Scottsdale, AZ and Gloucester, MA

MAY - JULY 2017

Night Train
Night Train

Spring has finally arrived after so much rain and cold.


Soon it will be summer! Spring is getting too short a season, so enjoy it while you can.  I have downsized my studio and we are looking to explore the southwest year round. Never too late for new adventures. Judith
Sorry you missed my piece in the Machinery Exhibit (Night Train - in the header)
New Exhibit - Flowers and Elegant Objects
May 20 - June 14
Opening Reception:  Saturday May 20th from 3 to 6pm at Charles Fine Arts
196 Main Street, Gloucester MA
Open Tuesday - Sunday 1-6 pm or by appointment.
Two of my pieces will be in the show!

Recent Infrared in the South West 

All shot with a dedicated color infrared modified camera - Infrared Photography
 is recording invisible to near invisible light - light that is unseen.  Colors, textures, leaves and plants, human skin, and all other manner of objects can reflect IR light in unique and interesting ways. Some recent examples:

12 Elements of a Powerful Image
12 ELEMENTS (from PPA guidelines) of a great image:
IMPACT - the viewer's initial response. Best is something unexpected!
TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE - image quality should be correct exposure, focus and resolution. Not going overboard in post processing.
CREATIVITY -  original and fresh way of conveying an idea, message or thought.
STYLE - either a specific genre or the specific style of the artist
COMPOSITION - holds the viewers' attention and prompts the viewer to look where the creator intended.
PRESENTATION - look of the image either digital or physical should support and enhance the image, not distract.
COLOR HARMONY - use tones to enhance emotional appeal.
CENTER OF INTEREST - where the viewers eye should fall.
LIGHTING - good use and control of light to enhance an image.
SUBJECT MATTER - appropriate to the story being told.
TECHNIQUE - the approach used to create the image.
STORYTELLING - the ability to provoke the viewers imagination. 

Which image works better for you?

"Under the Sun" in  publication - for release in 2017. Hopefully.

Basics of Photography, Workflow and Lightroom;  in AZ or on-line with remote access via LogMeIn to your computer (PC or MAC).
Photographic Prints on metal, canvas or paper. See my website or email me.

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