Dear Church family and friends 亲爱的教会家人和朋友们

It’s summertime and as a church family, we’re focusing on the next generation of servants of the Lord!  Some of our families and singles went to the Pioneers Conference in central Texas as Chinese churches mainly from Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico gathered to encourage and train believers to serve in their home churches.  I taught two workshops answering ‘The Problem of Evil and a good God’ and ‘Coexist – do all major religions lead to heaven?’

We held our first Pastoral and Ministry Team Representatives meeting on the first Saturday morning in June.  Everyone worked on their ministry team’s job descriptions and listed team members.  They shared with others what things they’re doing and what they want to do better.  They can simultaneously ask the pastoral team for any guidance and see how their ministries fit into the bigger picture of what we’re doing to have a healthy, growing family.  Overall, it was a time of encouragement and strengthening one another.  We’re aiming to match God’s servants into the right area of ministry, matching their spiritual gifts and passion to serve others in the love of Christ.  “(God) makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.” (Ephesians 4:16, NLT)
Graduates recognition occurs on Father’s Day in a combined service.  And after that service, we’ll convert our campus for a five evenings of Vacation Bible School!  It’s not too late to register your children.  Parents can still register their children online or in person.  Pray that both children and their parents get excited about what God has done for them and that this might grow into a greater ‘Passion’ for God.  (Incidentally, that’s our current sermon series about the young life of David.  As he experienced success, sacrifices and suffering, his heart grew deeper in his passion for God.)  And like David, we’re pursuing a deeper relation with God and his imperfect children.  Come and grow with us!
我们这教会大家庭在夏天里集中注意力在造就下一代成为神的僕人。我们有一些家庭及个人参加了在中德卅由德州、俄克拉何马及新墨西哥州中国教会举办「明日之光」的退修会;愿意鼓励及训练信徒服务教会。我教了两门课探讨回答「邪恶和一位美善的神的难题」及「共存」- 所有主要宗教都指向天堂吗?

在父亲节联合崇拜中我们也会来认识我们今年的毕业生。崇拜後我们会为五个晚上的暑期圣经班佈置教会园区!父母若想要替小朋友报名也不脕。可以上网或亲自报名。我们祷告孩子们和父母一同体会到神为他们作的因而对神生出更大的热忱 (我们最近的讲道系列正在探讨大卫王的青年时期生活,当他体验到成功、牺牲及痛苦时,他在心里对神的热忱也与时俱进) 。傢大卫一样,我们也正追求与神和衪不完美的儿女有更深的关係。来和我们一同成长!

  Your humble servant 你们谦逊的仆人, Pastor John 李牧师
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