Firefighters United News
Special thanks to all the Firefighters in Wisconsin and Nicaragua who serve their communities to the best of their abilities. 

In Managua Nicaragua, 2010, the Asociación Civil Cuerpo de Bombero Voluntarios de Nicaragua, under the leadership of Comandante Jaime Delgado, dedicated this Pierce fire truck from Wisconsin in memory of Sherin Bowen. Sherin gave it her all to help improve lives in Nicaragua, she passed  away unexpectedly after a fatal accident in Managua.  

As with anything in use, over the years issues with hydraulics for the truck ladder surfaced, among other maintenance challenges.  The situation wasn't looking so good when we saw the truck sitting last year, although they were confident to get it running again. 

Any Fire Departments in Wisconsin up for sponsoring a tire? 

Recently, we received this video, the truck is once again back on the road and in service. 
Pirece truck is 1/2 way through at .30 seconds
Pierce truck is 1/2 way through at .30 seconds
All is well thanks to some good Nicaraguan mechanics!  Amazing perseverance. 

Learning Center News
The last Saturday of every month, the Learning Center participants meet at the Managua Office for program updates, opportunities for involvement and continued education they can take back and share in their communities.   

January 28,2017  46 Learning Center (LC) Representatives attended and celebrated the first monthly meeting of the year at the W/NP Office in Managua, Nicaragua.    Click here for photos and report

Reciban cordiales saludos! Venga y conozca personalmente a nuestro grupo de voluntarios de Wisconsin, USA quienes estarán enseñando a los nicaragüenses habilidades (costura, manualidades entre otros) básicas para reproducir en las comunidades. Están todos invitados a participar de los tres talleres los cuales se llevaran a cabo en las siguientes fechas y localidades.
Sábado 18 de feb primer taller - Estación de Bomberos del Roberto Huembes
Martes 21 de feb segundo taller - Estación de Bomberos de Esteli
Viernes 24 de feb tercer taller - Centro de Aprendizaje APAN-Diriamba
Para mayor información sobre los talleres por favor contactar a Mirna Angulo al 2268-7586/8730-6068 o Leonor Guerrero 88598171.       Serán todos bienvenidos!!
Next W/NP Quarterly Meeting March 11

Wisconsin W/NP Warehouse update
Ask and you shall receive!  This time we need to ask that you not drop off any donations at the warehouse until further notice.   Thank you 
(this photo was from July, you can imagine what it is like 7 months maximum capacity, no room at the inn) 
Thank you note
Henry, a young man who was on his way home, experienced an unfortunate incident in his neighborhood leaving him unable to walk.  He requested a wheelchair from W/NP to help mobilize himself.
Doctors did all they could in order to heal his wounds, but unfortunately the damage in his spinal cord is irreversible. Henry shared a pic of his improvised wheelchair made by him because he has no economic resources to buy an appropriate wheelchair.
Special thanks to KI Mobility for sharing these new wheelchairs for people who need them. 
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