Dear Church family and friends 亲爱的教会家人和朋友们,
Recent powerful natural disasters and shocking human tragedy have affected so many people. Our church family has given $2305 for Hurricane Disaster Relief funds to the Cambodian Baptist Church in Houston. Pastor Pahna Mey has noted how devastated the Cambodian community was from the flooding rains of Hurricane Harvey. Please continue to pray for those that have suffered losses.


We had the second pastoral and ministry teams meeting in early September. Over forty people came and discovered how diverse we are and how many different types of ministries we have. It was a time of planning, of praying as well as communicating and training for servant leaders. And they experienced some fun as they participated in a strategic team building activity. They learned that different situations give opportunities for different persons to lead and be led. It’s exciting to see others get equipped to serve and work with others for God’s kingdom! 

This month marks the 500th anniversary, 1517-2017, of the Protestant Reformation. A monk named Martin Luther nailed a list of 95 theological concerns about the Catholic Church. The Scriptures translated in the language of the common people propelled a movement that rediscovered the authority of Scriptures and emphasized faith in the gracious gift of Christ alone for salvation; no works were necessary. Think of men named John Wycliffe, and William Tyndale for producing English translations of the Bible. Some criticized these translations because that allowed more people to read and discuss the Bible and spiritual matters. Imagine that! Sadly, the Pew Research Center notes a majority of U.S. Protestants reject the Reformation doctrines that people are saved by faith alone and that Scripture is the only infallible guide for faith and practice. Many popular Protestant preachers and teachers offer a Gospel that sounds a lot like the Catholic Church that says faith AND good works are required to get into heaven. Contrast that to John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life .” (See also John 5:24; 6:29, 40; 47; 11:25-26; Ephesians 2:8-9 and Titus 3:4-7.) 

这个月是宗教改革,1517-2017,的第五百周年纪念,当时一个名叫马丁路德的教士将他在神学上对天主教会95㸃不同意见钉在教堂门上。因为圣经翻译成普通人都能了解的文字掀起了一阵运动重新发现圣经经节的权威及强调救恩是神所赐的礼物只有基於对基督的信心而来;不需任何 “工作”。想想约翰威克里夫或威亷廷代尔这些将圣经翻译成英文的人。当时有人因为英文翻译使更多人能读而讨论圣经及灵性上的事而批评他们。你能想像吗!不幸的,教会研究中心也注意到大部分美国的基督徒拒绝了只有经由信耶稣才有救恩及圣经是对信心及生活上唯一从无错误的指导的宗教改革神学观。很多基督教牧师及老师宣讲的福音都与天主教会相近;要进天堂需要信心以及善工。违反了约翰福音3:16: “神爱世人、甚至将他的独生子赐给他们、叫一切信他的、不至灭亡、反得永生。”(也请看约翰5:24; 6:29, 40, 47; 11:25-26; 以弗所书 2:8-9 及提多书3:4-7)
On a lighter note, we had a Harvest Moon Festival celebration and praise night. Instead of showing those that came to eat a special Friday evening fellowship meal, let’s appreciate those that prepared over 400 moon cakes! Here are a few of the enthusiastic volunteers. Thanks to all of them for their labors of love!

  Your humble servant 你们谦逊的仆人, Pastor John 李牧师
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