Exhibitor Update #3

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  • Late Set Up on May 8.
    • For those coming from the Mellin Show in Duluth, or simply not able to make the posted set up time (1:00- 5:00 pm), the loading dock will stay open until 7:00 pm. 
    • You do not need to be on a special list or have a special pass - you will need to have the standard Loading Dock Pass (see below).   You will be able to unload your vehicle and at least get your items up to your booth if arriving between 5-7 pm.    We plan to have college students on hand to help unload from 1-5 (the standard set up time), but will look into extending that time as well for those arriving between 5-7 pm.  
  • Loading Dock Pass. 
    • Anyone entering the loading dock MUST have a pre-printed dock pass to show the guard at the entrance - no matter what time they arrive between 1:00 - 7:00 pm - and then place the pass on their dash during unloading time.  This pass will soon be emailed to everyone on the exhibitor list.  Make sure the person entering the loading dock has the pre-printed pass.   This will not be available on our website.  
  • Carpet only on aisleway.
    • New this year - there will only be aisle carpet down the concourse (no carpet in booths).  If you need carpet, this can be ordered through Brede Expo Services.
  • Lunch
    • New this year - there will not be any options to purchase lunch on show site.  Each booth space reserved receives the option of up to 2 boxed lunches.   Additional lunches can be ordered for $25 each.    Check the show staff list below to see who is registered, and who has a lunch.
    • If additional lunches are needed, these MUST be ordered in advance (by April 20).  EMAIL the office.  
    • Each person who has a boxed lunch reserved will receive a ticket with their name badge.  This ticket can be brought to a designated area on show site to pick up the lunch.    A variety of boxed lunches will be made available, first come first served as to the type of sandwich received.  
    • Snacks, coffee and a water station will be provided at the end of the concourse in what has been designated on the floor plan as "Food Court."  
  • Show Staff and Lunch Orders - Click Here.   It's going to be important to you upon arrival at the show if you have a boxed lunch ticket or not.  Check the list - add or change show staff or lunches by sending an EMAIL to the office.  
  • Shipping  - nothing new on shipping, but please review the shipping rules below to avoid returned or lost freight.  




  • There is absolutely no advanced shipping to the stadium prior to May 8
  • BEST:   Advanced shipping to the Brede warehouse (Yellow Freight) is recommended.  Brede will hold the freight until set up, bring the shipment to the show, and place it directly into your booth.  
  • GOOD:  Ship your freight in on the day of set up (May 8 ONLY) via private carrier (FedEx, UPS, etc.) and consign it over to Brede.  To do this, you would address your shipping label as indicated in the shipping instructions (c/o Brede at the loading dock address).   FedEx, UPS, etc. would deliver your shipment on set up day - May 8 - directly to Brede staff, who will scan the freight and take ownership of its safety and getting it directly to your booth.  Is there a charge for this?  Yes, but it is minimal because you will KNOW your freight will be safe once it arrives at the stadium (PLUS it will be delivered directly to your booth).  This is available for May 8 ONLY.   
  • NOT RECOMMENDED, BUT ALLOWED:  You are allowed to ship in on the day of setup - May 8 - via private carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.) and not have the label set up so it is consigned to Brede.  Here's what will happen:   The security guard at the stadium's dock will sign for the shipment, and the freight will be left on the dock.  Stadium staff - as they have time - will bring up the freight to the concourse area to be picked up by you.   The risk in sending your freight this way is there is very little accountability for it once it arrives at the stadium.   


  • You can use Brede Expo/Yellow Freight to manage your return shipping.  They will have a kiosk on show site.  
  • You can also use FedEx or UPS to return ship what is left; bring labels, call in your shipment, and bring the boxes to the Verizon Gate on the concourse (show entrance).  Stadium staff will bring the boxes down to the dock area for pickup the next day.  
Invitation Video to our Tailgate Party


(Video above).  No RSVP required.

May 8, 2018  | U S Bank Stadium  | Truss Bar   |  Suite Level 
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm  

  • Tasty appetizers and 2 drink tickets per person 
  • Music
  • Networking 
  • For member distributors and staff, plus exhibitors 
  • Stadium tours!   EMAIL the UMAPP office (cost is $10 per person - we'll send an invoice).  Must be registered in advance.  

SPONSOR THIS EVENT - must sign up by March 30.  

Sponsorships and The Product Pavilion

Research shows that sponsorship is becoming a popular form of marketing in the U.S. 

So, why should your company be interested in sponsorship? With a Fire & Ice Show Sponsorship, you can broaden your  competitive advantage  by increasing your visibility, as well as showing support for our event.  

The Product Pavilion gets your most interesting or newest products right in front of distributors as they enter the stadium and congregate while gathering their registration materials.  

All sponsorship forms and product pavilion registrations must be received by
March 30.

Show Sponsorship Registration  
- PDF fill in form (download, save, type, save, email) 

Product Pavilion Registration - PDF fill in form (download, save, type, save, email).  

Training Camp
(Professional Development Seminar)

May 9 |  8:30 - 10 am 
Maureen Bausch, CEO of the Super Bowl Host Committee will headline this event.  

"More than a Game Plan" will be presented, which will include an  overview of Super Bowl LII, covering a wide array of topics from marketing and branding to security and operations. Overall, she will address the impact the Super Bowl has had on our state/region and community. 

Interested in attending?  EMAIL the UMAPP office.  Cost:  $25 includes seminar, breakfast, and CEU processing (an invoice will be emailed upon registering).  

Sponsor this event!  - PDF fill in form (download, save, type, save, email) - must register by March 30.  

Show Details
  • Hotel Block - UMAPP headquarters hotel will be the Radisson Red Minneapolis, just 1-1/2 blocks from the US Bank Stadium.   Rate will be $129 per night plus parking.   A reservation link will be available soon.   The hotel block expires on April 13.

Call the hotel and ask for the UMAPP rate:  612-252-5400.  

  • Loading Dock - we will have parking passes for each exhibitor that needs to utilize the loading dock.   Soon I will be asking for who that will be from each company.  A parking pass will be emailed and must be on the dash of the car that enters the dock.   
    • For those of you who attended our shows at the RiverCentre in St. Paul, this will be along those same lines.   The dock is for unloading only and then the car must be moved.  There is no parking.  
    • We will have college kids on site with flatbed carts to help you get your items to your booth, just as we did at the RiverCentre.  
    • The only difference is there is an elevator (large) to take to the concourse level, and then a short walk to the booth space.  
    • Many of you do many shows and have lots of different types of load ins.  We feel confident that this load in will not be an issue and hopefully all the rumors and concerns you have heard will be laid to rest.  
  • Parking DowntownClick Here for parking options.  There is ample parking in various locations around the vicinity of US Bank Stadium.   The most common place to park, and closest, is the Fleet Farm ramp by the stadium.   It is a short, 5-minute walk from the ramp to the stadium.  

Name Badges / Show Staff

  • Need additional name badges not given during registration?  Or a change in show staff?  Office Email

Contact Us 

Sue Selseth, Executive Director 
UMAPP.sue@comcast.net | 651-734-9767

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