up games.  Some do not work out outside of playing, and therefore do not view themselves as "athletes," rather that is is just a good workout. As with any sport, cross training, balance, strength, etc. are all components not only of more efficient play, but also for injury prevention purposes.
  • Agility demands. Paddle tennis demands small and sometimes intricate lateral motions. You stay on your side of the court, unless you are covering. Unlike racquetball, where you often crossover, or doubles tennis where the court is much larger, paddle is a faster game demanding lower reaction time and quick motion. With this comes the demand of muscle recruitment from 0-60 in tenths of a second. If the muscles are not trained (i.e. the calves to take a side step or the hamstrings to lunge forward) tears and strains often happen.
  • Maturity. Often paddle tennis players are older than other demanding sports, such as basketball, marathoning, and volleyball. With this comes a decrease in elasticity of the muscles, possible decrease in muscle mass, and at times a slower response time. It is a fantastic sport, in that the plyometric/jumping demands are low if bone density is an issue. 

So, how can we prevent these injuries from happening? There is a great energy toward treating the social sport like more of a sport- not just to make elite athletes out of mid 40's new-to-the-sport members, but more so to encourage health and longevity, week after week, throughout the season and the year. In order to do this, we have to take on the mindset that a combination of warm up/cool down, injury prevention, cross training and endurance are all parts of the process.  What can we do?

Gina Pongetti  is the owner and director of Achieve Sports Medicine. Gina focuses on manual therapy/ hands on techniques in combination with in-depth analysis of biomechanics and movement patterns. Read Gina's full bio,  here.  

Gina is available for scheduling out of our:

Burr Ridge Sports Medicine Clinic
7055 High Grove Blvd
Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Naperville Sports Medicine Clinic
1315 Macom Dr, Suite 105
Naperville, IL 60564

Naperville Running Company

Finding Your Strong

Every year, Competitor magazine partners with Running Insight trade magazine to identify the 50 Best Running Stores in America. For the 8th consecutive year, Naperville Running Company (NRC) received this award. When you first walk into their Downtown Naperville location (34 W. Jefferson Ave, Naperville, IL, 60540) you would never know that they have award after award after award...and they want to keep it that way!

I arrived for our early morning interview with Midge (General Manager & Customer Experience Manager) and Kris (Owner & Customer Experience Manager), a few minutes before the store opened. I peak into the store and, although none of the lights are on, I see people doing push-ups, planks, rolling out their legs, and even doing squats. As soon as Midge arrived, I anxiously asked who was working out in their store.

"These are our employees," she responds "Every morning they arrive 15 minutes before their shift to perform their morning routine, we call it, Finding Your Strong."

Opened in 2000, Naperville Running Company has Reader's Choice awards from Chicago's Athlete, Naperville Small Business of the Year 2009, Store of the Year from Competitor Magazine, and many, many more. When asked why customers love them so much, their answer was simple, "It's all about giving back," Kris continued "the
visible outreach things we do, the training programs, the events, we have a non-stop calendar now. Being in this community and giving back, that's all it comes down to."

Read our entire interview with Midge and Kris, here

34 W. Jefferson Ave.
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 357-1900

3416 S Route 59, Suite 116
Naperville, IL 60564
(630) 445-8285
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Michael Franco - Director of Paddle TennisRuth Lake Country Club

Traditionally, Achieve Sports Medicine newsletter likes to focus on just one athlete. This month, we wanted to focus on a sport that is up and coming around our community-Paddle Tennis.
Michael Franco has been working around and in country clubs his entire life. He started at 14 , as a bag drop kid, worked his way up to be a caddie, and now holds the title of Director of Paddle Tennis at Ruth Lake Country Club in Hinsdale. With new paddle tennis facilities, including courts, The Hut (TV's, bar, sitting area), and an outdoor fire pit, Michael is very excited about the upcoming season!
"When I came to Ruth Lake the middle of Summer 2014 to do Tennis, our Paddle Tennis facilities were just being built," Michael continued," this will be our first full paddle season." But Michael is not new to paddle tennis. Through his various positions at country clubs, teaching tennis was one of his favorites. As the sport of Paddle Tennis (casually called Paddle around the club) grew in popularity, Michael's interest grew as well. Read our entire interview, here. 

Similar to tennis, Paddle is played on an outdoor court and with a racquet. 

Although similar in those two aspects, the sport of Paddle, as Michael described has a lot of variations from traditional tennis. As you can see, the racquet does not have strings like in tennis, the courts (pictured on right) are smaller, and paddle is traditionally played in the colder months of the year-quite opposite of tennis... Read More.

Contact Ruth Lake Country Club and Michael Franco to learn about how you can get involved with Paddle Tennis this season!
6200 S Madison St.
Hinsdale, IL 60521
(630) 986- 2060
Read our entire interview with Michael and how paddle and tennis differ. 

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